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Kenny Mr. A small boy waved from the back seat. We waved back. In many states, including New York, traffic violators can reduce their driving points and their insurance rates by attending a course in traffic safety. In California, such courses ease the strain on traffic courts by minimizing the number of disputed citations.

Gay traffic schools

Morse began working at Lettuce Amuse U in Kenny Mr. Orlando Web design by Next Horizon Copyright tragfic Real Estate. Traffic School Online No Classrooms.

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Yuba City Court. You Gay traffic schools even switch between your computer and smartphone and your progress Long radius butt weld elbows automatically saved. East Los Angeles Court. Cameron Park Court. Leggett Court. San Mateo County. Chester Court. San Pedro Court. North County Traffic Court. After you complete our course or any other driver education course you will have to pass the DMV written exam at Gay traffic schools local DMV office to obtain your learners permit. Instant e-filing with DMV and court. Pay your ticket to the court and request traffic school. So happy I took a chance on this place! Orange County.

Traffic school was in session, and A.

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Traffic school was in session, and A. Those sandstone brown belts are a real turn-on. The other 25 students erupted with laughter on a recent Saturday morning, as they sat on the patio of a popular gay bar where the course is offered twice a month.

But it was the laughter of comfortable familiarity, not the giggles of nervousness or derision. In conducting these refresher courses in the finer points of the state Vehicle Code and general traffic safety, other schools tailor classes to drivers who are not proficient in English. But in , the owners of Costa Mesa-based Academy Traffic School came up with another target audience: gay and lesbian drivers. Since receiving DMV certification earlier this year, it is on a list of hundreds of approved traffic schools.

But, Finally a Gay Traffic School is an option for county offenders only if they get their tickets in South County or beyond the county line.

In fact, the Long Beach course led by A. She A. I hear some traffic school instructors can be like drill sergeants. A drill sergeant A. She left the CHP after a traffic accident rendered her left leg unfit for duty, and has since been teaching traffic school. Jokes about the arresting officers became a common source of humor throughout the day. Later, when A. Some said previous experiences with comedy-oriented schools proved less than a laugh riot, so they were looking for something different this time.

California law allows offenders to attend traffic school, resulting in the ticket being purged from their driving record, just once every 18 months. A few, however, said they also thought it might present an opportunity to meet new people.

While all traffic schools must adhere to the standard DMV curriculum, the context in which it is presented raises issues of special interest to gay drivers. Eventually, Munneke relented and, without revealing the name, gave his classmates enough information so they might figure out which business it was if they wanted to avoid the problems he had encountered.

On the other hand, many comments and reactions were exactly what you would expect of any audience. When Michael of San Diego announced that he had been cited for driving solo in a car-pool lane, he elicited the heartiest round of boos heard all day.

I wanted to see how legitimate it was. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Gay Traffic School Finds Niche in Big-Ticket Market : Regulations: California drivers use the sessions as an alternative to expensive citations and increased insurance rates.

As long as schools follow the DMV curriculum, they can emphasize comedy or lifestyle to get the points across.

Yuba City Court. Chowchilla Court. Alpine Superior Court Juvenile Court. Lemoore Court. El Centro Court. Talk about driving laws, traffic signs and traffic safety while they are riding in the car with you.

Gay traffic schools

Gay traffic schools

Gay traffic schools

Gay traffic schools. Traffic School Course Details

Fastest Course Allowed By Law! We Are Totally Mobile! Check out our new video course! Our Course is filled with funny videos. Baseball Follies! Fantastic option to go with for your traffic school needs. Website is super easy to navigate through and very educational. I recommend this option for any traffic school needs. Comedy Traffic School is by far my favorite option for traffic school.

This is def my go to traffic school if I ever get another ticket again. Comedy traffic school is awesome!

They're very helpful when you call them, and usually have a coupon available. The course is really easy to understand. A total cake walk! Easy and straight to the point! I was able to do it all while I was scrubbing my bathtub or lounging. Many references that are easy to the naked eye.

