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Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Sometimes those relationships can be healing and fulfilling. Also check out the Crescendo, a Interactive sex for women vibrator you can shape and bend for the perfect custom fit. Long-distance sex toys and interactive sex sites Connect with your lover, no matter how far the distance. At least, if one San Francisco-based tech company has anything to do with it. Hush is a powerful vibrating butt plus Interactive sex for women lover can control from anywhere. People with VCRs can watch videos in bed and fast-forward to the good parts. And I can sleep properly. A world where we each stayed inside our own cubicles, VR headsets firmly on, headphones blaring while being quietly pleasured by an electronic, AI-powered sex toy.

Asian softshell turtle. How smart is your sex (tech)?

An immortal with near unlimited powers on his way through different universes and different cunts. Stuck in a Wall by zig Forr walls have eyes, and Interactive sex for women, and legs, and asses Fan Fiction 5 Chapters Deep 18 hours ago. Recently Updated Sex Stories. Danger Is My Life Posted by admin. Teen 12 Chapters Deep 11 hours ago. Sets Accessories. Your choices are used to tailor the erotic story to fit your own personal sexual urges! Sex Tourist On Holiday Posted Sophicated nudes admin. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the sex stories. Servicing the Tenants by Philip Screwdriver Interactive sex for women salary comes with a bonus. CHYOA is an interactive adult fiction site. Chapter in Fro in Your Sister's Shadow. Fan Fiction 1 Chapters Deep 11 hours ago. Max is forced into various sexual ssex as she tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic future. Chapter 63 in The Affection Multiplier.

The image of Stephanie, a busty blonde woman, invites you to touch the computer screen.

  • These are multiple-choice sex stories where you control the plot.
  • Select Your favorite interactive sex game, choose the action and enjoy realistic virtual sex with Your favorite porn stars!
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Female sexuality has historically been viewed as a kind of dark, unknowable mystery. How women have and feel about sex is often so taboo that even on-screen depictions of female pleasure are censored at a higher rate than scenes involving men's. So, how do we deal with this lack of education?

Enter OMGyes , an online interactive learning tool that teaches users about female pleasure. The site, launched in December of last year by co-founders Lydia Daniller and Rob Perkins, is a learning experience that leads users through a candid, virtual exploration of the female body. The information, canvased in collaboration with The Kinsey Institute from over 2, interviews with women from ages 18 to 95, seeks to dispel myths about female sexuality and give women and men the tools to have better sex.

Daniller a photographer and Perkins a creative director first met in college, where they both discovered that besides the frank discussions about sex they had with their small circle of friends, the availability of information on female sexuality that went beyond the basics was limited. They said they were "surprised and a little saddened" by the fact that they couldn't access a wide breadth of research on women and pleasure.

So, they decided to add to the conversation by conducting their own research. To achieve this goal, they gathered a team of engineers, designers, and educators who also believed int he mission.

Women's sexuality is pegged as great mystery, but the research on OMGyes reveals, according to Daniller, that "the vast majority of women share similar techniques in different variations.

OMGyes is all about customization. Through their thousands of video and in-person interviews with women from all backgrounds, Daniller and Perkins have been able to give straightforward names and descriptions to sexual techniques that many women find work for them. The different variations explored include things like "edging," "consistency," and "rhythm," with users given the option of using a new innovation called "touchable video" to practice what they learn on the screen in real time.

Already, the service has received hundreds of letters from both male and female users who express not only gratitude but relief for a service that doesn't treat sex like something taboo or unnatural.

In its own way, OMGyes is a kind of mini-revolution -- one that's challenging and questioning the lack of real research about female sexuality even as it educates.

Going forward, the founders of OMGyes plan to continue their research into the nuances of female sexuality and pleasure, such as the ways pleasure changes for women who give birth or after menopause.

But beyond that, OMGyes is all about sparking a vital conversation about the female body that so many men and women never even get the chance to have.

Below, watch one of the over 2, women interviewed for the OMGyes website explain why she participated:. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. A new website called OMGyes is redefining the way we talk and learn about sex. Also on HuffPost:. Join HuffPost Plus.

Zeba Blay. Suggest a correction. Today is National Voter Registration Day! There actually might be something to the idea that we "glow" after sex.

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Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women

Interactive sex for women. Virtual Sex Game


How smart is your sex toy? (Warning: NSFW) - CNET

NOTE : We have compiled these links for your interest. Many go to sites with explicit content. We make no assurances and take no responsibility for the content or practices of any site you visit beyond this website—that is entirely your adventure!

Connect with your lover, no matter how far the distance. The Amsterdam-based sex tech company Kiiroo wants to raise the stakes in teledildonics with its sleek male and female devices. It can communicate with other Onyx users as well as the KIIROO Pearl, a smart interactive vibrator for women, making long-distance touch feel very real and intimate.

Devices work with straight, gay, and lesbian couples—and even sync with action in adult videos. Fleshlight is a bestseller when it comes to male sex sleeves! Not only can you choose from a range of sizes and textures, top adult performers offer fully functional artificial Flesghlight vaginas molded to match their own.

Even better: the sex toy, with its realistic skin and texture, can be paired with a Vstroker attachment to allow for interactive sex with live models or prerecorded videos with your fave adult stars. Every penetration of your Fleshlight is wirelessly transmitted to your Mac or PC and simulated within the Vstroker-enabled content on screen. Prepare yourself for an immersive sex experience as only Fleshlight Vstroker can deliver. When using the We-Connect app, you have 10 vibration modes to choose from.

Plus, you can adjust the intensity and create unlimited custom playlists. Lovense helps keep the flame alive between long-distance lovers. Its bi-directional pleasure toys Max and Nora sense and react to each another, making virtual sex feel like the real thing.

They are one of the first devices on the market to both send and receive erotic signals, and can also be controlled remotely through its Body Chat app. The sex toys also pair with adult video sites like VirtualRealPorn, where you can interact with standard or virtual reality erotic films. Love erotic audio books? Vibease vibrates in sync with erotic audio. Love sexting with your partner? They can remotely control Vibease too. Vibease can be comfortably worn in your undergarments.

Play in bed or getting frisky outside, your hands are free to explore! Each device has been integrated into the chatrooms to provide a seamless cam experience and add to your options and room features. Going interactive is taking your shows to a whole new level—enjoy what the future has to offer! Hush is a powerful vibrating butt plus your lover can control from anywhere. The teledildonic toy app controlled, so you have full control of the range of power.

Regardless if you want light or strong vibrations, you will find your sweet spot when it comes to vibration strength. Spice up your love life anywhere, anytime with this long-distance sex toy. The device claims to have the longest control range out of all wearable bluetooth vibrators! The Fleshlight Launch Powered by Kiiroo is a fully automated male masturbator that connects your Fleshlight to the interactive world.

Hook it up to interactive adult movies, virtual reality, webcam performers, and any other Kiiroo toy available on the market. Tired of shopping in stores?

What about overpaying for vibrators? The babes at Unbound offer a curated experience of indulgence in the best way. Or you can simply peruse the fun and woman-focused site for great deals on body-safe toys, sexy accessories, and kinky jewelry.

The Tenuto is a male-specific device with specially placed motors meant to create the ultimate erotic experience. Also check out the Crescendo, a unisex vibrator you can shape and bend for the perfect custom fit. Future of Sex. Long-distance sex toys and interactive sex sites Connect with your lover, no matter how far the distance. Privacy Policy. This website or its third-party tools use cookies to improve user experience and track affiliate sales. By clicking the agree button or continuing to browse through the website, you agree to the use of cookies.

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Interactive sex for women