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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: kekamarie - Stories: 55 - Followers: 14 - id: Chloe however is pregnant and so her and Lex are fighting a custody battle. Are they really over or is there a chance to work things out and be a family? Haunting Me by kekamarie reviews Lex and Chloe were childhood friends.

Chlex fanfiction

Chlex fanfiction

Chlex fanfiction

Chlex fanfiction

As an adult Chlex fanfiction will do whatever it takes to find her. Main Content While we've done our best to make Chles core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Terms of Service. This page was last modified on 22 Septemberat Chlex fanfiction an amazing couple, and I hope I do them justice! The Museum Sep S. Gorgeous banner by ctbn

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Suggestions are welcome. Sequel to Nobody Loves You Get an Invitation. Lex Luthor's memory of his Chlex fanfiction in Smallville may have been wiped, but visions of a blonde girl haunt him. They never thought they'd fall in love. Vector by Hope Sometimes you can lose the game, even if you make the rules. Rated NC print this story Vector by Hope Sometimes you can lose the game, even if you make the rules. Last Post: [Season Ten] Futurefic written before the second Chlex fanfiction. This chapter was split into two fafniction of LJ's hate for long posts. Haunting Me by kekamarie reviews Lex and Chloe were childhood friends. Public Bookmark 6. Or do you need help with Chlex fanfiction concerning the site? Create an account. Man naked pic to "Breath.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: kekamarie - Stories: 55 - Followers: 14 - id: Help Me by kekamarie reviews Lex is deeply depressed Chloe is there to help him through it. Does Lex finally have someone who he can truly trust and love? Or will she decieve him just like everyone else who has ever been apart of his life? Things get… well you'll have to read to find out. Wednesday for You by wherefore-suchas reviews He touches my hand and shrugs. There's a small hopelessness in it.

We're stuck. What can we do? I swallow hard. Happy Father's Day Lex by meeaz reviews Chlex. Lex celebrates his first Father's Day.

Mindless fluff and happiness. Scarred Heart by meeaz reviews Chlex. Lex has a scar he never wants to get rid of. Friday Nights With the Ladies Man by sinful delight reviews What happens when our favorite multibillion playboy teams up with a snarky reporter? Your Secret Side by winterfirestorm reviews Chloe receives anonymous love letters and hunts down the sender. Friend of A Luthor by xxxNadzxxx reviews Lex has feelings for someone.

Does she feel the same way? Then something bad happens to her and Lex is determined to save her. They finally realize their feelings for eachother and 15 years later are still going strong during a prenancy for twins. Moving Forward by krahmogh reviews He doesn't remember her. Chapters 5 and 6 have been fixed. Complex Simplicity by teejei reviews my Chlex drabbles Lex takes drastic action after the death of his wife. Significant Chlark, but it will not be the main focus of the story.

Lusanna by feeling the fall reviews Chloe works for Lex at the Daily Planet. She meets a mysterious man at a bar. Epilogue added. Fight or Flee by Glitterglue reviews AU future. Even by Translucent Darkness reviews Oneshot. Chloe does Lex a favor, but it's not like she had to go out of her way. Rated for language. Between Floors by Amanda9 reviews Lex and Chloe are trapped in an elevator Lex tries to comfort her.

Short Story. Attraction by chloedouble reviews AU A young couple and their quest to fulfill a dream when all the odds seem to be against them. A Chance at Family by Nerissa reviews Chloe was a different person back in Metropolis and has come to live with the consequences. Terms of Service. It can have anything to do with Chloe and Lex together.

Author Note: All comments and reviews are appreciated. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 14 - Since: - Founder: kekamarie. Public Bookmark 6. It's still Chlex. Starts Feb 1, ! Smallville Sunken Ships Prompt Exchange 2!! Then Lex is presumed dead is he really?

Chlex fanfiction

Chlex fanfiction

Chlex fanfiction. What's Going On?

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Forum Chloe and Lex Chlex Fanfiction. Threads 1 to 15 of Last Post: Never. Interactive Stories. Short Stories. Holiday Fanfictions. Last Post: Fanfic entries from the Adult Smallville Virtual Season 4. Last Post: Episode 20 - "Reckoning" Sticky: Chlex Podfics Post your podfics here! Thread Display Options. Show threads from the Order threads in Who is this mysterious person delivering gifts to him?

Why are they doing this? Why are they making him feel so loved and special? And why is Lex becoming Jealous from all of this? The second time? You get used to it. Madness seems to follow Bruce everywhere and being his friend means you have an interesting life too. Getting embroiled into Tim vs Damian's wars that sometimes devolves into games Getting to know Bruce's "friends" imagine Lex's surprise at hearing Bruce has friends Ignoring the strange relationship between Bruce and Clark Getting involved in alien's invasions, innocent touristic mistakes and kidnapping's attempts Intergalactic contract drafting and world peace negotiations Bruce's insane children plotting things away Alfred knowing everything No matter, the only thing Bruce is truly worried about except emotions and his children, of course is Joker missing for over a month.

Gotham is crazy and Bruce is a magnet for trouble are the only conclusions Lex can draw from this. Clark Kent goes to a charity ball expecting to leave with a story. Bruce Wayne goes to a charity ball expecting to snoop on Lex Luthor.

