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But not that sorry. Kennedy Jr. I say allegedly because I never saw him there. Haircuts in my family were traumatic, psychologically scarring events. The fault lay not with Mr.

Gay barber stories

Gay barber stories

Gay barber stories

The city came to him. If you have a beard, use a balm every morning. For the last three months, Gay barber stories Rusakov Gay barber stories not been in at work. The light in the razor will make them forget their memories. The barber switched the blade on the clippers and in a very non-chalant manner, fired them up. Transformation - cop revenge piercing age regression haircut blowjob transformation shrinking tattoo latino race change barber storiess dumber drugged hair growth. He waved Gay ass upclose palm in front of his face and popped his neck in rhythm. He felt Gay barber stories tingling again, seeping deep into his head, soothing him. Ivan - Master Barber. Is it very straight male?

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Stickmen blow job Me! He must have done this about 5 times! He got in between me, with my legs stretched over the counter in front of the chair. Barber Shop Fun Oops, he did it He was a handsome Gay barber stories man who only let me suck his cock as long as no one ever found out, not even in the Shop. Reaching forward, I grabbed his cock and began stroking it though the cloth of his shalwar. After a minute or so, we walked back into the shop. Gay barber stories he would return to jacking me. All Models 18 years old or older. I had a better idea. I'm nothing special.

He ran a hand through his messy black hair, it was quite short but he still felt it was getting longer.

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  • After the enormous feedback from readers on my earlier experience with the watchman next door, I knew I had to write about another experience I had many years ago.
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This site is for Male Haircut Stories and Comments only. A few names, not all, have been changed. This story contains strong language and adult references. Andrew was wondering what to say. He loved his long hair but knew he had to cut it. Andrew had moved to New York after finishing up college in the Midwest.

A closeted gay man in his early twenties, he was enjoying life in the big city. It had been a wonderful two years for him: he had found a nice walk-up apartment in a gay-friendly neighborhood and a well-paying job at an accounting firm. He had a great head of hair which complimented his looks. His dark brown hair had grown to his collar. He loved playing with it. He had a sexual fantasy for haircuts, especially short and drastic ones.

Shaved heads were a delight to him. New York City had many beautiful men. It was the spring of and undercuts were still popular. Undercuts were his new favorite. Seeing the extremely short sides and back contrast with the longer floppier top was a feeling he enjoyed. He fantasized imagining how that man must have gotten his hair cut initially. The clippers must have been set to a 1 or 2 attachment and must have plowed through the thick dense mane of hair, removing all the long hair to reveal the short sides and back that are characteristic of an undercut.

Being a non-radical haircut, many young men were sporting it, as opposed to a mohawk or a horseshoe flattop.

He loved those as well but the number of men wearing those was far lower. For all that Andrew could think, he did not want his lovely locks to be shorn, especially his bangs. He loved them. But he knew he had to cut his hair. His hair was growing long and Mr.

Rusakov had had enough. He would be pissed if Andrew did not show up to work with a shorter haircut. David Rusakov was a senior manager at the small accounting firm that Andrew worked at. A military veteran, Mr. Rusakov was always well-dressed. He wore a three-piece suit to work, usually in dull shades of brown or gray with his suspenders and bow tie.

He wore his hair in a medium buzzcut and rarely let his hair grow longer than that. That was one of the things Andrew was somewhat turned on from during his job interview with Mr. Andrew fantasized working for Mr. Rusakov hoping to see him get a shorter buzzcut. And that would happen. Every other Monday morning, Mr. Rusakov would come in to work, make an appointment over the phone with his barber and get his buzzcut tightened to a 2 or a 3 during lunch.

A strict disciplinarian, Mr. Rusakov was particular about his employees' appearances. For the last three months, David Rusakov had not been in at work. After his car accident, he had been in rehabilitation at home. This is when things got relaxed at his workplace. People in Andrew's team started showing up late to work, himself included. They dressed a bit casually on certain days. Rusakov's rules were pretty much relaxed in his absence. That's when Andrew let his hair grow longer.

