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Compared with others in its segment, the Macan GTS has a low-slung body free of gaudy plastic cladding, a ferocious appetite for high-performance driving, compromised rear-seat and cargo space, and relatively limited off-road capability. The Macan GTS proves itself a phenomenal companion on twisting back roads. And yet, for all of its sports-car-like moves, the Macan can be a remarkably serene cruiser if you stay out of its Sport or Sport Plus driving modes. Ride quality is composed and impact harshness is well controlled, with some credit due to the relatively tall tire sidewalls wrapped around inch wheels. The Macan offers optional inchers, and inch wheels are not unheard of in this class.

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

Overtaking is a joke, and you'll always smile like an idiot while lifting the foot half-way through the maneuver - the engine would continue to push the car at speeds way above what gets G-pot arrested if you'd keep the foot down. Luggage The large luggage compartment of the Amy goodmans facial paralysis Macan models is prepared for a wide variety of uses and boasts a capacity of litres. Hauling a 4,pound car down from nearly mph is quite a task, yet the carbon ceramic brakes on G-spot gts GTS handled the job with aplomb, running six laps in succession in the desert heat and humidity without fade and with G-spot gts minimal complaint. Doesn't sound like a symphony, but drives like one. Not really. Macan GTS. A lot of Alcantara and some blackened design touches complete the package. Ggts know grs deserves it!

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In a world of big luxury sedans, the Panamera has always been the alternative choice.

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You may think the industry is vibrant and full of many exciting things, but the truth is: cars are enjoying their last hurrah, burning brightly as suns do just before they fizzle out.

The problem is simple. When I turned 17, and this is probably true of you too, I became consumed with the need to get on the road as quickly as possible. I wanted a car, not just for the freedom that such a thing would afford, but for the sheer joy of being able to drive a ton of machinery at a hundred miles an hour. Search for used Porsche Caymans for sale at driving. My son is very different. His argument is a simple one. He can move about without worrying about breath tests or speeding fines or parking tickets or no-claims bonuses.

With good reason. We had rallycross, and we had Minis going wheel to wheel with Ford Cortinas and enormous American muscle cars. And Formula One had no stewards in Pringle jumpers making sure that on the circuit there were no overtaking moves at all.

But look at what we have today. F1 is so boring that the television companies have to show replays of a pit stop. They do. In Barcelona last week they showed us a car having its wheels changed and then they showed it to us again, as though we might be interested. So we turned it off and went to watch some football. In the olden days there was even a car show on the television.

There were Lamborghinis whizzing hither and thither and McLarens at full chat in Italian motorway tunnels. Then we have car advertising. Where are the burning cornfields and the shots of pretty women hanging their fur coats on parking meters? And if you sell something as a practical proposition, it had better actually be practical. Nor is a fridge, for that matter, since you have a supermarket on every street corner now that can keep everything chilled until you need it.

Free up the space in your kitchen. Get rid. Not really. Not these days. My generation, we see the car as an Alfa Romeo drophead on the Amalfi coast with a French playboy at the wheel and Claudia Cardinale in a headscarf in the passenger seat. Jaguar, for example, makes a sporty car and then two weeks later brings out a new version that is sportier still. But it is chasing an audience that is getting older and dying.

And certainly not a car that can do mph. So what does Porsche do? Not mine. That came with no equipment at all and was designed for track-day enthusiasts. The GTS comes with all the usual appurtenances of gracious living. And it gets odder because if you buy a normal Cayman S and fit all the stuff that the GTS has as standard the two cars cost as near as dammit the same. Both are beautiful to hustle through bends, both go well and both ride nicely apart from on bumpy city-centre streets, where they are both a bit crashy.

The GTS especially so. I had only two criticisms of the S. Well, the GTS I tried had a manual, which was sharper, even if it did feel very old-fashioned to be doing so much work, and seats that felt better. But were they? I only ask because after a week with the car I had to visit a massage person. But it seems likely. Follow Us. Published 18 May By Jeremy Clarkson. F1 is so boring that the television companies have to show replays of a pit stop And if you sell something as a practical proposition, it had better actually be practical.

