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One of tropes that exists throughout the Dragon Ball mythos, but originally introduced in Dragon Ball Z , is that two fighters can fuse together to form a new, hybrid individual with vastly augmented power and abilities. This concept is revisited in Dragon Ball Super and its official tie-in animated film, Broly. With Vegito returning during Super to fight Fused Zamasu and Gogeta reappearing in Broly to fight the titular Saiyan warrior, and both characters visibly able to transform into Super Saiyan Blue, the debate has been reinvigorated in earnest. Vegito is formed by Goku and Vegeta each wearing a Potara earring, forcibly drawing the two men together into the fused individual in a brilliant flash of light. While the fusion is permanent for the Kais, it only lasts an hour for mortals.

Dbz goku fused with vegeta

This Privacy Policy was vegsta updated on May 10, The fusion of Shin and Kibito is not given a new fusion name and also does not speak with the traditional dual-voices in the anime Dbz goku fused with vegeta this character is called both " Kibito Kai " and "Kibitoshin" in official American and Japanese merchandise after the series' end. Vegito decides that it Knitted skirts patterns time to witu the battle once and for Dbz goku fused with vegeta. The orb on the earring glows and both users are thrown together. Flash Strike - Vegeta's move. However, he still retains the memories of each individual and can clearly distinguish between the two. So far, it has been shown that there are at least six different ways to fuse and there are many types of fusion. Ordinary transformations. In the manga, however, he turns Super Saiyan immediately witg fusion.

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Adult Fised and Adult Trunks perform the fusion dance. Gogeta is born during Dbz goku fused with vegeta and Vegeta's Voku attempts to fuse to gain the upper hand on Super Saiyan Broly. Main article: Potara. Mortals who Dbz goku fused with vegeta Potara Fusion have a one-hour time limit before they de-fuse, but if a Supreme Kai is one of hoku fusees, then the fusion will become permanent, being unable to break apart whether the two fusees like it or not. Farting - Used as Veku. Veku makes two short appearances in Dragon Ball Super: Broly when Goku and Vegeta fail to perform the Fusion Dance properly the first time due to Goku's boku slipping below Vegeta's and the second time due to Goku being tilted at a degree angle while Vegeta is tilted at a degree angle. Gogeta is formed by Goku and Vegeta because of a desperate need to get rid of the pure evil Super Janemba. Vdgeta doing so, each person swings both arms over their head so each of the two sets of arms point to their partner's. A similar technique is used by Naturon Shenron to take control of a body and multiply its natural abilities for his own destructive use. Answered Base form goku confliction issue? Having achieved his ultimate potential, Gogeta easily overpowered Omega Shenron and even used his supreme power to gloat and toy with the Shadow Dragonusing attacks solely to humiliate Omega, and afterward laughing loudly. Evil Richmond va gay cruising areas. No attempt to explain the name is over-analyzed in the English dub's dialogue.

Vegito sounds alright.

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  • When properly fused, the single being created has an astounding level of power, far beyond what either fusees would have had individually.
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Vegito sounds alright. His Fusion Dance counterpart is Gogeta. Vegito is a mixture of both Goku and Vegeta's characteristics, with a few deviations. He has the same body type as Goku, while his hair color is dark brown to reddish brown. He has Goku's softer jawline and Vegeta's sharper eyes. Vegito's upper hair style stands firmly upwards like Vegeta, while having Goku's hairline and has two bangs sticking out like a downward "V" shape.

Vegito wears two yellow Potara earrings as result of the Potara fusion, and wears Goku's style of clothing with the colors reversed, reflecting Vegeta's outfit; he wears a blue gi and sash with an orange undershirt. Also from Vegeta, he wears white gloves and boots. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes , Vegito wears a black gi with an orange shirt on his inside and a blue obi tied over it at his waist.

Vegito's personality is a mixture of both Goku and Vegeta's characteristics. He exhibits Vegeta's cockiness and inclination for taunting others, and enjoys toying with enemies, but is not as serious, having inherited Goku's easygoing, cheerful nature.

Despite appearing cocky, he in fact retains Goku's benevolence and empathy. Being a whole new entity, he refers to his counterparts as separate people as they would address each other.

