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Don't have an account yet? And, yes, he's toured with the adolescent overachievers of Paul Green's School of Rock. Wednesday, October 22, at The Granada Theater. Every time I play these patches over the phone for friends of mine, [the noises] hang up the phone. I haven't tried it on the landline, but it turns my Blackberry off when I play that shit.

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Resale Concert Tickets Powered By. He was a self-described "stoner ldy always into rock and weird art. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The name has Ta da shit lady liviiing been a source of trouble for the band. My knee was shot to bits! Like the Buttholes sounded back then huh? Liked it? And so I thought, why not just book The Replacements too? No one from the Butthole Surfers remembers exactly when Teresa Nervosa left the band, only that it happened sometime inwhile touring behind Hairway to Steven.

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The last time I saw the group live, it was at The Lyric Theater, a faded 42nd Street porno palace that was about to be torn down.

  • Kathleen Lynch is an American dancer and performance artist , best known as American punk band Butthole Surfers ' "naked dancer" from —; however, she was never officially part of the band.
  • Back on 17th September , lead singer Gibby Haynes was doing some promo for his solo record Gibby Haynes and His Problem and we managed to interview him over the phone.
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At their peak in the mid- to late s, Austin's Butthole Surfers were the physical embodiment of chaos theory, a flaming hemorrhoid of Texas psych, avant-garde expressionism, and iconoclastic noise ripping through the rectum of contemporary culture. Long before the band sneezed "Pepper," the Surfers' sphincter opened like Pandora's box, blurring the barrier between flippant ingenuity and absolute lunacy. Nothing was sacred. We were just doing it. The whole thing just seemed like a slow suicide.

After several lawsuits and years of drug abuse, the Butthole's pulse appeared to finally stop beating in , when the band's eighth studio LP, Weird Revolution , failed to live up to its name. Then in June, for the first time in nearly two decades, the longest-lasting lineup of the Butthole Surfers — rounded out by second drummer Teresa Nervosa and bassist Jeff Pinkus — reunited at Asbury Lanes in New Jersey.

It just seems bizarre to have a school of rock — rich parents sending their rich kids to play shows with washed-up, famous musicians. It seems like the death of rock once you start doing something like that. The band filed out of the bus, left 26 children and 14 adults aboard, bought weed, and got stoned while they waited. It was totally evil. I can't believe we did it, but it felt right.

I've never been to a fucking reunion, and I'm not going to go to this one. Haynes is legendary for such outbursts. Without fail, something would end up on fire. Yet beneath Haynes' transgressive temperament, there lies a noticeable tinge of regret, along with a sincere streak of optimism for the future. In the latter, he's reclined in a dentist chair refuting the claim that he gave Johnston the LSD that sparked his first major breakdown. I don't even know how this song goes.

Why don't you play it on your iPod? I remember this one time Gibby took a dump in a Big Gulp and had Paul hold his shit without knowing it.

Jeff Pinkus was only 16 the first time he saw the Butthole Surfers at the Metroplex in his hometown of Atlanta in I had no worldly possessions and was looking for a band to play in that I liked. Pinkus sums up the remainder of the s as his missing years. By his own count, he lasted longer than the Surfers' other 16 bassists combined, ending a prolific nine-year stint following the release of the band's John Paul Jones-produced Capitol Records debut, Independent Worm Saloon , due to personal and creative differences.

It didn't seem abnormal then. He's had myriad other projects along the way, including Daddy Longhead, OTC, Areola 51, and his latest, Pure Luck, a sevenpiece hardcore country outfit. It's really nice to be able to get back together without a label hanging over our heads and remember why we liked playing together. I don't even know what I'm supposed to tell you right now. We very well may be. There used to be a consensus. No one from the Butthole Surfers remembers exactly when Teresa Nervosa left the band, only that it happened sometime in , while touring behind Hairway to Steven.

