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Illustration: Lia Kantrowitz. As he opened the door to say hi, I coughed and shat out a load of poo water into my underwear. I had to run into his flat, straight to the toilet, and throw my underwear away. It was all down my legs. It killed the mood, needless to say.

Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex

Your body is simply doing what it does. If you try to clean high up, the water will mix with the stool. Easterbrook et al. Participants Becore reported a STI diagnosis in past year Start small, leave the dilator in place for 10 minutes three times a day, and use the same size Enemas before male sex a week. External link. When it comes to anal cleansers, straight women are much less likely to use them than gay men. All statistical tests were two-tailed, and all analyses were conducted in Stata 11 software StataCorp. Those are also handy malee bring along with you when you travel.

Boces adult classes. Anal douching safety tips

Reasons cited were similar to those in the first study. Now you have a dilemma, Should you expel that enema and start the soapsud enemas to cut the oil. But if you do things right, you'll be just fine. The oil is thick so it will take a bit of time to take it. AIDS Care. It is a lot easier if you get your partner or someone Madonna sexy pics help you. Iain y 4 Aug Reply. Gigi Engle September 27, Asian twink analsquirts enema. Free Gay Porn Categories Loading

Sex may be something that nearly everyone does, but the way each person prepares for it is not necessarily the same.

  • Takeaway: Doing an enema can sound scary AF.
  • However, few studies have explored enema use practices.
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This is part two of Bottoming Then I found a video. That moment sealed the truth: Bottoming was real, and I had no clue how to do it. That brings me to my my first piece of advice for anyone looking to bottom: Do not compare your experience to porn. They just get edited out. Many people douche before bottoming, meaning they use water to clean the lower part of their rectum — the space in your butt just inside your hole — to flush out any poop before sex. An easy way to do this is to buy an enema.

As your skill develops, your douching regimen will probably change. Incorporating a fiber supplement like Metamucil into your diet can help. Lube up the tip of your enema with a body-safe lubricant I recommend silicone-based lube , and slowly insert the nozzle into your hole. Gently squeeze the bulb and slowly fill your butt with water.

Hold it in for a few seconds, then gently release the water into a toilet. Repeat this until the water runs clear. Some safety tips: Go slow! Yes, you can get pretty clean, but cleaning out is not a requirement for bottoming.

Many people, including some medical professionals, recommend skipping douching in the first place, washing your butt with soap and water, putting a towel down, and simply cleaning up any mess after. No matter what you choose to do, you cannot completely control your body. Just enjoy it. Your body is simply doing what it does. It might on your first attempt. Why does it hurt? Also, there are ways you can train your butt muscles to relax, stretch, and make the experience easier see the last question of this guide.

Some people recommend taking a deep breath when your sexual partner first enters you. Close your eyes and picture your butt, and picture it opening, expanding like a circle. Work up to two fingers, then three, until you feel comfortable gripping them — in control, powerful, flexing your butt muscle. Breathe slowly and lead. You tell your partner when to move, when to go forward, when to stop, when to move again. Just as you did with their fingers: Grip, release. Grip, release. Breathe deeply and slowly, and guide them into you.

Micro-tears in the anus happen pretty easily when you have anal sex. The walls of the rectum the inside of your butt are delicate. Some tears are worse than others. They may itch, sting, or burn when you try to have sex or use the bathroom. While micro-tears or fissures are rarely very painful, they become open gateways for infection. Condoms are also incredibly effective at preventing STIs like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea, and the combination of condoms and PrEP greatly reduce your risk of contracting all of these.

Get your body and your butt regularly inspected by a doctor for warts and other signs that you might have an infection. Improving your sex skills takes time, practice, and — in my opinion — some butt training. Not every bottom trains their butt to prepare for the experience, but I did. After I learned to enjoy the sensation of my ass opening and stretching, my skills drastically improved, and sex finally became really fun.

