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The Brangwens had lived for generations on the Marsh Farm, in the meadows where the Erewash twisted sluggishly through alder trees, separating Derbyshire from Nottinghamshire. Two miles away, a church-tower stood on a hill, the houses of the little country town climbing assiduously up to it. Whenever one of the Brangwens in the fields lifted his head from his work, he saw the church-tower at Ilkeston in the empty sky. So that as he turned again to the horizontal land, he was aware of something standing above him and beyond him in the distance. There was a look in the eyes of the Brangwens as if they were expecting something unknown, about which they were eager.

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Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Homer behaves like Terrence because he wants a younger, cooler image. Homer becomes upset when someone believes him to be Bart's grandfather, and worries that he is no longer cool. When he tells Homer that he sees potential in Springfield, Homer suggests he buy the house next door to the Simpson home the Brown House , which he does. Despite this Marge supports Homer in his desire to fit in with their lifestyle, and allows him to combine their yard with the neighbor's one into a "mono-yard" and lets him, Bart and Lisa to accompany Terrance and T-Rex to rock shows, Mexican wrestling, roller derby, Korean gangster films and Modern Art exhibitions, even though she grows concerned that the kids are becoming pretentious.