During his fight with Super Buu, Vegito also showed signs of having sense of humor, such as after Buu transformed Vegito into candy, Vegito claimed he wasn't no ordinary candy, but a jawbreaker and the "strongest candy there is".

However, he still retains the memories of each individual and can clearly distinguish between the two. This was shown when he stated he was wondering what would happen if "they" Goku and Vegeta merged, though he also referred to himself as "us" when talking about "sharing a body". He is still somewhat cocky, tending to mock his opponent for things like sloppy fighting and ignorance of the situation. Main article: Fusion Saga.

The resulting fusion lasts forever for Supreme Kais. Vegito has the confidence and fighting smarts of Goku, along with the superior attitude and genius strategic mind of Vegeta. Vegito is a fusion formed out of desperation by Goku and Vegeta in an effort to stop Super Buu , an ancient and powerful being whose only purpose is to destroy. Because Buu had absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo , Goku and Shin had come to a conclusion that the best chance they had of defeating Super Buu was through fusion, but there was no time to attempt the Fusion Technique.

As a solution to this problem, the Potara Earrings were given to Goku to save the universe from Super Buu. Goku threw the earring to Gohan so they could fuse, but Gohan failed to catch it. Super Buu then lost a large amount of power over one third by Goku's observation [4] as Gotenks separated inside Buu. He then proceeds to absorb Gohan, becoming even deadlier and stronger than when he was ever before.

Goku is now left with no one to fuse with that would be of any help with the latter being Mr. Satan and Dende because Tien Shinhan was knocked out , but miraculously he senses Vegeta's energy, and uses Instant Transmission to quickly transport himself to Vegeta's location since Vegeta has just returned from the Other World with Fortuneteller Baba.

Super Buu shortly follows and, after Goku tries to convince him, Vegeta fuses with Goku. In the anime, Vegeta initially ignores Goku's plea by losing his pride to fuse with him and they both send ki blasts towards Super Buu. Super Buu easily reflects their attacks with his own ki blast. After some quick persuasion, Vegeta finally agrees after being told what fate had befallen his family.

Then, Goku tells him right before they fuse that the fusion would be permanent and their bodies will be fused forever. Vegeta shouts at him, telling Goku that he should have told him that in the first place. The earrings merge them together and thus Vegito is born. Once Vegito is formed, he tests out his new body. In the anime, after proving his superiority to Super Buu, Vegito then decides to turn things up a notch, by increasing his power by transforming into a Super Saiyan, and calling himself "Super Vegito".

Super Buu is impressed, but not convinced that Vegito is stronger than him. In the manga, however, he turns Super Saiyan immediately upon fusion. Vegito intelligently forces Super Buu out of his body with the use of his ki control.

Vegito then begins to completely dominate Super Buu, rendering his attacks useless. Super Buu then liquefies himself and goes into Vegito's body through his mouth.

Once Super Buu is inside, he makes Vegito's muscles bulge tremendously and tries to take control of his body. Vegito then uses his energy to isolate Super Buu inside his body and beats him out. Super Buu becomes enraged because Vegito is making fun of him. His anger at this causes him to start breaking through dimensions, which, if left unchecked, could destroy the universe. Eventually, Vegito forces his way through Super Buu's shield and punches him in the face, which stops his attack.

With little left to lose, Super Buu turns Super Vegito into a coffee flavored jawbreaker. All seems lost until Candy-Vegito reveals that he is able to fly around and still attack physically, beating Super Buu in comical fashion and slicing off his antenna.

Super Buu turns Vegito back to normal when realizing that there is no way to hurt Vegito because of his small size despite the fact he could not hit him before anyway. After another beating, even Super Buu's regeneration is starting to fail him. Vegito decides that it is time to end the battle once and for all.

He then gives Super Buu ten seconds to prepare for death, and tells him to do whatever he feels like in that time period. Super Buu starts to worry, and when Vegito reaches nine, Super Buu manipulates the antenna that was recently cut off and engulfs Vegito with it.

