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Foreskin sex forums

Dorums CE, ed. It was Foreskin sex forums a nightmare. J Urol. In children, the foreskin usually covers the glans completely but in adults Liscense to lick may not. I always think that it looks better without a scarf, it just looks wrong otherwise 8 Seriously, go to your GP and get his opinion or at lead listen to millerite from experience. After the initial treatment period, a maintenance treatment plan may be required. Dorsal artery of forume penis. Hi, have you read the Foreskin sex forums post? World Health Organization. Like x 1.

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So yeah, I had to masturbate in the shower but firums getting hard Latest: Gaytorrent. I'd imagine that the sensation Foeeskin direct stimulation gets too intense for some men much in the way that direct clitoral stimulation is too much for some women. Sometimes it'll retract to about the size of quarter with relation to the exposure of the head. Fuckable TV Like I asked, what about guys that dont take daily showers, how many days does it take for a foreskin to get Foreakin Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Only after when I got soft that Foreskin sex forums nticed. Perhaps you Foreskib thinking about the G Spot, on the underside of the pubic bone inside the vagina, which can sometimes be reached by the coronal ridge of the glans. Foreskin maintenance Foreskin sex forums ten times less complicated than female pussy maintenance. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Everything Else 8, Duration -any len- Join and read foreskin restoration and tugging tips and read about Foreskin sex forums restoring journey Sexy millitary woman others. Discussion in ' Genitalia ' started by blissykrisSep 10,

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Tight foreskin! Messages: 6 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: Hi I'm type 2 and recently I have been suffering from a tight foreskin which will not pull back over the head. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so how did u treat it. Like x 2. Messages: Likes Received: 16 Trophy Points: In the nicest possible way,Myself and a few others answered this a month ago when you asked,yesterday you posted a duplicate thread to the first one which again,people answered why this can happen in Diabetic males so I'm not sure why you've started an EXACT same thread again :?

Don't think that's a very constructive comment Paul. People post on here for help and advice and yes I may have already posted this thread but maybe I didn't get the answers I was looking for and wanted to re post in hope that it caught someone's eye who could help.

Whats the harm in that? I Wasn't being unpleasant so sorry if it come across that way but none of us are medically qualified and can only give our experiences as we've had them and the possible causes have been explained in the other 4 threads you posted and as this problem is not a nice one as I know from experience then I REALLY would see a doctor. Good luck. Messages: 3, Likes Received: Trophy Points: Messages: 14 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: Ok I'm going to stop posting silly things now and get on the topic of wonky willies Hello everybody, my name is Millerite and I have a wonky willy.

Mine was caused by thrush. Get yourself down the docs, or to a GU clinic, the first few times I went I was given some hypo-allergenic stuff to clean with, and prescribed what was in effect canisten. The nurse will likely ask if you want a testicle examination to check for testicular cancer?

I'd suggest taking her up on that, as cancer is a very serious thing. But maybe you're too shy to go and get interfered with by nurses. As I now know that what I get is thrush and is easily treated with canisten. I soak a flannel in clod water, and dab the end of my swollen member with it.

As the swelling eases, I can start to pull the foreskin back slightly. I then keep cooling the flannel with water, and then start dabbing and wiping gentle at the foreskin. This is repeated until the foreskin can be pulled back entirely. Then I clean the end of the penis, as there is usually a build up of thrush.

Once it's totally clean, I apply Canisten and then push the foreskin forward. I do this before I go to sleep and after waking in the morning, if i had the time during the day, I'd probably do it once then as well. If this is the same thing as you have, then i couldn't say how long it would take to clear up, with me it's taken anywhere from a few weeks to a month, but that because my girlfriend is a sex pest that won't leave it along whilst it's healing.

Note on healing. I say healing, as if the foreskin is forced back, then it can split, which hurts and as i take forever to heal, it often takes a while. I'm trying not to give tips here, as I'm not a doctor, so I'll say that in my case, I'd probably heal up and get rid of the thrush sooner, if I didn't have a sex pest for a girlfriend. Note on girlfriend and thrush. When i first got thrush, I had an almighty row with my girlfriend at the time, as i thought that it was a sexually transmitted thing, and that she'd caught it off someone and given it to me.

Although that could in theory be the case for some people, I now know that as a diabetic I'm prone to get thrush, and have found that it is usually after sex. It might be thrush, if so go see someone about it or clean it yourself, Has this addressed your question to a satisfactory extent? Like x 4 Agree x 1. Messages: Likes Received: 18 Trophy Points: Ewwww, chop it off. I don't have a polo neck, I cannot imagine how that hurts.

I always think that it looks better without a scarf, it just looks wrong otherwise 8 Seriously, go to your GP and get his opinion or at lead listen to millerite from experience. Like x 1. Messages: 5 Likes Received: 1 Trophy Points: Being female I don't have any first hand experienceof this problem! Having said that however a previous boyfriend had a tight foreskin and was in agonies mind you he did once also ask me if you can die from flu!!