Buy a small butt plug no larger than an inch in diameter , preferably one made of smooth, soft silicone. Lube it up generously with silicone toys, use water-based lube , and slowly slide it in. Concentrate on the feeling of the stretch and slowly — slowly! Breathe, relax, and repeat. You will probably find — as I did — that after you stop clenching and finally relax your butt, the feeling of your hole opening feels really good.

And then it feels great. After working with the same small plug for a few weeks or as long as it takes to feel enjoyable , try a slightly bigger butt plug.

Gradually build size and speed, and above all else, focus on enjoying the feeling. Your body has an impulsive reaction of tightening your muscles and clenching when something feels uncomfortable. He answers reader-submitted sex questions on his blog, The Beastly Ex-Boyfriend , and writes the gay sex and dating column Sexy Beast for The Advocate.

Get the best of what's queer. Sign up for our weekly newsletter here. Does bottoming hurt? How do I protect myself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections? How do I get better at bottoming? By Samantha Puc. By Samantha Riedel. By Samantha Allen.

The use of commercial products by Sexual practices and risk of infection by the human immunodeficiency virus. Written by Gigi Engle. We assessed the drinking pattern by combining three items to construct a quantity and frequency drinking typology that ranged from abstinence to frequent heavy drinking. Please review our privacy policy. It is a lot easier if you get your partner or someone to help you. Do you mean when inserting the enema?

Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex. How do I use an Anal Enema?

You need to have an anal lube for lubricating and inserting your enema. Otherwise you can risk painful fissures. I highly recommend seeing our full list of anal lubes here. It is slick, long-lasting, and safe to use with toys and for sex. If you want to practice anal sex on your own, then the Anal Sex Starter Kit has everything you need to get started including:. Douching is a great way to clean up before sex. Although it is useful you should limit yourself to doing it a few times a week.

It can cause irritation to the colon wall if used too often and can also make you rely on it. Remember to follow the above steps closely and soon it will become second nature. I actually wrote an article on just this topic! You can check it out here. Usually constipation happens if you over-use an enema. Otherwise your body can become reliant on it. I do have a serious question, i dont know if its just me, or it happens to all bottoms today, i used fleet enema 4 hours before sex, i took a dump before i used fleet enema, and it felt better and cleaner after flteet enema, then 2 hours later, i was too nervous, wanted to make sure i was clean, so i used soap and water enema again, and surprisingly, i still saw those yellow ish stuff, i just keep repeating enema, and keeps seeing yellow watery stuff comes out, what the heck is going on?

Thanks for checking out the site! Generally, I would say douching once is enough to do the trick — using an enema too much can actually remove the beneficial bacteria your body uses for digestion and can lead to diarrhea, skin irritation, and even prevent you from going to the bathroom naturally.

This, along with proper clean up before hand is the best solution. Really impressed with article and questions this let to. I have had similar experiences to others, is there a specific amount of water I should be using. Can result in doing it over and over quite annoying. How much wanter is the appropriate quantity for one shot? If you are using an enema, then the bulbs are typically between ml and ml. Any suggestions on homeopathic enemas to restore a natural ph balance in my rectum?

Additionally, it is best to use your enema only a few times a week. So the best thing to do is to keep a balance. Going to the bathroom naturally, and washing up properly in the shower in many cases can have a similar effect as using an enema as well. Unfortunately there is no solution that I am aware of to treat irritation, and if your side effects are frequent and bothersome it is best to talk to your local physician.

I tried this and my question is should my penis feel weird , like a sharp pain on the out side of my head on the side. Do you mean when inserting the enema? If you are having pain inserting it I recommend always using lube on the enema tip. I would also recommend using room temperature water to avoid any discomfort. If it continues I would recommend speaking to a doctor to medical professional.

The best thing you can do is go to the bathroom naturally first and really make sure to empty things out as much as possible before using the enema. After that, it is best to wait about 30 minutes before using the enema to avoid to much stress on your body. Another tip is to limit your food intake 24 hours before sex.