Back from his rehabilitation, Mr. Rusakov was indeed very pissed on his first day back at work to see things in such a disarray. Not much progress was done on some of the projects and the pile of work had increased.

Andrew sat right outside Mr. Rusakov's office and seeing his long hair from his desk chair, Mr. Rusakov had yelled at Andrew to "get a proper haircut, for God's sake. We have to meet clients.

Your hair is covering your ears and has reached your shoulders! That is against our employee policies: a neat groomed appearance must be maintained. He knew what he wanted: a undercut with the top very long, tied up in a small bun just above the crown. The 'undercut bun' as he knew it. He had already tied the top of his hair in a bun.

All the barber would have to do would be to use a 1 clipper and take out the hair on the back and sides. Not much skill required. He could have done it at home himself. Two things had stopped him from doing that: the mess that would be on his bathroom floor and the possibility of watching other men get their haircuts at the barbershop.

He was unsure he would have been able to cut his beloved hair by himself in any case. It was a bright Friday morning of a long weekend. The streets weren't very busy.

Andrew was walking up and down the street passing by the barbershop hoping for it to get busy. It was a three chair traditional barbershop with three Russian barbers. He saw from the window that the last chair was occupied. The guy was getting a tight butch.

Another guy with a short buzzcut was being seated in the first chair. His haircut was just going to begin. Guessing by the length of his hair currently, Andrew realized that he would go for a closely cropped haircut. Andrew seized this opportunity to enter the barbershop. This way, he would maximize his chances of watching two good-looking men get really short haircuts. Just as he entered the barbershop, the barber for the first chair had turned on the Andis T Outliners and was running them up the side of the customer's head removing all the blonde hair in its path.

It fell in chunks on to the white cape. He was getting a tight butch too. The only available chair was the middle chair and the barber had motioned him to sit there.

The barbers weren't the usual chatty kind owing to their poor English. They always asked blunt abrupt questions to get instructions from their customers and then they would get on to their business. Andrew liked that. He got to focus on his haircut and those of the other men around.

This was like some dream for him. Surrounded by two good-looking men getting their heads shorn while getting his own haircut. Oh yes, what was he going to tell his barber! He was confused between getting a 1 and a 2 on the sides and back. Take off all this long hair," he said while grabbing his untied hair. I want it to be tied in a bun like this.

Just trim the sides and back to a number 1. Andrew returned the favor by flashing a small grin. He was nervous. The barber switched the blade on the clippers and in a very non-chalant manner, fired them up. He had no concern or affection for Andrew's long locks. Soon they would be on the cape. But this was one haircut that Andrew wanted.

He loved the contrast between the long hair on the top and the buzzed sides. When tied back into a bun, it would look professional enough at work as well.

No hair would cover his ears or reach his collar.

Joe's Harcut A hot stylist takes a special interest in my grooming! I shook my hips in my tight black jeans, which I knew showed off my assets particularly well. Security code:. No puedo creer que lo haya hecho! Pretty soon, he had a second and then a third finger up my shithole. He slapped my ass while I returned from lunch.

Gay barber stories

Gay barber stories

Gay barber stories

Gay barber stories. ST: LN 19 Double Dose

But maybe, I was just getting ahead of myself and maybe nothing would happen. He motioned me to sit on a smaller chair that they had in the waiting area. He then got behind me and poured a generous amount of hot oil on my shoulders, neck, and upper back. He began massaging it into my skin starting with my shoulders.

This felt so good. His hands soon worked their way onto my upper arms around the biceps and then around to my chest. While massaging my chest, he held both my nipple firmly and massaged, pulled and pinched them with his finger tips.

Both nipples were completely erect as he continued massaging my chest and moved his hands back and forth over my nipples. He then proceeded to squat between my legs and was directly facing me. As he reached forward to massage the area around my stomach and lower back, his face was barely a few inches from my groin.

