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That was alright, though. She liked that. Lifting her arms above her head with a sigh, she slowly moved her body into the next yoga pose. Bending her forward leg, she stretched the other out behind her, the motion naturally making her upper body curve to push out her sore, heavy chest. Both of her breasts lifted as she raised her arms, sending little sparkles of pain up her spine.

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

The milk poured out of her and I rubbed her hard clit with my fingers at the same time. Even without seeing Milwaukee twins dual cool, they controlled her. All rights reserved. It crushed down on the sensitive nub, grinding it against the smooth surface. Instead, she had turned to the internet for her social needs, immersing herself in many cultures and hobbies, learning about things online while meeting a lot of new people. She lightened up the kerosene syory Milk story sex sat on the bench beside a table. Milk story sex, domperidone, fenugreek — anything that she thought could increase that warm, delicious flow from her nipples. Literotica - Indian sex stories.

Vintage counter bell. Introduction:

It is like selling you self for Milk story sex else's pleasure. The women looked down at him, broad grins on each of their faces. Their tongues darted together and slipped over one another. Milk is Life Ch. She'd been pretty skimpily endowed before her pregnancy, but now she was at least a D cup. Then I fisted my cock again and pumped it, the milk on my hand acting as a lubricant. Since it was the middle of summer, it made sense that she had on the black spaghetti strap top which she had put back into place but Milk story sex no bra. I reached a hand up her body until Man naked pic right breast was under my palm. It was rounded at the end and, as he watched, she began coating it with sxe slick lotion. A Naked Hike A couple enjoys lewd sex while hiking naked in the nature.

I guess I knew I had a problem when my three little ones were born.

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Hai i am Kalpesh. I like reading Hindi sex stories, Indian sex stories, erotic sex stories, Muslim sex stories and free sex stories on Desibahu. She studied law and she is a lawyer but not started her practice. Her husbands name is Kabir who works in a bank as a debt recovery officer. Recently she gave birth to a child.

Manjula is in good shape even after giving birth to a child. I used to like her a lot and had a fantasy to fuck her.

I got to know about her sexual ordeal from the Milkman, who delivers milk at both our houses. Her husband comes to house regularly at clock and clock some times,and at the time he comes late to house bring the recovered money with him and deposits in the bank early in the morning of next day.

He had some disputes with the senior officials in the bank. One morning he found that the recovered money which he brought to home gone missing and he informed it to the bank officials and a police complaint was booked. The seniors officials who are angry on Kabir took this as an opportunity to take revenge on him and made the situation like he had stolen the money and he is removed form job,and he was taken into police custody for interrogation.

The police are making him accept the crime by using third degree,and since Manjula is a lawyer she knows the only way bring him out is by paying the 20 lakh back. But she did not find the way how to gather that money,even by selling the house they get only 10 lakhs, and started going on thinking and she dont know when she fell asleep and she was woke up early in the morning by the sound of calling bell.

She went and opened the door it was the milkman and she brought the vessel and milkman poured the milk in vessel and she found him starring at her breasts and she asked him with anger what was he doing and he said he was feeling bad for her husband and he said madam you need 20 lakh to save your husband.

She said yes exactly and also said she is not knowing how to get 20 lakhs,then he said i have an idea but.. Then she said please tell me the idea she will be thankful to you. Then the milk man said you should not feel bad after hearing this,in this city there are rich mothers who dont like to breast feed their children,so they buy breast milk from us,we take girls on rental basis and extract their milk and sell it to rich mothers,madam if you accept i am ready to give you 20 laksh and all your breast milk for 20 days will be ours,he said no force madam think well madam if you accept our deal starts from tomorrow and continues for 20 days and give your money on the twenty erth day and the milkman left.

Ignoring the idea Manjula has met several people for debt and all her attempts lost in vain and she is very exhausted and came to house and slept and it was morning and Manjula is sleeping suddenly the bell rang and this made her woke up,she opened the door and found it was the milk man and he asked her are you accepting the deal madam,if you accept this is the agreement sign here,Manjula has no other option than accepting this deal to save her husband,she took the documents and signed,and the milkman said every drop of your milk is ours for 20 days madam, and said our deal will start form 10 am today and left.