Standing at their drum kits, she and Coffey were two gods of thunder, hammering seismic beats that pressed the Surfers' live shows into the realm of spirit-possession ceremonies. Everything was getting really out of control. People were coming away scarred. I was flipping out, drinking too much and all that," she confides. I always thought the plane was going to crash. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I started taking Prozac and trying to get better, trying to find someone who could help me.

As her band ascended to major label status, Nervosa dealt with its side effects. She suffered from strobe-light-induced seizures and underwent brain surgery in after being diagnosed with an aneurysm. The timing couldn't have been any better for them to have called me up and asked me to do this. I look down, and that shotgun is pointed right at me. That thing may have been shooting blanks, but had it gone off, it would have killed me. It was in what Paul Leary describes as "a weak moment" that the guitarist agreed to reunite with the Butthole Surfers.

Envisioned three years earlier as the follow-up to the band's commercial breakthrough, 's Electriclarryland , the album was scrapped and subsequently shrouded in legal entanglements with Capitol. Adding to the frustration at the time was an acrimonious split from manager Tom Bunch and a heated lawsuit with Touch and Go Records over the ownership of the band's first four LPs, which, by association, also left Coffey without a distributor for his beloved indie label, Trance Syndicate see "Weird Bands From Texas," Nov.

I hated it before it even came out. I prefer being here in my house with my wife. I have a life here, and I really like working in the studio where I can be in control of everything that goes on. Leary certainly hasn't had any trouble finding work. He's since worked with everyone from Daniel Johnston and Weezer to U2 and Nelly Furtado and is now mixing a batch of unreleased recordings by the Toadies.

She had decided she didn't want to kill the scabies because they were her friends. Another Man's Sac. Haynes no longer loads up the shotgun. Nervosa and Coffey both take a seat behind their respective drum kits and refrain from turning their cymbals into torches, while Pinkus now straps on the Flying V bass he mastered with Honky.

Longtime associate Kathleen aka "Ta-Da the Shit Lady" shows up to entertain the audience of proud parents and fans with some interpretive dancing but manages to remain fully clothed. From day one, the Butthole Surfers captured adolescence as reflected through the looking glass, their music a shameless celebration of impulsive tomfoolery and hormonal urges.

You know kids say the darnedest things. The bloodcurdling opening line sends the night spiraling into complete, cathartic chaos: "There's a time to fuck and a time to pray, but the shah sleeps in Lee Harvey's grave! Some just stand in place with their hands over their ears and scream. It's as if, for the first time, the Butthole Surfers' bastardized vision is fully realized. Support the Chronicle. Information is power.

Support the free press, so we can support Austin. Front lunatic Gibby Haynes escapes the Butthole Surfers' first bio, but nothing else did. Record Review: The Young. Pickathon Polishes Off No. Subscribe to All One click gets you all the newsletters listed below. All rights reserved.

Granny Shitting Outside views. She is on the cover of the surfers live album, what was the story with that?! Yeah, it was not exactly cool, but rehab is like an extended party. How did you find The Problem? If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged , redirected , or deleted.

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing

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So we played, Jello saw us and heard we did not have a label and hooked us up. Jello Biafra is a weirdo! If I saw him I would say hello, but he said some shit about us in a magazine a little while back that I thought was real lowdown. There was a guy writing an article in Spin Magazine and instead of doing his own article about us, he decided to call people up who had been associated with us and got quotes from them.

So for example if you were doing an article about George Bush and you only ask high up democrats for quotes about George Bush, it would be completely different than if you asked a bunch of high up Republicans for quotes on George Bush. Visually the Buttholes was always a delight to see. Which band member was responsible for the visual element to the band? That was my big Gibby intro! You have been guilty of showing penis surgery movies in your live shows, where you aware you would start reality TV to large audiences?

