My son licked me out-Call or Get Help Online

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I would say to my child, that's what animals do, not humans. I could just vomit at the thought of any adult licking my little face. I feel a nightmare coming on Thanks a lot, that is very nice of you to say.

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

User Name. He's six now and just beginning OT. Double yech. We can't get My son licked me out it either. I am not exactly sure what this chewelry stuff is but Licied hear it is good. You could take the tuition money for school and send her to different camps this summer to make new friends.

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How do I get her so stop?

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Yes, that's what she said - a teeny, tiny hairless mouse! In her son's mouth! I know! We can't get over it either. Beware, some of these are not for the faint of heart. I caught my month-old sucking on a used plastic tampon applicator he got out of the trash can.

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My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

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Licking in an older child - The Learning Challenges Board - The Well-Trained Mind Community

What's with the ads? She keeps licking people. As far as I know it's just been immediate family, but I wouldn't swear she hasn't licked other kids. Sometimes she is pretending to be a cat, but other times, it's just like her mouth is near our bodies and she does it. I can't even count the number of times I've had to say, "Keep your tongue to yourself. She's also bitten her sister a couple of times, and she's put her mouth on me as if to bite me a couple of times, but she hasn't actually done it.

She's started sucking on her fingers, too, which she has never done, but it tends to be when she is feeling "babyish. She's been having a lot of trouble with impulsivity and self control, as well. She was in early intervention as a toddler for speech and OT. Her speech issues were oral motor based, and when those were resolved around 2.

She did a couple of months of speech for articulation at age 3, but nothing major. My biggest worry then was that she didn't ask questions, and why seemed to utterly baffle her. She actually learned questions from her sister, who is 17 months younger and was VERY precocious in her speech.

But she hasn't had any problems since she was three. We did a check in speech screening at five, and she was off the charts in language and fine on articulation. They did an autism screening at age 3 just to check, but everyone knew going in that she was fine.

It was a "check the boxes" thing because of speech and sensory issues. The sensory stuff was weird as a toddler. She had meltdowns at two because of the wind and she has issues with heights that were frustrating at three really wanted to play in the play areas at fast food restaurants but was too scared to do so , but they resolved on their own as she got older.

My pride is on the line here! Any ideas? I bet they has seen it at public school. Oral sensory-seeking. They will probably have the OT try to get her to substitute with a cheeks necklace. My son's public school is the one housing the autism program and this would not be a big deal. It would be a deal but if she did it twice and then had a necklace or whatever it would not be some "you are a bad parent" thing. But in the meantime maybe try to look at the sensory suggestions for it, and see if you can find a substitute, and then stay on top of it?

I think an evaluation by an OT who specializes in Sensory Integration Disorder would likely be the biggest help. There are a lot of protocols for this.

For instance, you can buy your dd a necklace of chewy tubes specifically for chewing on. She can chew on this rather than licking or biting people. I would also allow her to chew sugarless gum to provide the oral stimulation that she seems to need. All the best,. It's hard to tell if it is truly sensory seeking behavior or if she is just being obnoxious because she is trying to irritate people or pretending to be a cat.

She has not been to public school. She has always been homeschooled, but she is going to a Catholic school in the fall. She doesn't like gum. Believe me, I've tried to get her to chew it. But now I'm wondering if I should hand her a bottle again. I don't really know the source of the issue, because she is often giggling or playing when she licks, but she has been told over and over and over that we don't like it.

I don't know exactly what these are, but apparently there are normal-looking necklaces kids can wear to school and chew on and it does not look weird. I think it is better to seek something that is normal. A bottle is not something she can take to school. Gum is probably not allowed either. Edit: it might not be appropriate at a school where no other kids have plastic necklaces. Maybe there is something though. Yes sensory.

OT, sensory diet, time to mature. Have you tried very chewy dried fruit on her? Fruit leather, the juicy mango from Trader Joe's, anything crunchy like bell pepper strips, drinking thick things through straws, crazy straws. Also your overall sensory stuff vestibular on single line swings, burrito rolling, weights, flavors, smells, colors, that sort of thing.

And just so you know, a dc in that situation might conceivably nurse many, many years. Ages would not be uncommon weaning ages. So the bottle thing makes total sense. Elizabeth, this is the "other" child, the normal one. She had the speech and OT thing as a toddler, but she has been totally normal ever since. And I've realized that while we've only had the horrible tantrums at home, she still cries and behaves in ways that are not really acceptable in public as well.

We're seeing a psychiatrist because my husband wants to rule stuff out. There's tons of anxiety in the family, and he wonders if there is an element of that, but I don't get that sense.

He wonders if she has ADD and the impulsivity is behind the behavior. So the tantrums are why we're going to the child psychiatrist. She doesn't need academic testing. She's always maxed out the achievement tests and such, although her writing and spelling are not awesome. Interesting that you said that about the nursing. My younger one who had no oral motor issues, talked in sentences at 11 months, etc nursed until she was 3. We limit them to the bedroom, but I have to hide them when kids are coming over, because she has no shame about them at all.

I did notice that her behavior got worse after swim team ended and she quit gymnastics. Originally I started her in all her physical activities as do it yourself OT after we moved. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention to that. I've tried gum, crunchy, chewy, etc.

She just is so darn picky. I've finally given up on trying to get her to eat a balanced diet. I give her a multivitamin which took some doing to find one she would take. She's not extremely limited, but she's not getting a rich oral sensory diet either. It sounds like she needs heavy input, in OT terms. You can get her a small indoor trampoline with a grab bar and have her jump on it for ten minutes several times a day.

Swim and gymnastics are both heavy sensory input activities. My sensory kid is both sensory seeking and avoiding, depending on the type of input. He does much better with heavy input such a dribbling a basketball while wearing an under armour shirt, doing jumping jacks, etc.

It helps organize him neurologically. Those are simple things you can try at home. Wall push ups are another one to try. I used to do them with my ds. Also, does she understand that if she goes to school and does this, people will make fun of her and not want to be her friend? Does she want to go to school? Is anxiety about going to school increasing her negative behaviors? Does she have friends now? My son is also a picky eater, though he has improved vastly over the years. He will now eat plain lettuce.

He will not try it if the brother doesn't tell him that he will like it. But I think that sometimes it doesn't matter why, the behavior just needs to stop. Terabith, the psychologist will eval for adhd, spectrum, anxiety, etc. Can your psychiatrist do that?

I thought the psychiatrist could do the counseling and meds but the psychologist did the evals to get the right labels? I'd back up and get that sorted out. You already know this, but she's not sounding NT. It doesn't sound like the activities alone got her there, so some OT consults would help.

She's at such a good age to make headway. Get the right diagnosis and get that OT going again.

My son licked me out

My son licked me out

My son licked me out