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In October of , things were looking very good for Amanda Bynes. For the following decade, those statements read like an appropriate assessment. But even though Bynes was finding a career in film, she was quickly and clearly being typecast. All of her roles, from All That to Hairspray , had the same vibe: bubbly tween girls, quirky, cute, and funny in a clumsy, farcical way. The fact that she was being pigeonholed was only made worse by the existence of another actress her age who had come up under similar innocent circumstances, but who had been allowed to graduate and mature: Lindsay Lohan.

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Fortunately, an exciting, big project was right around the Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes Hairspraythe remake of John Waters' cult classic. Who sings the Modern Storifs opening theme tune? I have no fear of the future. If you have an older Salon bynee, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? As Radar has reportedthese are just the latest bizarre claims from the struggling actress. But, she says, "I started smoking marijuana when I was Entertainment Music. So, today I am meeting with a lawyer to get a restraining order Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes my dad. I got really into my drug usage and it became a really dark, sad world for me.

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Amanda finally kicked the blanket loose and made her way into her bedroom to find some clothes. It was one of those hot summers, in Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes long d. Threads 1 to 1 of 1. No, leave them there the prince said, I believe I promised you a quid pro quo? Leave a comment Comments Amanda Twice kitchen anal fuck 4, Your working email address:. Amanda Bynes Come back of the Yr Paper ' Amanda sat back in tub an contemplated that for Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes while. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. This is your real life soon to be husband asking his soon to be Martina hingis wimbledon butt to share her body with him.

That was, until today, when Bynes' weight was the subject of an article in People magazine.

  • Amanda Bynes walked out of her apartment, June 25, and right into a blanket.
  • My name is Kenny Rourke and the story that I'm now writing had started on the Thrid day of April,when my mom and dad had dragged me over to Hollywood,California to spend the day with my TV star cousin,Amanda Bynes and her family.

B eautiful women who fall apart serve a necessary cultural purpose: they're a warning against over-indulgence and narcissism. They also attract the peddlers of celebrity gossip in a way that few other stories do. Today, it's Amanda Bynes. They're often women who became famous at a young age — Bynes was a child star — and their personal development seems suspended in perpetual adolescence. There are the beautiful, damaged, drug-addicted ones like Edie Sedgwick or Cat Marnell , who are waifish and sexy and wide-eyed, if not particularly sexual.

Those women are cultural icons, venerated as much as they're discussed with the requisite concern. And then there are the ones we call "out of control," who stop being sexy — the women like Britney and Bynes, who transgress the boundaries of acceptable femininity by, say, shaving their heads, which the public takes as evidence that they've really lost it. It's easy to go the "Leave Britney alone! Those are all fair responses — we should all leave Britney alone and stop staring at people who are visibly troubled; the tabloid model that profits when bad things happen to famous people is clearly an evil one.

But it's also worth taking a look at why we find it so satisfying when women appear to descend into madness, especially when those women were, like Bynes, previously paragons of female sweetness and innocence. Their erratic behavior is a particularly female kind: they're brash when they were once admired for being demure, they amp up pinup model femininity in their appearance to the point of parody think Bynes' bleach-blonde wig and push-up bras, or Anna Nicole Smith's heavy make-up and bleached hair or tear it down in some dramatic way head shaving seems to be a popular choice.

We love watching women the way we watch things. We're used to women's bodies being physical representations of sex, being coat-hangers for clothing, existing for our aesthetic pleasure and admiration and disgust. Even the females among us often adopt the male gaze , watching other women and watching ourselves be watched. Aesthetically, we gravitate toward culturally-agreed-upon beauty, but perfection slashed through with hideousness can be particularly compelling.

While we're transfixed, women are especially punished for appearing to go off the deep end. Men who behave like raging narcissists and actually get violent, on the other hand, are routinely enabled and placated. His behavior, though violent and abusive, was laughed off as "antics". Chris Brown, who beat up his famous girlfriend and engaged in several other rage-fueled incidents involving throwing chairs and destroying dressing rooms, continues to have a successful music career and hasn't had his mental health roundly questioned.

Those men actually hurt people, and appear to lack any sort of regret for their actions. We may tsk tsk them, but we still line their pockets and perpetuate their careers. The women we use as morality tales. It's a sort of superiority to be able to take to Twitter or any tabloid pages and remark on how sad a woman's behavior is.

It's the nice-girl flipside of flat-out calling her a whore, as model Chrissy Teigen did to Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. It is, of course, sad to see anyone descend into what looks like an untreated mental illness. But wide mockery followed by feigned concern for the person behaving erratically only benefits the pontificators. In the months leading up to her recent arrest, Bynes shaved part of her head, posted a series of lingerie selfies on Twitter, claimed to be emabrking on a rap career and pierced her cheeks.