She finally thought he is genuine and started removing the buttons of the blouse by hiding it with her saree from milkman and filled the bottle,she felt very shy to press her boobs in front of a ugly milkman,but she had no other choice than filling the bottle and the milk man in the name of giving suggestions to her he turned back several times.

Manjula said the bottle is filled and gave it to milk man and adjusting her bra and blouse. The milk man suddenly said madam you dont know how to extract milk from boobs and you still have milk in your boobs,and the milkman said he will extract the milk,Manjula was shocked by listening his words and,he forced her so much and even said he would cancel the deal if she does not allow the milk to be extracted by him,and she feared by his words and she is in badly need of money else her husband will sentenced to jail.

And the milkman accepted to her deal and the milk man said lets start the extraction from now and asked her give her boobs to him and she died of shy to expose her nude boobs in front of an ugly milkman and she hesitatingly started removing her saree over her blouse and now her cleavage is visible milkman started saying make it fast madam customers are waiting, Manjula dropped her head of shy and continued to remove her blouse hooks but did not remove her blouse from her body.

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I grunted, my body hunching in on itself, and I came. When he finished he reached across me opened the door and told me to leave. She noticed him the moment he came in as well. I have lost my normal composure and hard line attitude towards men in general but Terrence in specific. Kim turned and came back to where I was standing, her bare tits jiggling slightly as she walked.

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex

Milk story sex. Introduction:

Whatever they had drugged him with had worn off. Now his hands were immobile and bound by thin leather straps. The women looked down at him, broad grins on each of their faces. His penis felt tighter and a little sore. Looking down he saw a device had been attached to him. It held him in a clear plastic sheath-like skin that gripped his length. As he watched, he began swelling. The blonde stood back while the brunette placed her hand beneath him and began squeezing his balls rhythmically.

They were beautiful women, after all. For the first time she addressed him. You have just the amount we want and are the perfect donor. We're going to take it from you. All you have to do is stay still and don't fight. It will be easier if you try to enjoy it. It did feel very good, why would he resist? They were beautiful and he'd gone without for too long. He could use a good orgasm like the one he'd had.

As he remembered his last orgasm, his cock grew with the help of the device as it powerfully sucked and pulled his member. It thickened larger than he was used to until it pressed obscenely against the tubing. The two women noticed this, their eyes growing wider.

The brunette gasped in surprise and quickly dislocated it from his body. She was apologetic, addressing her partner; "I guess I put it on too high. The poor guy's in pain. The skin of his shaft, once a healthy cream color, was now a deep pink. He felt her tiny hand rest on him and lovingly stroke the worn skin.

He had closed his eyes, a soft smile spreading on his face. For the rest of the evening he may as well have not been there. They didn't even look at him again.

Instead they concentrated on his penis. They spoke to it as if it was separate from him. It was obvious they enjoyed their work though he couldn't help but feel like an instrument to them.

They coated his shaft with a cooling salve that made him feel good. From what they said he learned it would repair the damaged skin he suffered from their treatment. It was rubbed into him slowly until he began to engorge once again. When he was full he felt the release of their hands and watched as the blonde held a long, thin piece of stainless steel.

It was rounded at the end and, as he watched, she began coating it with another slick lotion. She held the swollen head of his cock between her index finger and thumb.

The tiny slit opened up and, so carefully, she inserted it into his shaft. Eric thought it would be intensely painful but only stung with a dull pain. It created a subtle pressure that brought with it an undertone of pleasure. The shaft hardened in response and he discovered sensitivity he never noticed before.

The inner walls of his urethra tingled and warmed as the gentle caress of the instrument passed by. She repeated the process, stimulating him further until he was moaning helplessly. The women looked at each other and smiled. His reaction was exactly what they had hoped for.

The instrument was pulled out slowly and, just as slowly, pressed back into him. He could feel it at the very base of his shaft where it turned into a teasing sensation. His balls awakened so it seemed each of his vessels were alight. Sperm formed and slowly filled his genitals until it felt as if he would spill.

When the instrument made it's final motion up his shaft and pulled from the bloated knobhead a thick line of fluid connected to him. The nurse gleefully rubbed it off with a pad of gauze. He was full now and in need of his release.

His seed filled him to the point of discomfort and his eyes closed tightly, wincing at the ache. Clear fluid steadily dripped down the head of his shaft, leaving the tight skin shining with the viscous fluid.

