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So they might be not the same magical solution that they once were. When I was a kid, we used paper napkins for everyday meals. The only issue was that true, readymade cloth napkins were kind of expensive, particularly if you were building a supply from scratch on the very low salary from your first job like I was and at that point, I did not have the sewing awareness necessary to make my own. For a long time, I made due with a short stack of cloth napkins culled from clearance bins and thrift stores. But then, I discovered something that totally rocked my cloth napkin world.

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Not in the room? It reminds me of the Germans who store their steins at their local pub. The grease of the chicken seems to Napkin fetish bin through the paper in such a delightful, and non-symetrical way. Thanks for reminding me how special some traditions are, and why I only ever buy cetish magazines!! Loved this post! Gorgeous photos and story!

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So that's the view under our table. As I sat Napkin fetish bin and got my phone into position, she looked at me and said, "Shall we, sir? Warning: This Link May be Unsafe. Brooke Wylde - Foot Fetish Daily. Create Magic! Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation. To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled. Lesbischer Raucher Fetisch. Blonde in thigh high leather high heel stiletto boots. Logging in Please Rate This Submission: 1 2 3 4 5. That this piece of pulp and paper spent hours between her legs, jeans and panties! The ends of her long brown hair over her chest can be seen in some of the shots. Then Napkin fetish bin thought, what if her legs were uncrossed and her knees were a bit relaxed and a few inches apart?

Our school nurse, Mrs.

  • She smelled, uhm
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Our school nurse, Mrs. Alleau, was a rather loud woman with short hair and thick glasses. It was to her office that I would run to every time my period pains had me crouched over in agony—a fact that I found highly embarrassing and was scared to death of boys finding out.

Alleau certainly didn't see the embarrassment in it, though. I was mortified. Of course she was right, but her brand of feminism was lost on the year-old me. All my friends still feel dirty, undesirable, and completely wrecked for that one week each month. And, to this day, men still don't understand the trials of crippling stomach cramps or the fact that our breasts feel as if they're on the verge of imploding.

The intricacies of the female body are still complete gibberish to them. But you can't really blame them. They aren't particularly well informed. One friend of mine spent the best part of his teenage years under the impression that menstrual blood was blue, because of some ad he saw. That doesn't mean every guy is completely lost when it comes to periods though — some folks are actually really into them. I'm not talking about the guys who are OK with having sex while a girl's on her period.

No—I'm talking about the kind of fella who's so keen on Aunt Flow he buys used tampons off the internet. In fact, there's quite a market for this sort of thing. This NSFW French website is a good example of a space dedicated to the buying and selling of bloodstained underwear and used tampons. Their customer service forum is a testament to just how broad this interest has become—it boasts queries about things like "odor intensity" and "soakage factor. After posting on a sex health forum saying that I was interested in talking to a member of the Red Brigade, I received a message from a man I'll call Eric, who currently works as a manager in retail and agreed to hop on the phone and have a chat about his rather particular interest.

VICE: So, how does one find out they're into menstrual blood? Eric: I first heard about periods through a sanitary towel ad when I was really young. When I hit puberty is when I became really interested in the matter. I'd rummage through the toilet bin at home to try to find my mother and sister's towels. Honestly, I was hooked immediately.

There was just something so exclusively feminine and intimate about it all. I didn't say a word to anyone. Not because I thought it was dirty or anything but I could tell that it wouldn't be perceived as being a "good thing," so to speak.

How about your first girlfriend—did she know? My first girlfriend—who I was together with for just over seven years—was completely aware of my fetish. We were young when we met and both virgins at the time so we basically became each other's sex education. We were constantly pushing our own boundaries. Thankfully, she was actually quite comfortable with her period so menstrual blood quickly became a real aphrodisiac for us.

After her, I had a fling of sorts but I only told her that I didn't mind having sex while she was on her period. She never knew. You said you are married now. What does your wife have to say about it? I broached the subject pretty gradually with her. I started dropping jokes about being a bloodthirsty vampire, just to gauge her reaction. Actually, one day I found a good opening to lay it all out there, so I did. She was constantly getting these vaginal infections and having to go to the gynecologist all the time.

She was really tired of it, so I sat her down and told her that she should stop using tampons, that they were probably the cause of it. She was curious as to why I would know about that sort of thing so I just said it straight out: I was into menstruation. I think she really liked the fact that I felt comfortable enough with her to open up completely. Is this something you talk to your mates about? No, I've never spoken to another guy about it—not even my best friend.

Despite what you'd think, guys tend to be a lot less descriptive of their sex lives than girls. Luckily, I've met plenty of likeminded people on the internet and been able to chat about it without all that social prejudice.

Why do you reckon people think it's a bit strange? It's hard to say because there's no debate about the matter. If you brought it up in conversation, people would think you were a complete freak. It irritates me that people don't see where the fascination comes from: the complexity of the female body, the fact that menstruation is a sign of good health and a cornerstone of life.

A period is the very essence of femininity. So how do you indulge your fetish? Have you ever purchased used tampons? I love sniffing used towels—that's my drug. I still haven't gotten around to buying any online, but maybe one day. I'm sure that business like that disgusts some people but I can't see the problem with it. Everyone involved benefits in one way or another. What about when your wife starts going through menopause?

Have you thought about that? When we discuss having kids, I can't help but think about the fact that she won't have her period for nine whole months. But at the end of the day, I know it'll come back.

When she stops having her period altogether, I guess we will lose one of the key elements of our sex life but I'm sure we'll find ways to adapt to the situation. How does your sex actually play out? Sounds like it could get a bit gory. We lay towels over the sheets to protect the bed. Sometimes she can bleed through but cleaning is part of the ritual for me. I find going down on her really exciting—she's still a bit uncomfortable about it but it's heaven for me.