I could feel my cock twitching and growing and a strange nervous feeling in my stomach. I was dying to squeeze it between my toes. Oh, if only I could. Feeling extremely hot, I wished aloud that he massage the rest of my body as well. Before he could say yes or no, I got up and took off my shoes, socks and pants, and stood in front of him in only my briefs.

I desperately wanted this man to rip my briefs off and fuck my bunghole hard with his cock. I sat back on the barbers chair and asked him how far back the chair would recline. He got in between me, with my legs stretched over the counter in front of the chair. He was facing the mirror in front and applied a lot of oil on my feet and between my toes.

My mind was racing overtime and I had this huge throbbing erection in my briefs. I wondered what he thought of this whole situation and whether he had noticed my erection.

With my eyes half closed and one hand on my nipple, and the other on my briefs, I began to stroke the outline of my cock through the briefs. His hands were moving very slowly but firmly though the insides of my legs.

I was moaning aloud telling him how much I loved it. As he turned around he stared hard at my hand on my hard cock, the head of which was now straining against the elastic on my briefs. My balls were also protruding out somewhat due to this pull on the elastic. With a very twisted smile, he reached for my cock and pulled it to one side of the briefs. He said that that was the only part of my body left undone. With an extremely greasy hand, he pulled really hard on my cock stroking it and running his other hand over my nipples squeezing them to erection.

I was wriggling away in his chair pushing my cock and my groin towards him. Reaching forward, I grabbed his cock and began stroking it though the cloth of his shalwar. He was moaning in pleasure and reached forward to kiss me.

He then moved back and tucking both his hands under my briefs he pulled them off and made me spread my legs as wide and as far back as I could. Looking at me with lust all over his face, he stripped naked. He had a slightly chubby body, very dark, with a protruding belly. His cock was around 9 inches long and hung to the left. It was beautiful with a fat pinkish brown mushroom shaped head and some pubic hair at the base.

Ummm, my mouth was watering in anticipation. He bent down in front of me and spread my legs really wide. With one hand stroking my cock, he moved his face between my asscheeks and began to lick my asshole.

I was giggling in delight as his tongue moved in and around my horny shithole. He then put a greasy finger all the way up my bum and began to massage my bladder and prostate with his hands. I was moaning and groaning with pleasure. Pretty soon, he had a second and then a third finger up my shithole.

In a really desperate voice, I told him I need to pee. He told me to hold it and that I could do it later. I pleaded with him that I was about to burst and unless he wanted me to piss all over his shop, he would let me go. I got up and frantically looked around for a place to go. They had no bathroom there and I asked him desperately if I could pee in one of the basins. He told me that there was a small alley behind the rear entrance and they normally just pissed on the road.

He opened the door and we stepped out into the night air. We were both completely naked but the alley was very dark so I figured it was okay. The passageway was about feet wide and was full of garbage, and a lot of hair from the barber shop. There were some stray cats rummaging through the garbage for food. I squatted down behind one of the garbage bins and the barber squatted behind me. Before I knew it, he had placed his hand under my ass and popped two fingers in me. With the pressure building up and his fingers in my poopshoot I could not control the pee any longer.

With a huge strain, I let my piss gush out of my extremely strained cock. Finally relief, I was moaning as the piss continued to gush out from my peehole. I got up and started towards the door, when he held me and pushed me to the wall. He then turned me over and pushed my head down on to his waiting cock. I took in my mouth and began to suck it, first the head then down to the shaft. It was soft at first but I could feel it starting to swell in my mouth. The head of his cock tasted salty and I could taste the precum on it.

I slurping away at his cock and telling him how much I was enjoying it. After a minute or so, we walked back into the shop. Inside, my mind was putting the situation in perspective. Here I was, naked with another man, barely half a mile from my house, in a closed barber shop, then in the alley outside, pissing. Shit, what the fuck had I got into this time. We again began to kiss and got back up on the barber chair. I made him turn around and angled my face under him to suck his cock.