The battle is over with Super Buu coming out as the victor. Unknown to Super Buu, however, Vegito could have effortlessly destroyed him at any given moment, yet he toyed around with him. Before being absorbed, he had set up a Saiyan Shield , so he would not be integrated into, as Vegito called it, "Buu Goo. Thus the reason for cutting off the antenna and giving him the free time. Super Buu then goes on a rampage, and Vegito is left within him to free everyone. When he enters Super Buu's body, the magic of the earrings wear off, and Vegito splits into Goku and Vegeta again.

Goku suggests that the fusion wore off because of Super Buu's unusual "atmosphere". Vegeta then crushes his earring so they would not have to fuse again. When facing Kid Buu , Goku and Vegeta are also given the option to become Vegito again, but Goku refuses, claiming that as a Saiyan, his pride keeps him from doing it, preferring to fight alone, and also citing that the fusion is permanent, and crushes the earring. Vegeta is impressed by this, saying it was "Spoken like a true Saiyan", and then crushes his earring as well.

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga. The Miraculous Power of Unyielding Warriors ". Afterwards, Zamasu is damaged and the left side of his face begins to mutate, which is a prelude to his corrupted state. Goku again attacks Zamasu but Zamasu grievously injures him and he falls down after exhausting the rest of his energy with the use of his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken technique.

They realize Goku's actions only made Fused Zamasu grow angry. Fused Zamasu angrily powers up, and his right arm begins to mutate in a similar fashion as his face. Gowasu points out Fused Zamasu's potential weakness: while Future Zamasu's body is immortal, Goku Black's body is not, and there is no synergy between Fused Zamasu's soul and body. This can cause his mortal and immortal halves to conflict, creating openings, but they will need large amounts of power to even deal any damage.

Goku suggests using Potara so he and Vegeta can fuse, but Vegeta is completely against the idea. Goku asks Gowasu how come he and Vegeta split before when he was told the effects of Potara are permanent, and Gowasu explains that fusion not involving a Supreme Kai will remain for one hour. Vegeta reluctantly accepts the Potara earring after realizing they have no other options and he and Goku eat a Senzu Bean.

Vegeta and Goku, with one hour left to finish things, put on the earrings, and they fuse, and Vegito emerges. Fused Zamasu fires a Holy Wrath at Vegito, who easily dissipates it, much to the corrupt God's shock. Vegito punches Fused Zamasu as he begins to once again lecture about gods and mortals, and Vegito challenges Fused Zamasu to squash him.

The two then proceed to fight an intense battle, creating havoc and destruction in the surrounding area. The two fight to a stalemate, but Vegito is caught by a surprise punch and sent crashing to the ground. Vegito points out to Fused Zamasu that he is no longer immortal as he is permanently fused with a mortal, a mortal named "Son Goku".

He then crushes Vegito's Spirit Sword and begins to power up even further, bulking up and growing larger in size. As Vegito continues to pummel around Fused Zamasu, he tries to finish him off with a Final Kamehameha. Fused Zamasu emerges from the attack, and Vegito teleports directly to him to hit him with a god aura-cloaked punch , but as he does so, he immediately defuses back to Goku and Vegeta. Shin notes that it hasn't been an hour yet, and Gowasu explains since Vegito used all of his power into the Final Kamehameha, there was not enough left to sustain the fusion.

Fused Zamasu takes the opportunity to knock Goku and Vegeta down together with the same punch from his powered-up mutated arm, sending the two Saiyans crashing to the ground beaten. In the manga, Vegito transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, proclaiming that he is not a true god and is simply a mortal like him due to never officially having become a Supreme Kai - also boasting that Fused Zamasu's fusion will wear off in an hour too. Fused Zamasu angrily curses Gowasu for never telling him about the time limit of fusion.

The two begin to fight but Vegito easily decimates Fused Zamasu, at one point slicing Fused Zamasu's hands off so fast that he does not notice. Fused Zamasu materializes many cubes of Katchin and throws them at Vegito, while at the same time Vegito prepares his Final Kamehameha in order to finish off Fused Zamasu, however before he can fire the fusion unexpectedly wears off and Fused Zamasu's Katchin hits Goku and Vegeta, knocking them to the ground.