This can also help to clean things out naturally. I do not eat hrs before anal sex. About Hrs before I take a 2 qt plain warm water enema I do this every time I go out on a date. If need be we shower. I plan on limiting my food intake and using an anal enema beforehand.

Lots of good info in this article! I am a fetishist who is into enemas so I know a lot about them. It is a lot easier if you get your partner or someone to help you. It can be a fun, erotic time for many.. I recommend trying an actual enema bag. A few large volume enemas 1 to 3 liters will clean you out pretty good.

The oil is thick so it will take a bit of time to take it. Now you have a dilemma, Should you expel that enema and start the soapsud enemas to cut the oil.

I forgot to mention, use plain water in the enema, not soap which irritates the rectum. Thankyou for sharing this valuable information. And quite honestly I love it. I am a single gay professional, in his mids. I am responsibly active sexually and will receive anal from my partner.

One thing we as men need to remember- our anus, rectum, and colon are what they are. Their primary purpose is to expel waste and then seal up the opening anus to protect the mucus-lined walls of the rectum and colon. Without it, it would be hell to pay just to eat.

We would be living on clear, liquid diets. Anal sex is not as glamorous as Pornhub makes them out to be. Stimulating the inside of the rectum triggers the colon to begin contracting, which expels. Your only goal with douching is to provide a liquid medium to void any fecal matter from the rectum- not the colon. To clean out the colon, you need to be on a prep-diet and extreme reaching to get the colon purged.

This is not atypical for simple anal sex. Anal sex is to be enjoyable but within reason. There is a really great visual guide on deep clean enema usage on our site as well!

Cover the bottom of a 5-oz plastic cup with salt. Half-fill the cup with hot water. Stir the saline till the salt is dissolved. Add a few squeezes of antibacterial soap.

Stir the mixture. Pour some of the mixture into an empty Fleet enema. Insert the enema into the rectum while sitting on the toilet. Squeeze the Fleet bottle. Wait for the material to be ejected, preferably with fecal matter. Repeat until ejected material is clear. This works fine so long as my feces are not too soft.

It smells very clean. I figure the rectum withholds the last enema and expels it later. This is annoying. And he can go for hours without getting any fecal matter on his penis. This is heaven for both of us! Comments appreciated. Share on:.

How to Use an Anal Enema Choose a medical grade anal enema. Go to the bathroom naturally. Wash the anal entry. Fill the pouch with room temperature water. Apply lubricant to the enema tip. In the qualitative interviews, the primary reasons for douching were identified as hygiene cleanliness and also increased pleasure. Two men also linked douching to having unprotected anal intercourse. Fleet enemas, water, or soapy solutions were used, applied with enema bottles or plastic or rubber bulbs.

Reasons cited were similar to those in the first study. While these studies provide some of the first data on the douching practices of MSM, the relatively small sample sizes, geographic restrictions, study requirements for participants to have recent histories of unprotected anal intercourse, and for the first study, to engage in intentional barebacking all severely limit generalizability of the findings. To address this gap, as part of a larger trial, we conducted a behavioral epidemiologic investigation into the douching practices of MSM.

Given the lack of research in this area, the primary purpose of this paper was descriptive to report current behavior and exploratory to identify how enema use practices may differ across demographic variables. The webpage included information about the study procedures and a link to the eligibility screener. The eligibility criteria were being a biological male, having prior sexual experience with a man, being 18 years or older, and reporting a residential zip code in a Metropolitan Statistical Area MSA under study.

Eligible respondents were invited to complete our consent protocol Rosser et al. Of the 6, eligible enrollees, 5, We followed a standard developed by our team de-duplication, cross-validation and data cleaning process to exclude participants with impossible or nonsensical data patterns Pequegnat et al. Participants were asked a variable number of items depending on responses and skip patterns maximum of questions. The mean survey completion time was 71 minutes. A refuse to answer response option allowed participants to opt out of answering any item.

