Asian sex search engines-Why Google's censored search engine for China is an ethical minefield | The Independent

Pornography is strictly forbidden in China. But while forbidding porn is one thing, actually getting rid of it is quite another, especially when users have social media, cloud-based services, and new payment methods at their disposal. The year saw the birth of a few big albeit ill-fated services in the country, including 99 Erotica Forum and Erotica Juneday. Some such sites are still hanging on, but many have disappeared. The business model for these services in China is quite simple.

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

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Adult tube midwife. China censored Google's AlphaGo match against world's best Go player

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Early Monday evening, the names of the companies were also posted on the same official Web site, along with a terse statement of why each company was on the list.

  • Exactly what the opening lines of this article stated them to be.
  • Click here to see the complete porn list.

The Great Firewall of China is the largest-scale internet censorship operation in the world. The Chinese state says the firewall is there to promote societal harmony within an increasing population of billions of people. It considers the internet in China as part of its sovereign territory. But it is now planning to relaunch a heavily censored version of its services in China, according to a whistleblower who spoke to online news website The Intercept. The whistleblower who spoke to The Intercept cited ethical concerns over this project — and rightly so.

Should large western companies such as Google give up ethical values to make money in China? Is it okay to design technology to assist the Chinese government in restricting the human rights of their citizens?

The largest professional organisation for computing, the Association of Computing Machinery ACM , recently updated its code of ethics, which includes some specific provisions that we can use to think through these issues.

Many Google employees are members of the ACM, meaning they have agreed to abide by this code. Some of these employees may be working on p roject Dragonfly , so they will need to evaluate their work in terms of the code. Individual freedom is heavily curtailed in China, and this is reflected in the censorship of the internet there. Second, there are specific provisions within the code against assisting in the oppression of a population within the code.

In developing technology to censor sites related to democracy and Chinese-committed atrocities, Google employees would arguably be violating this as well.

Instead of being a values-driven company, it seems from this move that it is purely profit-driven. So what should Google do? One way of responsibly dealing with this would be to open up project Dragonfly to input from the rest of the company, not just the hundred or so working directly on it. This article first appeared on The Conversation theconversation.

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Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines. Gentlemen, start your search engines


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Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines

Asian sex search engines