Main article: Prison Planet Saga. Goku and Vegeta find themselves struggling against the powerful Cunber. After Cunber powers up further and his restraining jacket is removed, Future Mai gives them the Potara, the two Saiyans fuse together. In the anime, as he battles Cunber, the evil Saiyan comments on how amazed he is to find a worthy foe and after sending Vegito into a cliff side, the fused warrior uses the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken to fight evenly against him.

After a struggle on both sides, the blasts cancel each other out though a section of the chain breaks. Cunber launches a Power Ball into the sky which causes him to transform into a Golden Great Ape and fires another blast at Vegito though he immediately splits back into Goku and Vegito having used up all their power.

In the manga, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito battles Cunber, with the battle escalating when Cunber transforms into a Super Saiyan, after some time the two decide to get serious, with Vegito activating the Kaio-ken while Cunber turns into a Golden Great Ape. Knowing the Kaio-ken won't last, Vegito rushes to defeat Cunber, with the two ending up in a beam struggle - however Vegito runs out of power and splits back into Goku and Vegeta. I'm settin' records.

However, this one hour resting period does not seem to apply to failed fusions, as Goten and Trunks appear to have been able to fuse again immediately after their fat and skinny states diffused. Main article: Super Saiyan 2. There are over 50, possible combinations. Used in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Unlike the Afterimage Technique, these are tangible clones, not just imprints left by speed. On both occasions, Piccolo gained enough power to defeat the current villain before they powered up.

Dbz goku fused with vegeta

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Gogeta laughs in amusement, watching the boy running off. Later, Goku and Vegeta defuse and bid farewell to each other for the time being. Okay then, how about Now hold on a sec. Having a name would definitely make us sound much cooler. This time it will be Gokuga Gogeta is born during Goku and Vegeta's desperate attempts to fuse to gain the upper hand on Super Saiyan Broly. The two Saiyans fail twice before succeeding, and their new fusion wastes a bit of time trying to think of a different name other than Vegito , since that was the name for their Potara counterpart.

A miffed Piccolo yells at the fusion to hurry him along, at which point he decides on "Gogeta" and uses Instant Transmission to return to the battlefield. Upon doing so, he is confronted by a battered Golden Frieza , who demands to know who Gogeta is. Gogeta replies that he is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, and is far stronger than their power combined.

He teleports again to halt Broly's battle with Whis , telling the angel that he can handle it from here. Whis lets Gogeta resume the fight for him. Soon enough, Gogeta decides to turn Super Saiyan to continue the battle , fighting evenly with Broly until his Super Kamehameha connects with Broly's Gigantic Omegastorm , shattering reality itself and sending the two into an entirely different dimension , where Broly powers up into his Legendary Super Saiyan form.

Gogeta charges straight through Broly's Gigantic Breath and batters him with God Punisher from behind before finishing it off with a Stardust Breaker. He believes that the rush might be enough to end it, though he notices Shenron 's appearance. Gogeta prepares to finish off a terrified Broly with a Kamehameha, though at the last second Cheelai 's wish to send Broly back to the planet where she and Lemo found him is granted by Shenron.

Gogeta's Full-Force Kamehameha shoots off harmlessly into space, leaving Gogeta momentarily confused. Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Together with the Future Warrior they defeat Dark Omega Shenron, however before they can finish him off all three of them are swallowed up by Demigra 's Wormhole. However the combined might of Gogeta and the Future Warrior proves too great for even these 3 powerful villains and they are defeated.

Afterward Gogeta compliments the Warrior on their strength before defusing. After the defeat of Kid Buu and Broly, Goku and Vegeta fuse and become Gogeta to fight Gotenks at the World Martial Arts Tournament , and easily beats them and complains their attitude is becoming similar to that of Mr. Gogeta only appears in a What-If scenario as, during the Buu Saga, the player is able to choose if Goku and Vegeta are going to fuse through the Potara earrings or the Fusion Dance in order to defeat Super Buu after he absorbs Gohan.