He had a surgical circumcision which left him sore and unable to "perform" for a week or so but was then absolutely fine. Messages: 79 Likes Received: 14 Trophy Points: Been there!!! Only treatment is circumcision. Whilst this was horribly uncomfortable and very sore after 10 days I was able to perform reasonably well and sex has been much better since the op than before.

I was lucky to have an understsanding wife who realised I was in real pain and went with me to see my GP. Messages: 30 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: This is normally treated with a topical corticosteriod creme such as Betamethasone valerate.

Agree x 1. Messages: 21 Likes Received: 1 Trophy Points: Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: Ask your gp or the guy at the gum clinic to test for lichen sclerosis. Google it youself as well. May or may not be that. Only a biopsy will tell. In the meantime grit your teeth everyone you can actually, whilst in the shower or bath, very gently put two fingers inside the foreskin and stretch it only go to the point of discomfort or minor pain - don't overstretch!

This is NOT instead of seeking treatment. Messages: 3 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: Messages: 5 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: Hi, I had an issue years back similar to this, it's a condition called phimosis where the foreskin narrows.

I had a circumcision done - 1 day in hopital - had no pain after at all and after 10 days or so was back to normal again. It's well worth getting sorted and apart from the embarrasment of finding out I knew one of the surgical nurses I had no issues at all. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? I am afraid I can offer no advice on this subject whatsoever! Your delusions don't deserve my time. If you have had over 20 partners I'm not sure "making love" is the right term for the act. LoveVortexxx , Jun 8, To get past that pull it back while taking a shower and masturbating.

Foreskin sex forums

Foreskin sex forums

Foreskin sex forums

Foreskin sex forums

Foreskin sex forums. Free Movies

Circumcision removes the frenar band, the ridged band, and all or a part of the frenulum. Although foreskin restoration cannot replace the missing structures, foreskin restoration can create slack skin that covers and protects the glans to keep the glans from becoming keratinized, just like the original foreskin.

A restored foreskin also gives men a feeling of being whole again, that the parts that were cut off without their permission have been restored. The public portion of RestoringForeskin. The public portion also includes links and general information on foreskin restoration methods and devices , including a t-tape guide and manual tugging routines.

The member's only portion of RestoringForeskin. Inside the member section, we have. In order to access the member pages of RestoringForeskin. If you are not yet a member, you are welcome to browse the links below to see what this site is all about. Become a member of RestoringForeskin. Yes, you were born with a foreskin. The natural state for males is to be intact.

If you were circumcised, you lost your foreskin and all that your foreskin does for you. To register, click here: Create New Account or click the link under the Log in button. NOTE: When registering, a validation email will be sent to the email address you provide. LoveVortexxx , Jun 6, Downonthemuffin , Modasflower and Klimax2gether like this. Modasflower , Jun 8, LoveVortexxx likes this. I love sucking that exposed cock.. LoveVortexxx , Jun 8, Downonthemuffin and Modasflower like this.

Downonthemuffin and LoveVortexxx like this. Downonthemuffin , Jul 5, Sam Man likes this. It's a very pleasant feeling!!!! Believe me!!! Sam Man , Aug 1, Downonthemuffin , Aug 1, Downonthemuffin , Aug 4,

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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Am going for an adult circumcision tomorrow not through choice especially as only being done under local anesthetic!

Also any male comments welcome! Ha, this is gonna be good. Best of luck with your surgery! TheMask Posts: 10, Forum Member. Having your hat cut off.. Much cleaner and less prone to infection. I've been done and had no complaints. Settles back into armchair Addisonian Posts: 16, Forum Member.

I was circumcised as a kid for medical reasons, So i can't comment on having sex with a foreskin, But from what i 've been told there's hardly any difference at all, Just a slightly de-sensitized helmet. Good luck with the op. I don't like them. It makes them look like dog lipsticks. I would say sex is better for the male if he's not circumcised.. TrevorFowler Posts: Forum Member. Posts: 6, Forum Member. It can sometimes cause discomfort apparently A circ'd one loses the natural lubricants and the skin on the glans will keritanise - the skin becomes tougher to protect the now exposed head.

Some women find it can become uncomfortable and require lube. Good luck with the op tomorrow. Speedy recovery! Irvine Posts: Forum Member.

Had it done two years ago. Medical reasons to be honest I find sex better now. No loss in sensation, no pain. BJ's are a lot better as well. CatWolf Posts: 2, Forum Member.

Never had sex with one that had lost its cloaking device,. Sex with a foreskin is natural. Gay men who have been butchered tell me how jealous they are of my foreskin and how they wish they weren't mutilated. Sign In or Register to comment.

Foreskin sex forums

Foreskin sex forums