Au Petit Chavignol

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Lunch / Dinner Menu

Lunch / Dinner


Cheese & Charcuterie



We proudly serve

Local produce from the where possible

Unmedicated Heritage Angus Beef

Sloping Hill Pork

Free run eggs

Fair trade coffee

les amis du FROMAGE cheeses

Lunch / Dinner Menu PDF


Basque Olives 5

Curried cashews 5

Marcona almonds 5

Bread & crackers S-1½ L-3

Domestic Butter 1 / Goat Butter

Olive oil & Balsamic

First Course

Risotto Ball - Prosciutto, provolone, smoked paprika mayonaisse 3 ea

Tomato Soup - Cup 4 / Bowl 7½

Cream, rosemary

French Onion Soup

Arugula Salad

Pecorino Pepato, radishes, lemon vinaigrette

Chevre Chaud Salad 12

Inner city mixed greens, pan fried goat cheese, dried cranberries,

candied pecans, apple, raspberry vinaigrette

Heirloom Tomato Salad m/p

Changes often, please ask

Pommes Frites 5

Hand cut kennebec potatoes, kosher salt, mayonnaise

Add peppercorn gravy +2

Poutine 10

Hand cut kennebec potatoes, peppercorn gravy, Quebec cheese curds

Beef Short-Rib Poutine 15

Hand cut kennebec potatoes, peppercorn gravy, Quebec cheese curds,

slow cooked boneless beef short-rib

Cheesey Stuff

Four Cheese Macaroni 9

Gruyere, white cheddar, orange cheddar stilton

Add double smoked bacon +3

Fondue Mont Blanc S-24 / L 45

A blend of Cave Aged Emmenthal, Swiss Gruyere and Appenzeller.

Served with cornichons, pickled onions, bread cubes.


Raclette 19

Swiss Raclette, served with cornichons, pickled onions, fingerling potatoes.


Mr. Crunch 11

Toasted ham and gruyere sandwich, topped with bechamel sauce and more gruyere

Croque Madame 12½

Mr. Crunch topped with a fried free run egg

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 11

Smoked applewood cheddar, havarti, brie, pommes frites

Pigs Ass Sandwich 11

Five hour pork confit, pickled vegetables, sriracha mayonnaise.

Served with pommes frites

Beef Short-Rib Sandwich 12½

Slow braised Pemberton Meadows beef short-rib, Kaiser bun, caramelized onions, smoked cacciocavallo.

Served with pommes frites

Cheeseburger 12

Unmedicated Heritage Angus Beef, ground in-house daily. Toasted Kaiser bun, secret sauce, pickle, frites

choice of cheese:

3 yr old raw milk Quebec cheddar / Truffle Pecorino +1½ / Swiss Emmenthal

Gorgonzola / Smoked Caciocavallo / Provolone Picante

Add lettuce & Tomato +1

Add double smoked bacon +1½

Add fried egg +1½

Add sauteed mushrooms+1½

Add caramelized onions+1½


Pommes Frites 5

Boiled Fingerling Potatoes 5

Side Salad 5

Sliced Bunderfleisch 5

Pan Fried Kielbasa 5

Cornichons or Silver Onions