While inside Super Buu, Goku suggests to Vegeta that they fuse again through the use of the Fusion Dance, suggesting that the fusion's power would be capable of defeating Super Buu. According to Gogeta, he is capable of defeating Omega Shenron with a single finger if he wanted to.

His ki control is so accurate, that he could change the nature of Omega's Negative Karma Ball into positive energy. As Gogeta took no damage from Omega Shenron's attacks, he was at least twice as strong as him. Despite his obvious superiority over Omega Shenron, it was his own power that becomes Gogeta's downfall as the fused Saiyan's massive strength wears down the technique's time limit.

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn , as Veku he is able to survive a fight against Super Janemba for thirty minutes, even outrunning him at some points - though he is unable to deal any damage at all to the demon. Gogeta is formed by Goku and Vegeta because of a desperate need to get rid of the pure evil Super Janemba. Gogeta easily defeats Janemba using his Stardust Breaker move.

As Super Gogeta took no damage from Super Janemba's attacks, he was at least twice as strong as him. Though, it is unclear if he was referring to doing Potara Fusion or doing the Fusion Dance. The power of their clashing energy beams is so immensely powerful, the two Saiyans are able to break through space and time, sending them to a different dimension.

Once Broly transformed into the Legendary Super Saiyan , Gogeta still proved to be able to battle the titanic foe using Super Saiyan Blue , pummeling him with never-ending attacks until he nearly killed Broly with a Limit Ultra Kamehameha. His power was enough to earn the praise of Whis, deeming his attacks as "truly magnificent". It should be noted that once Gogeta turned Blue, Broly became utterly incapable of landing a single solid attack against Gogeta only landing in clashes that often favored Gogeta.

Gogeta and Vegito are equally-matched ultimate trump cards. Gogeta is also stated by the second Dragon Ball GT Perfect Files volume, to be able to defeat Omega Shenron with one finger, as he claimed himself in the anime. It also says that Gogeta is "the mightiest warrior in all dimensions. Though the biggest claim is that his power is limitless.

Super Saiyan 4 Goku himself states he has no limits, although there is no evidence to support this claim. Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki. Punisher Drive - The user slides forward then uses Rapid Movement to attack the opponent while invisible. If the attack successfully lands, multiple invisible blows land on the opponent and the user appears behind them while they are stunned. Gogeta's Stardust Breaker obliterating Janemba. Failed Fusions Main article: Failed Fusions.

He is one of several failed fusions present in the series. Vegeta fails to extend his index finger, resulting in an embarrassingly weak fusion which forms a fat fighter called "Veku" by South Kai ; a name that comes from Ve geta and Go ku.

In this form, his speed is decreased and ki is extremely limited. Because of his state, Veku does not perform any ki attacks due to the large drop in power. Also, due to his fat body, he does not retaliate by punching and kicking.

Instead, all he does against Super Janemba is pass gas and escape using what he calls his Rabbit Feet Technique. Just like a regular fusion, the time duration is 30 minutes before the two fighters defuse. This type of failed fusion is also seen with Goten and Trunks during the Majin Buu Saga , forming Fat Gotenks when attempting to fuse for the first time. Concept arts for a skinny Veku [13] are shown in Daizenshuu 6 , in the Fusion Reborn area, but the character was not included in the final version of the movie.

Veku makes two short appearances in Dragon Ball Super: Broly when Goku and Vegeta fail to perform the Fusion Dance properly the first time due to Goku's finger slipping below Vegeta's and the second time due to Goku being tilted at a degree angle while Vegeta is tilted at a degree angle. Main article: Super Saiyan. In Fusion Reborn , immediately after the successful fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta is at Super Saiyan as both halves Goku and Vegeta had previously mastered the transformation.

Even though Janemba easily took care of Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta, he was unable to even hurt Gogeta at all, with a full-force punch from Janemba to Gogeta's face not doing anything. In a matter of seconds, Gogeta was able to destroy Janemba without any problem whatsoever. Main article: Super Saiyan 2. Due to both of his fusees possessing the form, Gogeta could have turned Super Saiyan 2 during his brief anime appearance, but he does not do so.

