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Change Emily's sweater! I remember making fun of this song when it came out, and yet I've found myself humming it this week every time I see Emily; "If you want to destroy my sweater Hold this thread as I walk away Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked Lying on the floor I've come undone" While I do not desire to see Emily naked, I do want to hold the string that will unravel that ugly, baggy, dirty brown sweater. Okay, we get that she's depressed and unnerved from the rape, but c'mon, wouldn't all of her concerned friends be nagging her to change her clothes while they try to persuade her to get counseling??? Or con her into taking a hot bath and burning the sweater while she's in the tub? When my Mom snuck it into the laundry, I was pissed, but I got over it and so will Emily.

Lynn herring loses her skirt

Lynn herring loses her skirt

Lynn herring loses her skirt

In the courtroom, Christine went after Phyllis relentlessly. As someone who started watching GH again at the beginning of their 50th anniversary celebration, I think it was well done. Diane didn't want to hear him continually defend Nikki. Billy Miller joins Reese Witherspoon-produced true Lynn herring loses her skirt series. Uerring had only invited Diane heering one reason -- because she wanted Victor to be there. He found out she wasn't going in to work, and he was concerned. Dru and Malcolm were talking.

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Starting off the show in black and white and paging the names of the memorable doctors and nurses that graced the halls of the 7th floor nurses station and GH throughout its history, quickly the episode brought us to current day with the still venerable Dr.

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She is the ex-wife of Dr. Tony Jones , Dr. Alan Quartermaine , Scott Baldwin and Dr. Kevin Collins. She is the adoptive mother of two daughters, Serena and Christina Baldwin. She was portrayed by actress Lynn Herring from —, —, and for a brief stint in She was introduced as a "pivotal witness" in the Brownstone Murder Mystery storyline arc. The character was to be quickly written out, but executive producer Gloria Monty kept Herring on due to popular demand.

This caused Herring to dramatically alter her career path. She was studying for her master's degree to become a psychiatrist at Loyola College. However, once she signed a contract for General Hospital , she quit her studies. Herring said, "Acting comes first. I thought I wanted to do counselling. She remained a regular cast member until Lucy returned to Port Charles in and has stayed in town ever since.

Upon her debut on the series, Lucy Coe was described as the show's latest "bad girl". She was penned by The Vancouver Sun as being either a "drab social worker, admitted liar" and "sexy schemer" or a "clever youngster" who was cutting corners for money. Initially, Lucy was a guest character who was a "mousy librarian" that quickly lies for a friend, Kevin O'Connor, on the stand, and is caught.

Lucy was planned to be written off. General Hospital fans, however, were intrigued by the character, prompting the show's executive producer Gloria Monty to keep Herring as part of the cast. The actress said, "No one knows what to make of Lucy. She's smart and shift, very good at manipulating people. Lucy is always at odds against "just about everyone else in town. Herring admittedly enjoys playing "sleazebag" and "seductress" Lucy. The actress told Calhoun Times that she was "basically not that way" at all, having been raised to be mannered and polite; "I get the feeling that everyone's very disappointed that I'm not trying to get something from them".

All her badness is a magnification of qualities we all have—greed and selfishness. She was involved with Kevin O'Connor, and she was an alibi in his murder case. After she was duped by him, she wrote a tell all book to make some money.

The mousy Lucy was now gone forever. She had an affair with Bobbie Spencer's then-husband Jake Meyer and then miscarried his child. After that, her aunt Charlene managed to set her up with Tony Jones, whom she eventually married. After Tony, she married Alan Quartermaine wearing a red dress, thus angering the Quartermaines. While married to Alan, she had an affair with Scotty and became pregnant. She also miscarried that child. Dominique was diagnosed with a fatal brain cancer, and she saw a kinder, gentler Lucy and convinced Scotty to let Lucy be the surrogate mother for their child.

Lucy gave birth to the child, Serena, in a cabin during a blizzard. Soon after, Scott was forced to flee town after being pressured by the mob. Lucy took this very hard. She ended up meeting Damian Smith , and she reverted to her scheming ways temporarily. She made a bet with Damian that he could not bed Bobbie, which eventually led to the beginning of the break up of Tony and Bobbie's marriage.

She met Kevin during this time, and he helped her return to the considerate Lucy she had become because of Dominique's influence. They faced a very rocky road to get where they are today, though. Despite her fledgling psychic powers that helped in the capture of Damian Smith, Lucy's brief marriage to evil Rex Stanton to keep an eye on Serena, and Kevin's mental breakdown, they managed to stay together. However, when she tampered with Eve's car during their engagement, it caused Eve's car to have an accident while Serena was in it.

Serena lost her eyesight but regained it afterwards. Kevin called off the wedding when they were about to say their vows.

Lucy and her daughters, Serena and Christina. Lucy became trapped in a cabin with brisk Dr. Ellen Burgess, and a strong friendship began, lasting with ups and downs until Ellen vanished in After their plane crashed, Lucy and Scott found love again and eventually married. Unbeknownst to them, Julie Devlin was Christina's mother, and a bitter custody fight ensued.