This is my second time around and it's much better. Simple and easy. Test is nothing but common sense and easily takes about 30 mins to complete. It was informational and made as fun as traffic school can be. I hope never to have to need a traffic school again, but I will use them if I need to. It's legit. Our technical support team is local and available to assist you 24 hours a day.

Some of these schools have extended technical support hours. A few may have 24 hour technical support. These schools do not provide extended technical support hours.

Even during regular business hours it is difficult to speak to a live representative. These schools advertise a low price, but then surprise you with many hidden and confusing fees. Airport Court. Alameda County. Alameda Court. Albany Court. Alhambra Court. Alpine County. Alpine Court. Alpine Superior Court Juvenile Court. Alturas Court. Amador County. Amador Court. Anderson Court. Antelope Court. Arvin Court. Auburn Court. Avenal Court. Bakersfield Court. Banning Court.

Barstow Court. Bellflower Court. Benicia Court. Berkeley Court. Beverly Hills Court. Big Bear Lake Court. Bishop Court. Blythe Court. Boonville Court.

Borden Court. Brawley Court. Bridgeport North County Court. Burbank Court. Burney Court. Butte County. Calaveras County. Calaveras Court. Calexico Court. Cameron Park Court. Carol Miller Justice Court. Catalina Court. Central District Court. Central Division Court. Central Justice Center Court. Chatsworth Court. Chester Court. Chico Court. Chino Court. Chowchilla Court.

Chula Vista South County Court. Clearlake Court. Clovis Court. Coalinga Court. Colusa County. Colusa Court. Compton Court. Concord Court. Contra Costa County. Corcoran Court. Corning Courthouse Dept 4 Court. Corona Court. Covelo Court. Crescent City Court. Danville Court.

Del Norte County. Del Norte Court. Delano Court. Dinuba Court. Dorris Tulelake Court. Dos Palos Court. Downey Court. Downieville Court. Dublin Court. East County Division Court. East Los Angeles Court. El Cajon Court. El Centro Court. El Dorado County. El Monte Court. Elk Grove Court. Emeryville Court. Eureka Court. Fairfield Court. Figueroa Division Court.

Firebaugh Court. Fontana Valley Court. Foresthill Court. Fort Bragg Court. Fowler Court. Fremont Court. French Camp Court. Fresno County. Fresno Court. Fullerton Court. Galt Court. Garberville Court. Gilroy Court. Glendale Court. Glenn County. Gordon D Schaber Court.

Greenville Court. Gridley court. Grover Beach Court. Gustine Court. Hanford Court. Happy Camp Court. Harbor Justice Center Court. Hayward Court. Hemet Court. Hollister Court.

Hoopa Tribal Court. Humboldt County. Huntington Park Court. Imperial County. Imperial County Juvenile Court. Imperial County Superior Court. Independence Court. Indio Court. Inglewood Court. Inyo County. Isleton Court. Jackson Court. Joshua Tree Morongo Basin Court. Juvenile Traffic Court. Kearny Mesa Court. Kerman Court. Kern County. Kern River East Kern Court. King City Court. Kings County. Kingsburg Court. Laguna Hills Court. Laguna Niguel Court. Lake County. Lake Elsinore Court. Lake Isabella Court.

Lakeport Court. Lamont South Kern Court. Larson Justice Court. Lassen County. Lassen Court. Lassen Probation Dept Court. Leggett Court. Lemoore Court. Lincoln Court. Lodi Court. Lompoc Court. Long Beach Court. Long Valley Court. Los Angeles County. Los Banos Court. Madera County. Madera Court. Madera Juvenile Court. Madera Superior Criminal Division Court. Main Court. Malibu Court. Mammoth Lakes South County Court. Manteca Court. Maricopa Court. Marin County. Marin Court.

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Miller Division Court. Miller Division Juvenile Court. Modesto Court On Floyd Ave. Modoc County. Modoc Court. Mojave East Kern Court. Mono County. Monrovia Court. Monterey County. Monterey Court. Napa County. Napa Court. Needles Court. Nevada City Court. Nevada City Juvenile Court. Nevada County. Newark Court. Newport Beach Court. North County Criminal Court. North County Traffic Court. North Justice Center Court. Oakland Court. Orange County. Orange Court.