This time they worked together. Unable to look up at them, he only felt the two pairs of hands on him. Her thumb and forefinger massaged the area firmly, pulling up and slowly squeezing down.

It did nothing but aggravate his need further. The head of his shaft, which so desperately needed attention, felt another set of hands. One rested on his slickened tip while her smooth palm, twisting and circling swiftly, incited him so he could only grunt helplessly. Her other hand rested just below the rim of his heavy crown. This area, now throbbing and begging for stimulation, trembled as she slowly traced it. Her finger barely touched him, only gently brushing his member. His mind reeled.

Please, his mind begged. His mouth moved in unison though his voice was silent. His chest rose quickly and fell as he took in great gulps of air. The semen in his sack, now primed to expend, caused a dull pain that forced him to ejaculate. Still he could not. His release was dependent on the whims of his two tormentors. The women, both beautiful beyond belief, soft and feminine, held his agony in their hands.

Their beauty, his need, his helplessness all contributed to his state. His emotions flowed unbidden. He felt like crying, screaming, hurting, laughing. He was lost, each feeling entered him without reason and left just as soon, confusing him even further. Still his penis burned. His testicles ached and the tight ring around his shaft increased the pressure in his cockhead where it was teased to a brilliant pleasure that now caused him pain.

The palm gliding over his drenched tip now smoothed down to the cleft of his cockead to assist the burning in his rim. Tears welled at the corners of his eyes and he felt a leaden sadness at his position.

At the moment of orgasm he felt a transformation to an unexpected bliss. Bursts of white flashed before his eyes as his body propelled to completion. His cock stiffened and shook spasmodically as bolts of thickened jism shot from the end of his organ. His body twisted and the firm muscles of his abdomen clenched. The nurses watched entranced as semen jumped from his penis. Pleased with his produce, they sealed the specimen and labeled it.

As his climax subsided he felt drained. His body felt heavy and his muscles grew slack. Were he not tied and bound he would have been unable to move regardless. As the nurses went about their business, he forget his nakedness, forgot his vulnerability, and peacefully slipped into a blank sleep. When he awoke it was much later. During his sleep he had been turned on his stomach. Beneath him was a firm cushion that bent his body so his feet rested on the floor.

A pillow rested under his head and his arms lay comfortably by his side. The women seemed much kinder now and talked sweetly. The brunette rested her hands on his bare back and softly stroked him just above his ass. He was not aroused but felt a complete satisfaction, as if awakened after a day long sleep. He could not see the blonde nurse but felt her by his legs. The center of his ass, around his hole had been shaved smooth so he could feel her fingers as they stroked his back end.

It felt suprisingly good but made him uncomfortable. He didn't resist it. She had coated him with a thick layer of lubrication, making sure that it filled the tight ring of his anus.

His penis, soft and worn, rested beneath him. He imagined what they saw; his cheeks spread openly, his asshole on view to them. His face colored at the thought. Just then he felt a noticeable pressure on his anus that turned to sharp pain. No male enjoys that. His body responded, tightening around her intention, forcing her to stop and soothe him. I'll go slowly. When she was behind him he could see her looking at him kindly.

Her blues eyes and pretty face helped him focus elsewhere. As their eyes held each other, he felt a deeper pressure in his ass. She had penetrated him with another implement, one that fit tightly in his back passage. He stretched out, exerting himself to ward off the pain and found that the discomfort had turned into a foreign feeling deep in him. The younger brunette took it in her hand and squeezed him happily.

Breaking the gaze she laid her head back on my shoulder. Looking down I noticed her nipples were still hard, maybe even harder now. Was I really turning her on? I think I was. Even though it was wrong, I knew that, I liked the thought of it. I would think mothers would. Did you wonder what it tasted like?

Not quite what I had in mind but this seemed o. As I moved to get up she stopped me by placing a hand on my chest, and softly pushing me back down onto the couch.

With that she pushed both straps of her top down her arms and her top down, over and off of her breasts.