Related Articles. Clarkson's Porsche Cayman GT4 broke down Jeremy Clarkson is famous for having a few problems with the Porsche "its engine is in the wrong place" but he's been a fan of the Cayman.

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G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts. The new Cayman and Boxster GTS get it right. Again


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In a world of big luxury sedans, the Panamera has always been the alternative choice. Somewhat compromised on the comfort side of the equation relative to cars like the Audi A8 or Mercedes-Benz S-Class , its performance has consistently been on another planet than those land yachts.

The new generation of Panamera , introduced in , cleaned up the controversial look of its predecessor, while myriad handling tweaks like rear-wheel steering delivered the kind of poise you wouldn't expect from a machine weighing in the neighborhood of 4, pounds.

On the inside, the GTS carries seats with Alcantara inserts, plus a matching headliner and a steering wheel wrapped with the same soft-touch material. Contrasting-color seat belts and logos are available as well, if you need the extra pop. The analog lap timer stands proud at the center of the dashboard, and the GTS is the first Panamera with a head-up display that can optionally beam back at ya through the windscreen.

Spend a little time poking around in the Porsche's infotainment system and you can make the HUD show pretty much anything you like, dragging and dropping everything from a speed limit display to a G-meter into six slots, creating a totally custom layout. Darkness is the theme on the outside, with much of the car's trim blacked out, including optionally tinted lights and ebony wheels. Enough about the look, let's talk about the important stuff. The Panamera GTS makes horsepower from its 4.

An eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive get the car to 60 miles per hour in just 3. Those wanting the ultimate handling will want to tick both. My time in the Panamera GTS began with a lengthy period on the roads around Bahrain, a place that, suffice to say, did not allow me to stretch the capable legs of the car. I was at least able to verify that the GTS hasn't compromised on the overall comfort and capability of the base Panamera. As far as the leg-stretching goes, that's what race tracks are for, and indeed Bahrain has a very nice one of those.

Bahrain International Circuit has played host to the Formula One circus since , and it's a fantastic place at which to test Porsche's latest Panamera. That means two very heavy braking zones in quick succession. Hauling a 4,pound car down from nearly mph is quite a task, yet the carbon ceramic brakes on the GTS handled the job with aplomb, running six laps in succession in the desert heat and humidity without fade and with only minimal complaint.

And what about the corners between those prodigious straights? A signature track of designer Hermann Tilke, Bahrain International has about as much finesse in its shape as the contents of a box of spaghetti spilled on the floor. Despite that, it makes for a compelling circuit to drive, and a compelling challenge for a car this big. I've mentioned the 4,pound weight multiple times, but let me now point out that the Panamera, at This is, then, in every way, a really big car that has no right to be really good on a race track.

Yet that's exactly what it is, composed and and balanced and, yeah, fun. Turn in gently and the car follows, but doesn't exactly leap to the apex. Turn 1 is as much a test of patience as handling, but on the faster, sweeping corners it was possible to get a proper feel.

Turn 12 is a long, fast, off-camber right-hander that's a real test of balance -- and commitment. In a car like this and with limited time on the track, it's always hard to know how much handling prowess comes from innate chassis balance and how much comes from modern marvels like torque-vectoring AWD and rear-wheel steering.

Regardless of what went in the mix, the feast Panamera serves tastes very good indeed. So, then, is this the perfect Panamera? We'll need some further seat time before passing a final verdict, but based on first impressions, if you want engagement but not the ballistic speed of the Turbo or indeed Turbo S E-Hybrid, then the GTS hits the Panamera performance sweet spot with a bullet. Editors' note : Roadshow accepts multiday vehicle loans from manufacturers in order to provide scored editorial reviews.

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G-spot gts

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