Well, that was fucking great! I remember when I first found that film and it was soo classic! In American libraries they have these places called ALS which is like a like a search engine so you can look up anything, just like google, and I would look up various things. If I had a kid like that I would think it was great! I think they are the sweetest little things! They are children forever! He did a cartoon image of an ear with a pencil through it for us.

Winston was always a cool guy. I remember some funny old skate story about the Buttholes borrowing the Big Boys tour van first time they went outta Texas, tell me the whole story! Well, I went with them to California one time and they certainly were one of our favourite bands of that time and we had a good scene in Austin and they were kinda the rulers of that scene at the time.

We went to LA and went skateboarding with Tony Alva. My knee was shot to bits! She is on the cover of the surfers live album, what was the story with that?! She was our dancer! Kathleen worked at a Times Square peepshow place, like one of these rooms that are lined by windows and there is a naked girl inside the room stripping or whatever and when you pay your money the door slides open so you can see through the window. It was a real surrealist thing. I need to compose myself wait a second!!!!

The first band had played for about 3 fucking hours and we were ready to play at midnight man! And I tried to kick it with a bare foot and stubbed my toe! I was totally naked and I remember looking over at Paul was behind the drum kit without any clothes on with 2 drum sticks playing with his dick! That was a crazy night! Doing drugs to Butthole Surfers records was always a recommendation to others in my town, were you guys into drugs in a big way?

At that time, not really hard drugs. We smoked pot and drank beer and hard liquor and we took a lot of acid, it was a psychedelic thing. You know, we would have an all night drive to make and decided to take half an acid to stay up. I guess a lot of bands take coke these days but we would take acid to stay up! Making music whilst you are tripping is really hard. When you get the basics of a song down, and are just doing over dubs, that is the best time to record when you are loaded as the song is basically already defined.

I did a lot of songs like that. Like the vocals for Cherub and the vocals for Concubine. I remember I did the vocals in one take for that and I was drunk and tripping. It was cool as shit as I was in a dark room with the headphones taped to my head because they would feedback due to the mic being pushed into a distortion pedal in a little dark cocoon entry way that was about 3ft by 4ft! And on the other side of the wall outside the studio, there was a bunch of hookers, cos it was a bad neighbourhood, and they could hear everything I was screaming!

I was tripping with these headphones on in another world in what was like being in a secluded drug womb! Yes I was. Yeah, it was not exactly cool, but rehab is like an extended party. It was the like the morning after the big long party and everyone there was cool and everything, hot chicks and stuff, and the first couple of days you get given a lot of valium and stuff — benzos and shit, so you are all mellow and everything is groovy.

I had a girlfriend who would drop by and give me blow jobs and stuff and I would tell everyone in the group and they be all pissed off at me! But Kurt came into that place after I had been there for about a week and I remember he was in detox. He came out of his room for the first time and came down to the outdoor area and sat down at the table we were sitting at. We were talking, and it was a Saturday, and everybody except for him and another couple of people were gonna go to an outside AA type meeting, so we would get into these little vans and get transported there.

I went off to this AA meeting and when we came back he had decided to leave rehab, climbed over the wall and broke out! We were laughing! Oh, yeah, he was like a horrible drunk when we were doing that record, but we were loaded too. We spent so much money on that record! We basically spent a fortune to hang out with some guy from Led Zeppelin!

Nirvana were also doing big stuff back then at the same time and I know Kurt was a big fan of the Buttholes. Did you guys ever play a show together? Yeah, there was a bill with us, Soundgarden and Nirvana, and then like 6 months later it would have been Nirvana, Soundgarden and Butthole Surfers!

There were so many people pushing against it that it was waving like a foot up in the air and amps were falling all over the place. It was a trip man, it was out-there! That was the worst thing. People throwing dirt clots from the crowd throughout the entire show! It pisses you off after a while man.

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Houston Texans fans in Dallas. Recent Post by Page. Getting better! Susan made sure to capture a lot of it! Butthole Surfers - Full Show - Live

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing

Ta da shit lady liviiing