My wife often ends things by masturbating me with a used towel. Believe it or not, I have preferences when it comes to towel brands. You don't say. I have a real soft spot for both Nana and Vania night towels. They're a bit larger, you know? I can't stand Always—they stink of perfume. May 28 , pm. Illustrations by Pierre Thyss.

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Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin

Napkin fetish bin. Upload successful

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The Best, Cheapest Cloth Napkins – Food in Jars

So they might be not the same magical solution that they once were. When I was a kid, we used paper napkins for everyday meals. The only issue was that true, readymade cloth napkins were kind of expensive, particularly if you were building a supply from scratch on the very low salary from your first job like I was and at that point, I did not have the sewing awareness necessary to make my own.

For a long time, I made due with a short stack of cloth napkins culled from clearance bins and thrift stores. But then, I discovered something that totally rocked my cloth napkin world. I found myself at a dollar store in need of inexpensive cleaning cloths.

I am now convinced that for everyday use, there is nothing better than a pile of shop rag napkins. There are just a couple tricks you should know before you turn to shop rags for your own napkin needs.

First is that they need a good wash before you start using them. Skip the fabric softener, as it makes them less absorbent and add a little white vinegar to the cycle.

If this occurs, heap them in your biggest stock pot or canning pot! Boil them for minutes, drain them, and wash and dry as normal.

A great post, I have even had good success with cutting up tea towels into napkin size, easy to wash and reuse etc and as you say cheaper than paper towels or serviettes. Thanks for the tip! This looks like an ideal solution!!! After cloth napkins, towels, sheets or whatever outlive their original usefulness, I turn them into kitchen cloths. Large pieces I use to wrap salad greens when I put them into plastic containers. These I use as disposable wipes instead of paper towels: for blotting meat before searing, for wiping up really gross spills, etc.

I use these instead of toilet paper, for pee only, and wash and reuse them. I live alone, and also have regular toilet paper, so any visitor is free to choose whichever they want. I agree — very relevant! We got tired of the paper mess of birthday parties and family gatherings years ago …started stocking up on hankies yes! The kids love the festive colors. They do the job! That is a great tip, especially how to wash them. It should really clean them right up!

I was amazed the first time I tried it how much cleaner they smelled! I love this idea! Love this post! We have switched some paper out with reusables, but not at the dinner table yet. I did not know that. I will be boiling our kitchen towels today. I love those red cloths, they do wear like iron. I remember my Dad using these, he was a mechanic.

I could see them lasting a long time as napkins! I am going to remember your boiling trick for hand towels too!

Even though my dad worked for a paper company, I grew up with cloth napkins because he hated paper ones! I need to try out your boiling tip for cleaning them…wondering if that will also get rid of a few stains. It seems that some of them get that smell especially after all the holiday cooking.

I blame the wiping of hands while handling hot turkey, chicken and beef. I love this idea and totally appreciate the cleaning tip. We use bandanas for cloth napkins in our house.

Each member of the family gets their own color. We used paper napkins for a few years after my husband and I married, and he was leery of changing over to cloth. For not very much money, I eventually acquired an array of nice linen napkins for special meals, and a couple sets of plainer ones for everyday use.

I have specially decorated Bandanas that I use for certain holidays. God bless my sweet son-in-law for his love of dumpster diving for he dug out 2, very heavy Large lawn and garden black trash bags full of black heavy duty cloth napkins that where from a restaurant that had closed. Two many toicount, but there where lots. I washed them all up, gave some away and some I had decorated up by rubber stamping, adding rick rack, etc.

I even thought about buying some Rit dye and maybe dying a few just for the heck of it. Such a great inexpensive idea. Thank you. I have always liked cloth napkins and place-mats to set the table. My father was a mechanic. I use them for nose blowing. As you said they are soft, virtually indestructible and easy to clean. Reduce the footprint!! I have been meaning to sew some up. If I used shop towels they would all disappear to the shop!

I would go totally paperless if I didnt have to use a paper towel to drain the bacon. Got a tip for that one? Remember they are made of paper and paper is recyclable.

I also save my bacon grease. When cool, I put in an empty butter container or sour cream container and then put in the freezer and I use that to fry my fried potatoes in , fried eggs, etc. Thank You! I love this idea so much. I think this will be it. We use a mish-mash of cloth napkins from the thrift store for every day and i have some nice sets also thrifted for guests.

BUT I have been toying with the idea of making 25 or so napkins for class parties. They always use disposables, but I was thinking if I offered to do the laundering and I offered them to other moms sending in birthday treats, maybe that would work. Shop rags are MUCH less expensive in time and materials than buying cute kid or birthday fabric and hemming them myself.

I rarely dry things in a dryer because my aunt taught me that the dryer bakes in smells and stains. I usually do a long soak with Oxyclean for any stains and smells. I have been using cloth napkins for years and have noticed the issues with odors and wondering how to remove them. Now I know! I inherited a bunch of stained tablecloths.

Great idea! And great tip about the boiling. I recently switched to a different dishcloth, too. They are tough on stuck-on foods, and the nap picks up even small counter-top debris.

Lovely post and completely relevant. We preserve food, to waste less food. Using cloth napkins is part of preserving the earth through the same principal of wasting less. Thank you for sharing. I LOVE this! Where we used to live we could put paper napkins in with our organic waste that was collected by the city and that was awesome.

We have a supply of cloth napkins made from some cheap sheets though! They work pretty well! Just cut squares and serged around the edge and there you go! They look great, are cheap, and made from […].

If someone did, I missed that comment and apologiize! We have some of those rags, and I hate them because they bleed so much!!

I try to only use them occasionally and then wash them only with reds. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The Best, Cheapest Cloth Napkins. Like this: Like Loading Posted in equipment.

Napkin fetish bin