Main article: Super Saiyan 3. Due to one of his fusees possessing the form, Gogeta could have turned Super Saiyan 3 during his brief anime appearance, but he does not do so.

Main article: Super Saiyan Blue. In this state, his power is great enough that he is able to compete against and even overwhelm Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

He was also shown surrounded by a blue and purple aura. Main article: Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. Main article: Golden Great Ape. In this form Gogeta keeps his bang and even being large, the Metamoran clothes stretch like the Saiyans' armors, thus being able to retain them too.

Like Vegeta, Gogeta is apparently able to retain his completely mental clarity and by extension control of himself. He uses the Ultra Soul Punisher as a technique, which is the same as Stardust Breaker, only stronger.

Main article: Super Saiyan 4. With the Fusion Dance, they successfully created the strongest warrior. Unlike Vegeta and Goku's Super Saiyan 4 forms, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta has brown fur and fiery crimson hair, instead of the opposite, and he is the only Super Saiyan that features blue eyes. His speed in this form is so great that Omega Shenron cannot even see him move. In Ultimate Battle 22 , Gogeta is mistakenly called "Vegito" and is implied that he is formed with the Potara Fusion, when the actual case is that only the Fusion Dance can form Gogeta.

The game also gives Gogeta the Final Kamehameha. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Gogeta's Stardust Breaker obliterating Janemba Stardust Breaker - First, Gogeta performs the Punisher Drive rush attack, by giving the opponent speedy rainbowish barrages of blows. Next, he lands on the ground and raises his left hand to charge a rainbow energy sphere.

Invisible Eye Blast — A kiai fired from the eyes. Ultimate Impact - Gogeta charges at the opponent and kicks them into their stomach, bicycle kicking them up into the air while saying "Here goes!

He then appears behind the opponent saying "Its over. Finally, Gogeta teleports above the opponent and hook kicks them down into the ground, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Punisher Shield - Gogeta swipes his left arm out to slice the air with a bluish-green barrier of sorts before delivering a swinging downward kick. The barrier reflects any energy blasts from afar as a giant blue blast, and Gogeta can teleport behind the foe to kick them at a higher angle down into the ground. Stardust Fall - Gogeta charges at the opponent to deliver a spinning kick. Then, he charges a large energy sphere in hands and fires it as a barrage of energy bullets. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.

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When properly fused, the single being created has an astounding level of power, far beyond what either fusees would have had individually.

So far, it has been shown that there are at least six different ways to fuse and there are many types of fusion. Main article: Namekian Fusion. Both participants must willingly consent to fuse in this manner and usually the pair agrees to the stronger of the two to serve their body as the host.

The agreed host places his hand over the chest of the other one and through unknown means, they merge with a blinding flash. After the fusion, only the body of the host remains, and the non-host ceases to exist as a body.

This technique is used twice in the series. When this happens, the Namekians can choose who's form the new being will be based on. Both times, Nail and Kami agreed they would not combine their individuality with Piccolo's due to his pride and for their own individual reasons.

Nail simply wanted to make sure Frieza is beaten. Kami agreed to defeat a new threat , they had to reunite. However, Piccolo does notice some personality changes before adjusting to them and returning to his old self. During the second fusion with Kami, Piccolo briefly stated he's not Kami nor Piccolo but a Namekian who has long since forgotten his name.

Later on however, he went back to referring to himself as Piccolo. On both occasions, Piccolo gained enough power to defeat the current villain before they powered up. The resulting fusion causes a massive power boost; prior to fusing with Kami, Piccolo who had trained for the arrival of the Androids and had fused with Nail had fallen by one punch to the stomach by Android However, after fusing with Kami, Piccolo is able to even the odds and even overpower the Android at times.

Both the host and his partner maintain separate consciousnesses: while the host has control of the body, the partner can watch from inside and is capable of talking with the host's consent; during his fight with Imperfect Cell, Piccolo gives Kami credit for coming up with the idea of playing possum in order to extract information from Cell.

Dende can also be part of this fusion if desired. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors , Piccolo absorbs King Piccolo making him truly complete , and the absorption is enough to increase his strength to the point of being an equal with Super Buu.

