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Shi founded it, alongside Suntech, after finishing his doctorate in Australia and returning to China in In , Suntech bought a stake in a polysilicon maker called Asia Silicon, a Chinese company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Polysilicon is the key component of solar cells and in prices reached record highs. Suntech had bought Another interesting transaction concerned a firm called Global Solar Fund.

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Kassia Byrnes July 03, Childhood warts are a painful problem, but there are some good treatments to stop them from hanging around. From Hand, foot and mouth to influenza there a a few nasty daycare bugs you need to look out for. Here's how to spot them. While many warts will eventually disappear on their own after being reabsorbed by the body, they can bleed when knocked and cause the sufferer some pain and embarrassment.

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I've been making "rocket candy" engines for over a year now as a cheaper alternative to commercially made motors. I heat it up on the stove until the sugar caramelizes and fuses with the KNO3 then put it in a PVC pipe case see attached picture. For the PVC casing, I use gorilla glue to bond the parts together, and I haven't had a problem with that specific casing after four separate test firings. Granted, I've gone through 4 of them using different designs, but I've done about 30 test firings trying to get it working right. I put a steel washer inside the cap to act as a nozzle, otherwise it just melts the plastic.

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