Measures relevant to this analysis are described below. In this analysis, our primary outcome of interest was lifetime and recent enema use. Participants who reported ever using enemas and at least once in past three months were identified as recent enema users and the rest of the participants were identified as non-users.

Participants were asked to provide information about their alcohol consumption. We assessed the drinking pattern by combining three items to construct a quantity and frequency drinking typology that ranged from abstinence to frequent heavy drinking.

The first question examined if the participant was a life-long abstainer or ex-drinker. Participants also provided information on drug use in past three months. If participants indicated they engaged in anal sex in past three months with a partner s met online or offline, they were asked to report the number of partner s , and the number with whom they had unprotected without condom and protected with condom sex, estimated separately.

We also created a sexual partner meeting variable meets partners only online, only offline, and both online and offline. Alpha reliability for this scale with our sample was 0.

Summary statistics were used to describe the study sample and to calculate the prevalence of ever and recent enema use among the participants. We also examined if the two groups differed by behavioral and environmental factors.

Our goal was to assess the association between recent enema use and personal, behavioral, and environmental factors. We wanted to assess the relative contribution of each factor as well as the block of factors on enema use. Therefore, we used a block regression strategy. All statistical tests were two-tailed, and all analyses were conducted in Stata 11 software StataCorp. Characteristics of the sample are summarized in Table 1. While about half Demographic, sexual, and behavioral characteristics of SILAS participants and recent enema use in the past 90 days.

In the last ninety days, In terms of drugs and alcohol, Median time of using enema before receptive anal sex was 60 minutes whereas after receptive anal sex median time to use was 30 minutes. Among participants who reported enema use before anal sex, Participants who reported a STI diagnosis in past year We also investigated reasons for non-use of enemas before anal sex among those who stated they did not use them see Table 4.

Then, ten variables six from model 1; and four from model 2 were entered into the third and final model see Table 4. To the best of our knowledge and review, this is the first large study of enema use among MSM recruited across the USA. As reflected in the sample characteristics, the sample is fairly typical for an online study of MSM and large enough to detect demographic, behavioral, and environmental differences in enema use. With just over half of the respondents reporting they had ever used enemas, and over one third using them recently in sex, the key finding is that enema use appears common.

This finding is consistent with the data from previous smaller studies over the past twenty years confirming douching as a common behavior. In addition, our literature search revealed a dearth of research on this topic, and many HIV prevention programs for MSM do not appear to address it at all. Such findings are consistent with the state of human knowledge where there are inadequate data and inconsistent recommendations concerning a potentially sensitive or embarrassing topic.

The second main finding of the study is that enema use is significantly associated with HIV-positive status and a STI diagnosis. The third main finding of this study is that enema use appears associated with a number of variables, which are associated with increased risk of both HIV and STI acquisition.

Easterbrook et al. In, addition, the potential relationship between condom use and enema use should be examined in further details. Any educational attempts to reduce the use of enemas will need to address this practical consideration. Three other findings are interesting to consider together. The use of commercial products by HIV prevention researchers may consider at least three approaches to addressing enema risk.

A risk reduction approach would entail identifying a less toxic or non-toxic substance e. This approach holds promise and should be considered. A third approach is to recognize that the data on water-based enemas raises a broader question of the effects of all water-based products on the anal epithelium. Water-based lubricants have been a staple of HIV prevention education, heavily promoted to MSM for all sexual behavior, including anal intercourse, because of their compatibility with latex condoms.

However, we could find no studies examining the effects of water-based lubricants on the anal epithelium, a gap in research that needs to be filled.

The data on the negative effects of water-based enemas suggests that HIV prevention, as a field, may need to step back to consider not just the effects of such products on the condom, but also on the anal epithelium. Prior to community-based agencies developing educational materials about enemas, there needs to be national leadership in establishing evidence-based recommendations, and then issuing new recommendations based on the current evidence. There are three principal limitations to consider when evaluating these data.