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Here goes! Gorgeous banner by ctbn Isn't is fantastic? I love it!! Thank you, Carol!!! I hope you like what I come up with. The unexpected knock on the door made Chloe Sullivan looked up sharply from the article she was working on. She swallowed, her heart pounding furiously as it had done the day she and her father had been hurriedly bundled underground and hustled into this secret location.

She could relax; it was just Lex. It usually was, but after feeling the heat from the last safehouse singeing her hair as the building exploded, she could never be one-hundred percent sure. There were three manned security entrances to get through before reaching the main door of the safehouse, so she was pretty certain it was safe to let her benefactor in without fear that he might have been followed.

Lex stepped into the room holding a slim briefcase, and she quickly glanced out into the hallway before bolting the door shut behind him. Lex shook his head with an amused grin.

I got the feeling on our last visit that your tolerance for his smarmy mock cross-examinations was wearing thin. Williamson had questioned her about her Daily Planet internship and the computers that Lionel had given her for the Torch.

Lex had managed to keep a straight face but his eyes had glittered with amusement. He smiled back. She gave him a rueful glance. Lex folded his arms and gave her a disbelieving look. She sighed. He sighed. Here she was, alive but by the good grace of God and Lex Luthor…and she was metaphorically stamping her feet and throwing her toys out of the pram. God, he must think she was an ungrateful brat. She looked up at him and smiled.

I was about to make a fresh pot of coffee; would you like some? He nodded. The good stuff, if you have any. She folded her arms across her suddenly achy breasts and managed to maintain her poise as she went to the kitchen. As soon as she was out of his sight, however, she took a deep breath and rested her hands on the counter.

Lex had a way of…unsettling her. She shook her head and forced her brain back onto a safer topic. What was she doing in the kitchen, anyway? Right — coffee. She took her time filling the percolator, then placed two cups on the marble workstation while she waited for the water to heat.

Outside she could hear Lex opening his briefcase followed by the soft sound of rustling paper as he sorted out the necessary documents. Chloe sighed. It had been a monotonous two months.

So it was a pleasant surprise to have Lex drop by solo this afternoon. Not that it meant he was here to keep her company on a social level, but it was nice to see another human being every now and then without being interrogated or mock cross-examined.

And, she thought with a blush, it was nice to have someone look at her with blatant male appreciation in his eyes. It felt… good. The percolator hissed, and she turned it off and poured two cups of coffee; one with cream and sugar for herself.

She placed the mugs on a tray with a plate of assorted cookies and carried them back out to the living room. I'm quite fond of these ones. She glanced at the cookie in his hand. A wry smirk lifted his lips. Automatically her gaze dropped to his groin and she quickly looked away, her cheeks flushing a deep scarlet.

It was no secret that Lex had had bright red curly hair before his accident. Why, oh why did she have to make her errant thoughts obvious by glancing at his crotch? God only knew what he must think of her by now. But he seemed unfazed by her brief scrutiny. What are your favourites? She could feel her nipples tingling and tightening beneath her sweater, something that was now happening far too often whenever Lex was in the room.

Quickly she took a huge sip of her coffee, scalding her throat as she swallowed. Better for her throat to scald with coffee than her loins to burn with lust. Chloe steeled herself for the barrage of questions due to follow, thankful for the distraction. At least, for the meantime. Chapter 2 …. Sep Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google.

I Just Said Current Mood: anxious. Chapter 1 The unexpected knock on the door made Chloe Sullivan looked up sharply from the article she was working on. Reply Thread. Re: Woohoo! Reply Parent Thread. Aw, it's been so long since I've read Chlex. I used to really love that ship until Chlollie infected my brain. It's a first for me - writing it, that is - so I'm as nervous as a hesgehog crossing a 6-lane highway! Thanks for commenting.

I really appreciate it, and I hope you like it! Chlex for the WIN!!!!!! Sorry I just love them so much!!! One never forgets their first ship!!!!!! Oh my precious bbs!!!!! So I'm still kinda jumping around and this weird noises are coming out of my mouth that I hadn't heard before so I'll just say YAY!!!!!!!! I really hope I can live up to your expectations!!! Haven't read any Smallville uin a long time had to detox!!!

But now I feel as I'm in the proper mindset to start enjoying some of the fanfic again. Chlex is my het ship of choice for SV, and I'm very intrigued to see your take on this very intense, somewhat combative relationship at least, that's the way I saw them, LOL.

I don't see anything wrong with your portrayal of Lex so far. Not that I blame them; after all the show eventually did the same thing But in fanfic I prefer seeing something else. And judging by the first chapter, I think you have adequately captured Season 3! Your Chloe is spot-on as usual, but this was not a surpirse.

Sheliana baybee!!!!!! Will give you detailed reply later, but thank you so much for your awesome comments - and welcome back to this ker-azy fandom!!! Didn't realize my silly comments made such an impression! Planning to reread the old chapters and read new ones ASAP! I hope I can deliver! Good to see you posting again, Rhon.

I think this is an excellent beginning and I can't wait to see what happens next : :. I just realised I never replied to this comment! My apologies, Kathy. Glad you like it so far, and I'm really enjoying fleshing these two amazing characters out! Thanks so much for the opportunity to write for you.

Chlex fanfiction