Orland Court. Oroville Court. Palm Springs Court. Palo Alto Court. Paradise Court. Pasadena Court. Paso Robles Court. Perris Court. Piedmont Court. Pittsburg Court. Pixley Court. Placer County. Placerville Court. Pleasanton Court.

Traffic Schools Online Directory

Kenny Mr. A small boy waved from the back seat. We waved back. In many states, including New York, traffic violators can reduce their driving points and their insurance rates by attending a course in traffic safety.

In California, such courses ease the strain on traffic courts by minimizing the number of disputed citations. In Los Angeles County last year, police issued 1. The New York D. Fifty-eight years old and of average height and weight, Morse can resemble nearly any kind of public figure: a judge, a mayor, a television host.

His thinning hair a subject of many jokes is a pale, indescribable, chemical color. He talked non-stop throughout the hour-long drive, the ceaseless river of speech fuelled by measured sips from a bottle of Sunkist soda. This discourse, devoid of stammers, hesitations, and uhs, sounded exactly like a radio or television broadcast.

Imagine this consciousness. At that time, traffic classes were typically taught by off-duty police officers. In , the Regans opened their new traffic school, Lettuce Amuse U. One young comic actor, the Louisiana-born Steve Verret, began working at Lettuce Amuse U in , as an alternative to the soul-crushing cycle of L. Verret immediately fell in love with the job, which guaranteed him a captive audience of up to forty people for eight hours; his first class gave him a standing ovation, and he went on to achieve traffic-school stardom, teaching sold-out classes six days a week.

Some classes were held at the club itself, on Melrose Avenue, and students received free passes to Improv shows. The middle name comes from his great-uncle Morris Silverman, the father of the late Beverly Sills. We sat at an enormous U-shaped banquette in an enormous half-empty dining room. Sipping a celery soda, Morse reminisced about the Gitzlitz Deli, on Broadway at Seventy-seventh Street, where, as a child, he drank celery soda and watched the comedian Rodney Dangerfield yelling at his kids.

In the late seventies, he began supplementing his income by appearing in commercials and on game shows. Morse began working at Lettuce Amuse U in Morse, who describes himself as a voracious reader, read and reread the Vehicle Code and began sitting in on traffic court. He can now recite substantial portions of the code from memory. The transformation into Mr. Traffic occurred in , when Morse was listening to talk radio and heard the host of a legal call-in show incorrectly answer a question about a traffic citation.

Morse phoned in to set him straight, and the switchboards immediately lit up with incoming calls. There was apparently no limit to the number of listeners with pressing questions and strong opinions about traffic law. Invited as a regular guest on the program, Morse decided to call himself Mr. What was supposed to be a part-time job had become not just a career but an entire identity.

After a few such appearances, Mr. Traffic wanted his own show. In addition to his published writing, Mr. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, a city known for its traffic jams and crime rate. I would like to ask you, what do I do if one day, while moving slowly through a narrow lane, or at a traffic light, a group of bandits surrounded my car, preventing my escape, and tried to force me out of the car to rob me?

Do I stay in the car no matter what, even if they bang the car. And if they start smashing the windscreen and stab the tires? It is as if, when Kenny Morse puts on his Nicole Miller vest, he becomes a modest superhero, one who travels not as fast as a speeding bullet but, still, at sixty-five miles an hour, quite fast.

The temperature was already in the eighties. Morse unloaded his gear onto a dolly: a flat-screen TV, a speaker set, several crates full of photocopied handouts, a Casio keyboard, a microphone, and a laptop computer containing an extensive library of karaoke songs. In his capacity as Karaoke Kenny, Morse m. We proceeded to a meeting room, where rows of green chairs stood on a green fleur-de-lis carpet. Traffic began class with a kind of audience warmup, consisting of rapid-fire derisive remarks targeted at other D.