Lucy reacted angrily to Julie's visitation rights, Frank's visitation rights, and the news that Scott had adopted Christina under his name, and couldn't under hers. When Julie kidnapped Christina and fled town, Lucy irrationally blamed Scott, and ended their relationship. They eventually divorced amicably, and she sees Serena regularly.

After working together to sort out the machinations of Dr. Rachel Locke, and uncovering the identity of Kevin's daughter Livvie , Lucy and Kevin realized their love for each other had never died.

They reunited, with Lucy moving back into the Lighthouse she loved. As the few months went by, Lucy pieced together the clues and discovered Port Charles had a vampire. In spite of his rationally-trained mind, Kevin put aside his doubts and believed her. Not only was she right, a trip to Transylvania brought news that she was one of the last in a line of vampire slayers dating back centuries not related to Buffy.

She also gained a cousin, Rafe Kovich. Lucy, Kevin, and several others managed to vanquish Caleb , but only temporarily. He returned weak, slowly gaining power by tapping into their fears and weaknesses. He planted seeds in Lucy's head to make her think Kevin wanted to resume his relationship with Eve. In the midst of the constant chaos, Lucy has been the major force behind the Nurses Ball since , and takes great pride in its success.

Through a series of misunderstandings and Caleb and Livvie's manipulations, a needy Lucy had a one-night stand with Eve's estranged husband Ian. Lucy then became suspicious of Kevin's meetings with a mysterious veiled woman, but that was resolved when Kevin threw a surprise wedding for Lucy, with Christina as a surprise guest! Finally, after nearly a decade, Lucy was Mrs. After the wedding, Lucy learned Julie Kevin's mystery friend had returned to town to give Christina to her other mother, because Julie had a terminal illness.

Lucy tearfully agreed and promised that Christina would learn how much Julie loved her. With her new family together in the lighthouse, Lucy had to contend with an old friend of Kevin's, Paige, showing up on his doorstep and moving in. Considering that she was supposed to be Kevin's age, Lucy was amazed by the quality of her skin.

As Paige grew closer to closer to Kevin, asking him to paint her portrait, she claimed her husband had been killed in a car accident. What they didn't realize was that Paige was also killed in that accident, and back on Earth only to resolve her relationship with Kevin. Paige got other ideas, and began plotting to take him and Christina from Lucy, seeing them as her family.

When Kevin was electrocuted, Paige appeared in her angelic form and nearly pulled him into death. Lucy, already suspicious of Paige, left Christina with her and went upstairs to find Paige gone and Christina alone Paige had been beamed up to Heaven for a reprimand.

Lucy was outraged and threw Paige out of the house as soon as she returned. Soon, Kevin was similarly disenchanted, and cut her out of his life. He did agree to paint her portrait. At this time he finally managed to piece together her identity as an angel.

Lucy walked in on him and Paige in a private moment, and he told Lucy about Paige's real persona. Since Paige had said her few months on Earth were supposed to be spent exploring why she was brought, Lucy bought 3 plane tickets to London, making Kevin and Paige go along. They visited Paige's family's mansion, to put her portrait on the wall. Only a portrait of ancestor Rebecca Barrington was missing. Paige realized she must be related to the Barringtons, and after sharing a tearful goodbye with Kevin, saved Alison 's life, then vanished.

Lucy's peace of mind was shattered within a day. Kevin's former wife and Lucy's former rival, Eve Lambert, was killed in a car accident. Lucy had grown to become friendly with her, and was devastated by the loss. She then managed to help Kevin come to terms with his grief, as well as Ian. Victor and Mary were turned on by a scented candle, which Lucy realized.

She soon discovered Alison was responsible for the candles being passed around, and funded a candle business for Alison. Her good idea hit a rough patch when her stepdaughter, Livvie, vehemently opposed this "witchcraft". Kevin took her side, opposing Lucy. Lucy lashed out when many assumed Kevin was dead, and tried to help Alison after she was arrested for Kevin's murder. With the support of Ian, Victor, and others, she kept a rein on her emotions and began trying to bring Kevin back.

She got clues from the other side which she could tell were from Kevin. They led her to Rebecca's portrait, which had been slashed by Livvie. Lucy and Ian began repairing the portrait, hoping to bring her beloved "Doc" back to her.

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Lynn herring loses her skirt

Lynn herring loses her skirt

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Starting off the show in black and white and paging the names of the memorable doctors and nurses that graced the halls of the 7th floor nurses station and GH throughout its history, quickly the episode brought us to current day with the still venerable Dr.

As Monica tries to cope, enter the ghost of Emily Quartermaine Natalia Livingston who tries to help Monica stay in the land of the living, even though Monica reveals her sorrow at being the only one left in her family since everyone else she has loved has passed on.