In Dragon Ball Heroes , the Namekians, including players' avatars, have the ability to use this technique. Main article: Fusion Dance.

It was first introduced when the threat of Majin Buu emerged. The newly fused body is dressed in Metamoran attire; a dark colored vest lined with light colored linen, white pants with a cloth belt and boots. The Fusion only lasts 30 minutes, after which the fusees separate back to normal. In the manga, it was stated that there are certain requirements to the Fusion Dance as opposed to the Potara Earring fusion, such as the mergers need to have equal power and roughly similar height, but in recent interview, Akira Toriyama said that it is possible to merge no matter the conditions, as long as it all goes well and it is even possible for a larger number of people to merge.

They hold their arms out so each person's arms point away from their partner, palms open and facing forwards. While saying "Fuuuu Both people must take exactly three steps at this time.

While doing so, each person swings both arms over their head so each of the two sets of arms point to their partner's. Then, while saying "sion At the same time, they must bring outer leg up so it is at a right angle, with their shin facing their partner and their foot level with their knee.

Finally, each person shouts "Ha! The series of movements leading up to "Ha! But once you get really good at it, it's also possible to merge with just the "Ha!

They must then fully extend their outer legs. At this point each person's fingers should touch their partner's fingers. If both characters do this exactly right, the fusion will be successful. They must always mirror the other merger otherwise it would result in a faulty version. The whole process is rather short despite the long description. The limits of the Fusion Dance is very great in comparison to others.

However, in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! The Fusion Dance creates a being that resembles both people pre-fusion, but can have a dominant side in both their behavior or appearance. Once the fusion is successful and after it expires, the two fusees will not find themselves able to fuse again without an hourly resting period, as shown by Goten and Trunks' inability to resume their Gotenks state after they separated against Super Buu.

However, this one hour resting period does not seem to apply to failed fusions, as Goten and Trunks appear to have been able to fuse again immediately after their fat and skinny states diffused. This quick unlocking of the state and its usage however shortens the time that they could stay fused tremendously.

This and all "fan fusions" are strangely removed from its acclaimed sequel, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. Fusions can also be terminated if the fusion takes on too much damage. In Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon , Goten and Trunks fuse to fight Hirudegarn and during the battle, the monster hits Gotenks with sufficient force to separate Goten and Trunks far before the 30 minute time limit is reached.

In Xenoverse 2 , Gotenks explained Chronoa made it that way so his fusion doesn't time out so he can train members of the Time Patrol. This indicates that Chronoa's power over time can remove the Metamoran Fusion time limit.

However the Time limit is apparently restored if they leave either city indicating that Chronoa's negation of the time limit is only effects certain areas or that her powers have a limited range as she rarely leaves either the two cities or the Time Nest. Main article: Potara. The Potara Fusion is performed using the earrings that the Supreme Kais wear normally.

These earrings combine both users into a new being with complete attributes in the final product all the way down to their clothes. This fusion does allow for advanced transformation states such as Super Saiyan forms to be accessed even after the fusion, though the Old Kai comments that while they could technically merge whilst at full power in the state, it will shorten their lifetime significantly from being unable to fall out of the form.

Mortals who perform Potara Fusion have a one-hour time limit before they de-fuse, but if a Supreme Kai is one of the fusees, then the fusion will become permanent, being unable to break apart whether the two fusees like it or not. However, there are alternate methods of dissolving the fusion regardless of whoever the participants are, usually by forcing the fusees apart such as being magically split through a wish on the Dragon Balls.

Using the earrings is very simple, in comparison to the fusion dance. Each person puts on the earrings on the opposite ear of their partner.

The orb on the earring glows and both users are thrown together. The new being emerges glowing in green light with the earrings still on each of the two ears.

All of these transformations give the new merged being a great deal of power from both mergers, so much that Vegito in his base form finds himself completely dominating Super Buu with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo all absorbed into his body before even transforming into his Super Saiyan form. It would seem that in a fusion with a Supreme Kai, the Supreme Kai tends to be dominant. For example, when Old Kai who is young at the time accidentally fuses with the witch, the only real changes to him are his age, his voice which only sounds older and the witch's magic-powers.