Exposing them to me. Her large pale skinned, luscious looking breasts were gorgeous. Her aureoles were really dark pink, big and swollen with her nipples hard and pushing straight out. Her breasts hung down a bit and she pushed them out a by pushing her chest forward as she looked at me. I smiled back at her, looking her in her blue eyes before slowly lowering my head. I moved my mouth toward the one closest to me, her left one. As my mouth neared her nipple I slowly stuck out my tongue and gently flicked the tip of her nipple.

As my mouth reached her nipple, I grasped it with my lips. Gently flicking it with my tongue inside my mouth, I began to softly suck on her hard nipple. Feeling milk seep out of her nipple and into my mouth I sucked a little bit harder as then her milk squirted into my mouth.

It did taste somewhat sweet with a hint of saltiness. After that larger suck I removed my mouth and ran my tongue from her nipple all the way across her other breast to her other nipple. Grasping that one in my lips just as I had the other, I began sucking on it taking her milk into my mouth.

Moving my hand up I very gently pinched her other nipple as I sucked. Moving my head up to be level with hers, I took a chance and leaned in and kissed her gently on her soft lips. She had wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breasts into my chest. I had one arm around her while my other hand was pinching one of her hard nipples.

In the middle of our embrace, she abruptly stopped and pulled away. This is wrong, what are we thinking? He could wake at any time.

Jackie then cupped her breasts in her hands, gently kneading them outward squirting her milk out of her nipples at me, particularly my face. I smiled at her as she did it a few times before putting her top correctly back on. With that she got up off the couch and left the living room.

Was this not some sort of dream? I really had just sucked milk out of my step-mothers nipples and we had both enjoyed it immensely. The rest of the evening went by and we had our dinner, and talked about random things before saying our goodnights and heading to bed. Getting up to my room at my dads, was all the way up on the third story of the house.

It was somewhat of a loft as it was the only thing up here the staircase came directly into the room after opening the door. Getting into bed I decided to sleep naked like I normally do only at home. It was warm enough and this was kind of like home to me so I figured it would be alright. After a little while of dozing, I fell right asleep. But sure enough I was able to as at about 2 am when she started crying. After about 30 minutes it seemed to be perfectly quiet again with no outbursts at all.

About 15 minutes after that I heard the door to my room creak open and then close again. Looking up from my bed still in a groggy sleep, I saw Jackie standing near the door watching me.

She was wearing what looks to be a silk nightgown in a light peach shade color that goes down to her mid thigh. Her nipples were hard again and pushing against the fabric. I smiled at her as she looked at me. I need and want your attention Max. Smiling back at me as I said that, she walked over to the edge of my bed pulled back the covers and got in next to me.

She placed her self close to me and facing me before she leaned in and kissed me long and hard. Then she ran her hand down the side of my body from my shoulder down to my thigh. Smiling at me, Jackie sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown off, over her head, exposing her wonderful breasts to me again as well as her pussy.

Looking down I could tell she had some hair down there before she wiggled back under the covers and pushed closer to me. I love it. Just for you. Our secret. Gently running my hand down her soft skin on the outside of her thigh I slowly moved inside and then upward. She instinctively moved her legs apart as I reached her pussy, which was hairy, wet and warm. I gently slipped two fingers into her wet throbbing pussy and began pushing them in and out of her, curling them inside as she moaned quietly in pleasure.

Taking my fingers out, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against my body, pressing my hard thick cock into her mound of pussy hair as I kissed her deeply and passionately. She broke away a little bit and grasped my hard cock in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down with her elegant fingers from its base to its head. As she continued to stroke my cock, I took one of her breasts in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around one of her hard nipples I began to suck on it letting her milk squirt into my mouth.

She stopped stroking me as intensely as she was groaning in pleasure from my sucking and pinching of her other nipple. Smiling up at her after she said that, I moved to her other breast licking her big sensitive dark pink swollen aureole before grasping her nipple with my lips.

Jackie had moved her hand back to my hard cock and was slowly stroking it up and down, playing with the head of it and any pre-cum with her thumb. With that she threw back the covers on the bed and straddled me. Kneeling over me she pressed my cock down on my stomach with her hairy pussy and grinded gently on it. Smiling down at me she began to knead her breasts outward, squirting milk out of them toward my chest and face.

You better because I want your hard cock so bad Max. I nodded as she moved her hips up, placing the tip of my cock on the slit of her hairy pussy.

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Milk story sex

Milk story sex