Sonny takes Carly to the hospital chapel to try to reason with her to not tell Michael Chad Duell that he shot his bio-father, and to remind her of all the terrible things AJ did to them! We relive how their hate turned into sexual tension, turned into a relationship and how they grew to love each other. And in terrific moments played by Maurice Benard and Sarah Brown you felt and knew the depth of these characters feelings.

What a treat it was to see these two powerhouse performers together again. How great was it to see Maurice and Tamara in scenes together again, too! And again in those scenes it was beautifully played by Maurice and Laura. Elsewhere during the episode, Lucy Lynn Herring makes her big decision and in a very touching scene, she tells Scott Kin Shriner that she has chosen to stay in her marriage with Kevin Jon Lindstrom.

Both Lynn Herring and Kin Shriner were very moving as Lucy tries to tell Scott she wants to be his friend and does not want to lose that, but she is going back to her marriage. Bobbie Jackie Zeman also appears in the episode, and we find out that Noah Drake has chosen to be with none other than Annie Logan, and not her!

All in all, this was a very unique episode of the series. So, what did you think of the 51st anniversary episode? What brought you to tears? Or, was it the trifecta of all of them? Comment below! Hated it. It is not an anniversary celebration when GH loses once again a legacy character we were cherishing. It is not a celebration when Frisco and All I need get trashed. I follow what you are saying …. I get it, and you are absolutely right. We, the viewers are being treated as witless idiots.

I must ,however, disagree when you say that anyone with some intelligence can write. Unless one has a flair with the mighty pen, then no amount of intelligence will help.

By definition, nostalgia is a longing for long ago days…. That debacle of the three Carlys did nothing for me….. When I saw those scenes of a younger Sonny, he looked like a wild man. He repulsed me. Some women are attracted to that swarthy look…. Carlivati even had to have a go at John Stamos, first by offering him a truly insulting cameo during the 50th anniversary year, then launching a childish social media rant against him…..

I cannot fathom why he so delights in alienating the huge fan bases that each of these actors bring with them…. Very True Shay. What was the point of having Noah cheat on Bobbie? It was so Bobbie can have a conversation with Scotty about infidelity? It was to mention the name Annie Logan in the anniversary episode? RC is a fool. The only thing the Carly flashbacks showed was how good the writing and the show used to be and how far it has fallen. How people forgot that Frisco left town and his family many many years ago when Wagner left the show.

His character doing what he did was true to his actions. Some people have nothing better to do but complain. I'm done….. Shay, please write a novel, please!!!! Or perhaps a compilation of critiques of anything. I simply cannot get enough of this wonderful gift you have.

Is there something out there you have written that I can buy? I am an avid reader of romantic novels…. Sometimes I need to escape from medical books. Soaps , when you kill someone off, is it because there is nowhere else for the character to go. No new direction? AJ was a Quartermaine, that alone should be reason to keep him. Now you give those characters one less person to act with. They killed several stories by killing AJ!

Plus, when Jason comes back, imagine the scenes between those two brothers. Lately Ron and Frank, its one step forward with the two of you and two steps back! The episode was a disgrace. A 51st Anniversary show that kills AJ Quartermaine and spits on his grave. Cartini have no respect for GH or its fans. Really, what was point of killing the character of AJ Quartermaine? Marking your territory? But of course, no one is that stupid.

It was deliberate. It was a total screw you to the fans. A message. You know, General Hospital. And btw, how many times can you use the same gimmicks? Enough with the ghosts. Is there an ounce of originality or creativity in these guys? A year and a half later, you do it again? These guys are clueless and out of ideas. GH is a mess. The anniversary show was a disgrace and someone at ABC should get control of this show.

Spot on, GH50…spot on!!!! A total disgrace, indeed! That was just bizarre…. I was actually surprised that her mother was somebody else. Yet you still watch and come on here and complain week after week.

If I dislike something I stop watching and stop talking about it. BUt I think some people just come on here and complain for no reason. Except for a couple of minutes at the start, there was essentially no tribute in this show. Rather than looking at pictures on a wall, how about pulling some old video of folks like Steve, Jessie, the Qs, The Webbers, etc. Way too many minutes wasted yesterday on the piece with Sonny and the old Carly.

The scene of him lighting candles and kneeling to pray. He has no remorse. I really liked AJ. I was hoping to see him recover and move on to a life free from unnecessary guilt.

Ridiculous to have his death on the date of the shows anniversary. I agree. Why would I want to see his death scenes on a 51st anniversary show?

What happened to real nostalgia? I loved the episode very much. It is very painful that the Quartermaine family is never allowed to be happy! Why must they always suffer. Why must they all die? I am one of the current regimes biggest supporters.

I, too, am so sorry to see another great actor given such awful material, opting to leave the show. Thought it was very clever and creative — Frank V. I agree, nice job. Soaps have been on TV for so long its tough to figure out something new to do for the fans. Agree… Great writing and very good episode..

Lynn herring loses her skirt