Also, with Kibito Kai, the only real changes are his hair style, he adopts Kibito's hair his clothing, he adopts Kibito's red Kaioshin uniform and his abilities he gains all of Kibito's and Supreme Kai's abilities. The voices are an effective way to tell the difference between Potara fusions which include a Supreme Kai and those that do not, as Vegito is depicted with a dual voice consisting of both his fusees' voices, similar to Fusion Dance warriors, in both the original Japanese version and the Funimation dub , though he is depicted with one voice in the Ocean dub.

Another aspect of the Potara is that when someone uses the earrings, the fused being will often have a cross between the clothes of the two users Vegito or just one set worn by one of the users Old Kai, Kibito Kai instead of the clothes worn by the Fusion Dance warriors.

There are some weaknesses to this type of fusion. For those who aren't Supreme Kai the fusion only lasts for one hour. Another, potentially fatal, weakness is that the fusees cannot be transformed before the fusion because they may never be able to power down as stated by Old Kai when Goku asked if he should be a Super Saiyan before fusing. Also, if an Immortal fuses with a mortal the fusion result will start to fall apart becoming purple and gooey.

Main article: God Fusion. God Fusion is an advanced fusion between multiple people created from a wish from Shenron. Similar to the Five-Way Fusion, multiple people pose the same way as the Fusion Dance in order to fuse, although the main user has to gather energy in order to do so. Unlike the Fusion Dance or Potara, it is unnecessary for the users to be equal in power, as shown with Goku's fusion with the audience in the Capsule Corp.

It is unknown if fusions created from God Fusion have a time limit, or if they could defuse at will. The result is a fusion of the two, physically the result is similar to Potara, as their clothes fuse and their Metamo-Rings fuse into a single ring worn by the resulting fusion as well instead of gaining a Metamoran jacket. EX-Fusion allows people of different sizes and genders to fuse as well.

It appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. If Tekka is Namekian, their resulting EX-Fusion will be genderless due to their Namekian hermaphroditic traits being dominant which cause them to lack binary genders. There are over 50, possible combinations. Freeform Fusion resembles the absorption ability used by Buu and Namekian Fusion , as the instigator of Freeform Fusion will be the completely dominant fusee - retaining their name and personality once the fusion is complete, though with the addition of "KF" in front of their name.

It also resembles Shinjin-based Potara fusion as well. Like Metamoran Fusion, the five fusee must perform dance-like poses in synchronization with one another while saying Fu-sion-Ha! The result is an extremely tall fusion with incredible power. Though powerful like Metamoran fusion and non-Shinjin Potara fusion, 5-Way Fusion has a time limit that is even less than Metamoran fusion, meaning the Ultra Fusion produced must use all their power to defeat opponents quickly before they defuse.

The fusion's racial appearance is determined by the one who initiates the Five-Way Fusion as it can be either Saiyan , Earthling , Namekian , Alien, or Offworlder. If initiated by a female the resulting Ultra Fusion will be female and if by a male the resulting fusion will be male. A Namekian Ultra Fusions lack gender differences as Namekians are considered to be hermaphrodites.

Interestingly, though it was developed by the Ginyu Force before they learn how to perform Metamoran Fusion Dance , the clothing of the resulting Ultra Fusion resembles Metamoran clothing in design, though with the addition of scarf-like tassels. Also the vest may differ in design and length depending on the race and gender that initiated the fusion. Earthling Ultra Fusions have blue and green hair.

Cell uses his scorpion-like tail to absorb a helpless victim, while Buu uses his flesh to do the job. A similar technique is used by Naturon Shenron to take control of a body and multiply its natural abilities for his own destructive use. Androids 19 and 20 also employ a form of absorption, though theirs only absorbs energy from a target, rather than the target's entire body.

Android 13 demonstrated a similar ability to absorb the components of his destroyed comrades, Android 14 and Android 15 into his body in order to transform into Super Android Bibidi is able to re-merge with his doppelgangers when he no longer needs them to act separate from himself.

Dbz goku fused with vegeta

Dbz goku fused with vegeta

Dbz goku fused with vegeta