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We are a c 3 not-for-profit organization that believes healing, strength, and empowerment are found in shared experience and that art heals. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I turned to the breast cancer community - survivors, caregivers, and industry angels - for advice, hope, and inspiration. Now, in engaging, empowering, and deeply personal videos the breast cancer community is sharing its experiences with YOU. Their real stories offer insight, strength, and hope for anyone looking to navigate their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Please take a few minutes to watch my story and learn what inspired me to found Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer.

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Everybody loves a sexy bunny, so hop on over to Spicy Lingerie and slip into a sexy bunny costume from our extensive collection. Thanks to Hugh Hefner and his legendary Playboy bunnies, the sexy bunny Halloween costume has reached icon status in the world of fantasy lingerie. When you include a few bunnylicious outfits in your intimate apparel wardrobe, get ready for your honey bunny to fall in love with your flirty, sexy, and impossibly adorable new look. Some bunny will definitely love you when you suit up in a traditional style bunny costume. The one-piece teddy gives you a sleek and sexy hourglass silhouette that hugs your curves in all the right places.

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Advanced Search. Through our nursing grants and cooperative agreements, we support nursing education and practice. We support advanced nursing education programs for registered nurses preparing to become primary care nurse practitioners, primary care clinical nurse specialists, and nurse midwives. We support advanced nursing education programs for registered nurses preparing to become nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, nurse administrators, and other specialties requiring advanced education. Advanced Nursing Education - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners ANE-SANE We support accredited nursing programs, health care entities and other relevant public or private non-profit entities that increase the number of registered nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and forensic nurses trained and certified to conduct sexual assault nurse examinations.

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That's probably because bra shopping is hell on earth and basically impossible unless you invite a total stranger into the fitting room to help measure you properly, but it might also be a result of our society's complete misunderstanding of what bra sizes even are. I'm talking, of course, about Tifa Lockhart, who has been accused of having B-cup breasts --as her character model in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks different from her extra-busty appearance in the PS1 era--as well as the entire female cast of Mortal Kombat 11 , for that matter. But if we're going to use bra sizes as shorthand to talk about fake women's bodies, we're going to do it right, goddammit. Lucky for you, I know a thing or two about this. Bra sizes have two main components: the cup size and the band size.

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Brittany Zamora, 28, was arrested in March last year after her victim's horrified parents found she had bombarded him with x-rated messages. The sixth grade teacher romped with the teen for months at an Arizona elementary school where she worked. A recently viewed police report, seen by The Arizona Republic , alleges Zamora was also inappropriate with other kids in the class. Las Brisas Academy Principal Timothy Dickey interviewed students when the allegations emerged and notes from those conversations were included in the police report. One student said Zamora was too close to the kids in their class, saying she attended another student's singing competitions and football games outside of school.