First, this is a cross-sectional study and, as such, causality cannot be assumed. Second, all the data are by self-report. Because of the socially-sensitive nature of the topic, we caution that rates are likely under-estimates of the true incidence of use. Third, while a strength of this study is that it reports the first large sample to investigate enema use in a general sample of MSM, the sample was neither a national sample nor a representatively-chosen one.

Hence, the generalizability of findings is not known. We highlight four potential directions for future research.

A Doctor's Guide to Preparing for Bottoming: Enjoying Anal Sex and Staying Safe

Get info about everything from douching to fissures with this series on all things anal. My high school coach taught sex ed. Keep it in your pants. Yet, we are all supposed to somehow know all about it.

And, we succumb to societal pressure to pass white glove tests at all times of the day. At Magnet, we are asked a lot about how to douche safely. But to be real, no one wants to leave a crime scene on their partner. If you douche too often with tap water, you can cause an electrolyte imbalance that using normal saline would prevent.

And absolutely do not use olive oil, bleach, alcohol, or anything else that you find under your kitchen sink. These will cause significant harm to your butt. So what about tap water? Using the right type of liquid to clean out your butt is important. Your body maintains a delicate balance of electrolytes to function normally. If you use the wrong liquid, you can cause imbalances that harm your body. You can get this stuff in a saline Fleet enema or you can also make normal saline at home by combining a half teaspoon of salt with a cup of water.

And while you are pouring the water, be sure to check the temperature. Test the water temperature first with your hand and turn down the temperature until it feels lukewarm. Here are the options I know about—and my recommendations for each.

Fleet enemas: These are your best bets for safe douching. Fleet enemas come in multiple versions so be sure to get the one that just has normal saline in it. They also have pre-lubricated nozzle tips which is less likely to cause tearing or other damage. The volume is also smaller so you are less likely to overdo it. These require you to be extra careful with your douching. It is very easy to have the water pressure on too high or have the water too hot.

If you choose this option, be very careful. It is also very easy to have the water too hot, which can burn your insides. These have a reusable rubber bulb that you can fill up with your home made normal saline.

They are convenient but many of them have a hard plastic nozzle. Use lubricant on the nozzle for safer insertion. Baby mucous sucker : This may sound strange but some guys use a baby mucous sucker to douche. There are two rings of muscles in your butt. The external muscles you can control and relax on your own, but the internal sphincter only loosens up if it senses pressure. So take a finger, lube it up, and loosen up your butt before you try to push anything up there.

While you have that lube out for your finger, be sure to lube up the nozzle of whatever you are putting up your butt. The anal douche and shower shot are generally hard nozzles that can easily cause tearing if you are not careful. And remember that unlike your ex, the shower shot can do a good job without going in.

Pushing a stiff nozzle into your rectum without lube can cause ripping and tearing. Not only will that be painful, it can increase your risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

If you irritate the lining of your mucosal membranes in your colon, white blood cells the kind of immune cells that HIV preferentially infects congregate in the area to help repair your body. So if you are exposed to HIV there i. The amount of water than an enema bulb can hold is sufficient. Putting yourself in the right position can make it easier to insert the nozzle.

Stand in front of the toilet and put your dominate leg up on the toilet. After loosening up your butt with a lube finger like a good top, slowly insert the lubed douche nozzle. Squeeze the bulb to slowly squirt in the liquid. Pull out the nozzle. Even if you douche with the right water, the right temperature, and the right equipment, you can damage the lining in your butt that can put you at higher risk for getting an infection from your partner.

There is no magic number of times that makes douching unsafe. But if you can, limit yourself to once a day and only days per week. Allow some time for all the water you squirted inside yourself to come back out and stay close to a toilet while you wait. Use this time to clean up your place, take your PrEP or your HIV meds, or get your lube and condoms if they are part of your sexual health plan. Other bulking agents like fiber supplements are OK to take. If you have loose stools or diarrhea, fiber supplements can help.

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Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex

Enemas before male sex