Applying a lot of oil on his shithole, I spread his cheeks and stuck my finger into his bum. He seemed to enjoy this immensely as I sucked his cock. I then pushed my second finger in while playing with my own cock with the other hand. I got out from under him releasing his cock from my mouth and angled myself directly behind him with my cock pushing against his very swollen and greasy bum hole.

To my surprise, he begged me to fuck him. With his own hands reaching behind him he spread his asshole really wide and I could see his pink insides covered with greasy oil. I angled my cock head to his bum hole and pushed it in.

Despite the oil, I could not believe how good and tight his asshole felt as I started to pound harder and harder into his gaping anus. With every stroke I was pushing in deeper and then pulling my cock all the way out, and then again ramming it all the way back in.

His wide open anus staring me in the face as I fucked him was driving me wild. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and then winked and continued on working on my hair. But his left hand wasn't working on my hair, but instead had unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. I was so surprised, but still, I went "uhhhhh? I moaned softly as his fingers went into my briefs and pulled out my hard cock.

They fondled the head for a few seconds, but then he removed his hand and went over to the counter and put some oil on both hands and came back and began putting it in my hair. But again his left hand went back under the apron to my hard-on and began stroking me with his oiled hand. It felt so good and I hadn't cum since yesterday, so I was really hard. Chet stopped stroking me for a minute and assured the other guy I was fine - he said I just had a slight touch of asthma and would be okay in a few minutes.

Every few minutes, Chet would withdraw his hand and look around to see if anyone was paying any attention to us. Then he would return to jacking me.

Several times I got really close, but each time he would remove his hand and look around. I was tempted to finish myself off, but I liked the feel of him stroking me so much that I waited. He must have done this about 5 times! Finally, the last time he started jacking me, the feeling just got too strong and my cock started shooting - I shot about 10 times into his hand and onto my stomach.

It was a fucking MESS!! Chet pulled his hand out from under the apron and got a couple of damp washcloths, giving one to me to clean up with and using the other to clean his hands.

I must have grunted or something when I came, 'cause the other barber turned around again. He's looking sorta pale. As he lifted off the apron to put it in the clothes hamper for cleaning, he leaned over and whispered, "Try to come back in about 3 weeks - and wear shorts.

I'll might have a real surprise for you. I was very curious about what the 'real surprise' was, but I was sure I'd be back again. And I did know that I had just had the best orgasm ever! Report Story. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. Preview comment. Title your feedback:. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box:.

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Cork barber 'refused haircuts to gay man and disabled boy'

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To search for a multi-word term, wrap it in quotes ". Prefix with - to exclude a word. Start Search. Author Name Published. Eric's visit to a barber leaves him balding. Transformation - hair hypnosis bald mind control fetish barber kinky haircut transformation. Birth of a Bimbear pt. Ben's life starts changing after his encounter with a stranger in an alley.

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The Bad Seed. Kevin's father has had enough of him. So Kevin's going to be changed. Transformation - preppy nosex masturbation daze mind control bowtie briefs dad haircut blond shoes boy personality change piss clothes thug injection underwear identity barber conversion mental change.

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Things take an interesting turn. Transformation - daddy beard haircut barber daddification boy age progression hairy transformation reality change man-to-boi. New Life for Cooper - part five. Cooper and his trainer, the painful Roger meet Ivan the mystical master barber who is less than impressed with their attitude. Brainwash - daddy moustache barber pipe boy. Glen The SSkinhead. Hypnosis - uniform male on male sex hypnosis skinhead rubber piercing barber boots shaving smooth.

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Malcom's Tale. Malcolm's career takes unexpected turns. Transformation - tattoo serbia barber. Malcolm's Tale 3. Malcolm falls further under Jako's control.

Gay barber stories