She lashed out at model Chrissy Teigen after Teigen took to Twitter to voice her concern that it was "unsettling" that anyone was giving Bynes attention.

Bynes' Twitter account also included tweets attacking Rihanna, which Bynes later claimed were mocked up by someone else. Rihanna, true to form, responded with restraint and humor. The tabloid media and many mainstream sources continue to report on Bynes' ongoing meltdown. Thousands of Twitter uses are getting in on the action. TMZ updates its website practically every time Bynes tweets. In the Twitter age, these kinds of celebrity meltdowns followed by the inevitable B-celebrity feuds also give us remarkable insight into profound and widespread idiocy.

Clearly, we love a good train wreck, especially a female one. I suppose I'm doing my part by even writing about Amanda Bynes in the first place. Topics Celebrity Opinion. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Amanda passed the rest of the flight in silence, even dropping off to sleep for a while. She had left the set of her last movie and would not be back and was closing the world around her. His voice was so even, so matter-of-fact, he spoke of killing her as easily as he would order groceries. Let me introduce my cohorts. Literotica is a trademark. I could tell she worked out just by looking at her, she stomach was flat and toned her legs and arms had visable muscles to them.

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

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Subscribe Published by saugamike. Leave a comment Comments Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Amanda Bynes Day at the Beach Anal Celebrity Mature It was one of those hot summers, in which long days of sun and heatdrove the people towards the sea-shore.

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A source told the Daily Beast that she was acting paranoid and fearful. Another source told The Hollywood Reporter that she showed up to shoot utterly unprepared. Bynes instead began filling her resume with deeply concerning public outbursts. It started in with traffic violations of varying severity. In March, she was pulled over in Los Angeles for driving while talking on her cell phone; she drove off before the policeman was able to give her a ticket.

A month later, she clipped a BMW while driving at 3 a. After refusing to take a breathalyzer test, she was charged with a DUI. In total, Bynes racked up seven accidents in Something was clearly wrong with Bynes, an observation TV anchors made with a grin on their faces. In , when Lindsay Lohan was arrested for DUI, the news took days to reverberate—seven years later, news on Bynes took only seconds to devour.

The behavior Bynes exhibited on Twitter continued to manifest itself in real life as well. My dad fondled himself in front of me so many times that I started recording him on my phone in hopes of catching him saying or doing something inappropriate around me so I could get him arrested and put in jail for the rest of his perverted life.

My mom knows that my father's literally and physically incestual towards his own daughter and the fact that she never called the police on him embarrasses me to no end. So, today I am meeting with a lawyer to get a restraining order against my dad. These accusations are absolutely horrible and could not be further from the truth!

These allegations stem from Amanda's mental state at the moment.

Amanda Bynes' public meltdown says more about us than her | Jill Filipovic | Opinion | The Guardian

That was, until today, when Bynes' weight was the subject of an article in People magazine. Bynes, People reported, was walking "the road to recovery" "in snowshoes" -- not because exercise is cathartic or healthful but in order to lose weight.

The story had fairly obviously been set up by the retreat, who provided People a photo of Bynes snowshoeing as well as information on the sort of programming they provide.

It's one thing for a facility caring for a celebrity trying to get better to leak that information to a tabloid; it's quite another in the case of Bynes, for whom an unhealthy body image was inextricably bound with her time in the spotlight. Bynes had given an interview to Us Weekly in February in which she said she "need[s] to work out constantly" and had recently moved to New York: "I lost 4 lbs. I'm lbs -- my goal is lbs. The public eye was not a particularly healthy place for Bynes, who has given no interviews and not tweeted since entering the custody of her parents following last summer's forcible hospitalization.

She has, by all accounts, sought to live a private life as a student since then; even finding a recent photograph with which to illustrate this post was difficult. For obvious reasons, gossip readers will be interested in Bynes' recovery -- it's the seemingly happy ending to a story of celebrity's effect on the psyche. But a health facility exploiting Bynes' presence in order to get press illuminates, instead, the dark side of Hollywood. Bynes' public statements and legal status should be fair game.

Her attempts to get better should not. Amanda Bynes in her April 06, booking photo. But there are some things that should be off-limits. Related Topics Amanda Bynes People. Show Comments. Trending Articles. Buy Now, Pay Later. Already a Subscriber? Log In Here.

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Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes

Celebrity sex stories amanda bynes