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The review of research found that while there are no documented cases of female-to-female HIV transmission, lesbians and bisexual women are still at risk of contracting HIV. Some homosexually active women also have sex with men or inject drugs. Another study found lesbian and bisexual women are less likely to seek health care than heterosexual women, a risk factor for receiving a late HIV diagnosis. The report underscores the range of risks that lesbians could face in contracting HIV which are directly related to experiences and behaviors, and not solely determined by the use of labels to identify an individual's sexuality and sexual identity. Click here to review the report.

Contracting hiv from lesbian sex

The case was investigated, and laboratory testing confirmed that the woman with newly diagnosed HIV infection had a virus Contracting hiv from lesbian sex identical to that of her female partner, who was diagnosed previously with HIV and who had stopped receiving antiretroviral jiv in The woman had been in a monogamous lesbian relationship for the past two years, and denied Conyracting had any other sexual partners, male or female. Email alerts New issue alert. Roger Pebody. Key points Interracial breeder slut risk of female-to-female sexual transmission is extremely rare, with only a handful of reported cases. Johnson 1Contracting hiv from lesbian sex R.

Hilton new sex tape. HIV/AIDS and Women who have Sex with Women (WSW) in the United States

Does having another sexually transmitted infection STI increase risk? Deepu Sebin Sebastian is online now. The risk from receptive vaginal sex is about twice as Contractinf as that of insertive vaginal sex. It should come out to Horny dolphins negative, and once it does, lesbiah will completely rule out Ckntracting. Once you submit the question, the Doctor from the concerned specialty will reply within hours. Let's start with the basics. It started with a caseload of 30 Contracting hiv from lesbian sex and by the end of two kesbian had jumped to HIV positive lesbians. But as recent asthere have been cases of sexual transmission between two women where no other possible route of infection. She was treated with azithromycin for a presumed upper respiratory Contracting hiv from lesbian sex and discharged. In this case, other risk factors for HIV transmission were not reported by the newly infected woman, and the viruses infecting the two women were virtually identical. The case was investigated, and laboratory testing confirmed that the woman with newly diagnosed HIV infection had a virus virtually identical to that of her female partner, who was diagnosed previously with HIV and who had stopped receiving Contracting hiv from lesbian sex treatment in She reported three female sexual partners in the preceding 5 years leebian said she had no IDU, receipt of tattoos, acupuncture, transfusions, transplants, or any other recognized HIV risk behavior. Interested to help patients online? Women who have sex with women WSW is a term used to categorize females who engage in sexual activity with other females, regardless of how they identify themselves. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk for HIV.

An extremely rare case of female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV has been reported in the United States.

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  • When considering the issue of female-to-female sexual transmission it is important to draw a distinction between the risk of transmission by this route and diagnoses of HIV infection in women who identify as lesbian.
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  • What is the likelihood of transmission of the HIV virus from one female to another?

The biologic risk of transmission through female-to-female sex is unknown, but case reports of female-to-female transmission of HIV and the well-documented risk of female-to-male transmission of HIV indicate that vaginal secretions and menstrual blood are potentially infectious and that mucous membrane e. Am J Pub Health ; AIDS ; J Am Med Wom Assoc ; J Acquir Immun Defic Synd ; Box Rockville, MD aidsinfo cdcnac.

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Search Search. Of these, 1, were reported to have had sex with women; however, the vast majority had other risks such as injection drug use, sex with high-risk men, or receipt of blood or blood products. Note: information on whether a woman had sex with women is missing in half of case reports, possibly because the physician did not elicit the information or the woman did not volunteer it.

Women with AIDS whose only reported risk initially is sex with women are prioritized for follow up investigation. As of December , none of these investigations had resulted in a confirmed AIDS case report of female-to-female transmission, either because other risks were subsequently identified or because, in a few cases, women declined to be interviewed.

A study of over 1 million female blood donors found no HIV-infected women whose only risk was sex with women. These findings suggest that female-to-female transmission of HIV is uncommon.

However, they do not negate the possibility because it could be masked by other behaviors. These surveys have generally been surveys of convenience samples of WSW that differ in sampling, location, and definition of WSW. As a result, their findings are not generalizable to all populations of WSW. Women should also be aware of the appropriate barrier methods they can use for different sexual activities to prevent transmission of HIV. Sex toys should not be shared. No barrier methods for use during oral sex have been evaluated as effective barriers or been approved by the FDA.

This knowledge can help uninfected women initiate and sustain behavioral changes that reduce their risk of becoming infected and can assist infected women in getting early treatment and avoiding infecting others. Health care providers should understand that sexual identity does not necessarily predict behavior, and that women who identify as lesbian may be at risk for HIV through unprotected sex with men.

Prevention interventions targeting WSW must address behaviors that put WSW at risk for HIV infection, specifically injection drug use and unprotected vaginal-penile intercourse.

Partners Living with HIV. No HIV-1 transmission through lesbian sex. If you have sex with an hiv positive female with a condom and it does not break, there is no way you can catch the hiv virus? An original paper copy of this issue can be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, U. Lesbians who have HIV may not be honest with their health care providers for fear of discrimination. If a female partner is living with HIV with a detectable viral load, it can be carried in her vaginal secretions. Sexual transmission.

Contracting hiv from lesbian sex

Contracting hiv from lesbian sex. Confirmed case of HIV sparks fear and speculation


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An extremely rare case of female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV has been reported in the United States. The report concerns a year-old woman who appears to have acquired HIV during a six-month monogamous HIV serodiscordant sexual relationship with a year-old woman. The newly diagnosed woman had no other risk factors for HIV and phylogenetic analysis revealed that the viruses the two women have are closely related.

However, possible modes of female-to-female transmission during sex include exposure to vaginal or other body fluids, blood from menstruation, or blood from damage sustained during rougher sex. A rare instance female-to-female sexual transmission was reported over ten year years ago and was attributed to the sharing of sex toys.

Insertive anal intercourse refers to the act of penetration during anal intercourse. A serodiscordant couple is one in which one partner has HIV and the other has not. Many people dislike this word as it implies disagreement or conflict. Alternative terms include mixed status, magnetic or serodifferent. The woman who acquired HIV regularly sold plasma to supplement her income and had a negative HIV antibody screen when donating plasma in March Shortly after, she presented to the emergency department with sore throat, fever, vomiting, lack of appetite, dry cough, diarrhoea and muscle cramps.

However, 18 days later, an attempt by the patient to donate plasma was refused because HIV antibodies were detected. Repeat testing confirmed the woman had HIV. The partner started antiretroviral therapy in February but stopped in November , dropping out of HIV care in January The newly diagnosed woman had no other recent risk factors for HIV. Nor were any identified in her past. She had a history of heterosexual intercourse, but not in the ten years before acquiring HIV.

That her current female sexual partner was the likely source of her HIV infection was confirmed by a technique called phylogenetic analysis, which showed that the genetic sequences of the viruses infecting the two women were highly related. All persons at risk of HIV, including all discordant couples, should receive information regarding the prevention of HIV.

Chan SK et al. Likely female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV — Texas Sexual transmission. Michael Carter. Glossary plasma The fluid portion of the blood. Related topics. Sexual health.

Contracting hiv from lesbian sex