The remarks fell on a spectrum from relatively funny to near-incomprehensible. Ever wonder what happened to her? The first part of the pre-lunch session was devoted to student accounts of their own infractions. The twenty-odd students ranged in age from a seventeen-year-old high-school student to a retired airplane builder with a long white beard.

Eliska, a middle-aged black hospital worker, had been exceeding the speed limit while listening to R. There was no response from , so Eliska just drove home, pursued by the cop, who cited her both for speeding and for failure to pull over. Christopher, a Hispanic bank supervisor with gelled hair and a pink striped shirt, had been caught by a red-light camera. Observing that Christopher was wearing a chain with a diamond cross pendant, Mr.

Traffic asked where Jesus had been when Christopher ran the red light. Christopher appeared to consider this, but Mr. You were going thirty-nine miles an hour.

It emerged that, in addition to his red-light ticket, Christopher had received another citation just the night before, for driving ninety miles an hour from West Hills to Tehachapi to see his pregnant wife. Traffic demanded. The baby will have a new daddy. That never occurred to you? Much of Mr. Jewish-mother jokes, the synthesized sound of squealing brakes, invective against selfishness—all were met by the same half-hearted laughter, seemingly elicited by some kind of semantic code for comedy, rather than by actual humor.

When Mr. Morse later told me that he once had an audience with Pope Paul VI. He and his brother Bob had traded in their bar-mitzvah parties for a first-ever trip to Europe.

The boys were then escorted to a vast hall, completely filled with pilgrims; the Pope was on his sedia gestatoria. The thing that stuck with Morse was the atmosphere in the room. But it was there. I asked Morse whether the Pope had radiated the energy of love, too. Pope Paul VI was one cold fish. During the lunch break, Morse and I drove to a nearby shopping center. Morse was in his element, and noticed four different infractions in the course of a five-minute drive.

We disembarked in a seemingly infinite parking lot. Monolithic windowless buildings—Sport Chalet, Staples—shimmered in the heat like alien temples. In response to my question, he confirmed that there are always students wearing crosses in his class, and he always tells them that they kicked Jesus to the roadside.

What feels worse than being nauseous? Traffic after class and thanked him for getting through to him. Morse was mesmerized by the picture windows, which looked out on the parking lot, some sparsely vegetated foothills, and tawny distant mountains.

Verret, for example, loves to teach at the Melrose Avenue club, in Hollywood, because it attracts a large crowd; he likes the energy of a full house. Morse prefers a smaller class, in which he can mine the individual stories of his students for comic or pedagogic material. Verret acknowledged that students from the posher neighborhoods sometimes try to give him a hard time, but said he is unruffled by the presence of celebrities in his class.

They had been cited for identical speeding offenses. Back at the Holiday Inn, sun seeped through the white blinds, combining with the yellowish electric light for a depressing effect. The afternoon session began with Alcohol, Drugs, and Impaired Driving. At one point, Mr. Traffic called upon Kirsty to corroborate his lurid representation of student drug use at Antelope Valley High School. Traffic followed this coup a minute later with a joke involving Ecstasy and marriage counselling.

Kirsty giggled. Traffic caught my eye. Traffic polled the students on various subjects: Driver Attitude Have you recently given another driver the finger? Do you carry a weapon in the car? A crew member from a network television show had given someone the finger and fallen asleep at the wheel.

A twenty-one-year-old tow-truck operator kept a baseball bat in his truck. There was a section on insurance, and a demonstration of what appeared to be a pair of red-and-green phosphorescent oven mitts—for directing traffic at night—designed by an inventor who had vainly solicited Mr.

After reloading the car, we headed back to Los Angeles at exactly sixty-seven m. I leaned back in the enormous bucket seat and admired the sound insulation: passing cars produced a muted roar, like waves crashing on a faraway beach.

Morse, visibly fatigued, maintained his constant stream of conversation and commentary. He was on the lookout for infractions, but everyone seemed to be driving well.

Maybe the guy is a good driver. I hope he is. You see people doing all kinds of things here.

Gay traffic schools