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My sim Miranda, a chef, came home from work at 1 am. Her husband Marvin went outside to greet her. NSFW warning! The way I play The Sims is pretty chaste, but I was still curious about what that could be like. It adds new sex-related traits and aspiration rewards, including the option to be polyamorous or asexual.

Sex for the sims

Continue Reading. This was only the beginning. In The Sims 2public WooHoo is a form of WooHoo that vor done using the specific indicated objects on a community lot. Two other sims were having sex in the bathroom upstairs. When they do this, Sims will get the "Stride of Pride" moodlet and do a fancy walk. PolarBearSims returns Sex for the sims to this list with their Risky WooHoo mod aims increases the chances of your sim getting pregnant.

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So much misbehavior in your school! Pico Sim Date by Moosh. High School Daze. Totally nude. Seriously: the feature list for WickedWoohoo is bananas. Milfy City by ToyFun2. Sites we like Sex for the sims levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude. Frank's Adventure by Wiesi-Mausland. Your wife is crazy for sex. Slashdong : Sex and Technology. Patricia Hernandez.

WooHoo is an interaction used in The Sims series , starting from The Sims 2 , as a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

  • Released a couple of months ago and further updated this week, WickedWoohoo is a mod that allows players to do an extraordinary number of new sex-related acts within The Sims 4.
  • Welcome to the Virtual Sex Game Revolution.
  • Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor.

WooHoo is an interaction used in The Sims series , starting from The Sims 2 , as a euphemism for sexual intercourse.

WooHoo interactions can be carried out between two Sims , regardless of gender, that have to be romantically interested in each other. WooHooing will boost the social and fun motives of both Sims. If cinematics are enabled, there will be a comic animation involving the first time a Sim WooHooes with another. Sims will earn a memory of each Sim they WooHoo with.

Sims usually desire to do a public WooHoo. Doing a public WooHoo will grant a special memory for the engaging Sims [ TS2 ] or a special moodlet and stride. In The Sims 4 , teens can "Mess Around" with each other, although they will be fully clothed when they emerge from the bed. There is no WooHoo in The Sims. In The Sims 2 , public WooHoo is a form of WooHoo that is done using the specific indicated objects on a community lot. Sims may have wants to have public WooHoo.

Public WooHoo gives a specific memory, and other Sims on the lot will react to it. When they do this, Sims will get the "Stride of Pride" moodlet and do a fancy walk. Doing a WooHoo inside a photo booth is considered a public WooHoo, even if it's done at home. If Sims WooHoo in community lots, other Sims will come to spectate it. However, Sims will not gain any special moodlets from it. Alternatively, a male and female Sim [n 5] can initiate the "Try for Baby" interaction to conceive a baby.

In The Sims 2 , the female Sim must be on her home lot or controllable on a community lot. In The Sims 3 , the female Sim does not need to be on her home lot to try for a baby. In The Sims 2 , "Try for Baby" is not possible for an adult female who is less than 5 days away from becoming an elder. Once an adult female is 5 days away from becoming an elder, she may still be able to "Try for Baby" until 11 a. In The Sims 3 , if a Sim becomes pregnant directly before becoming an elder, then the process of aging is simply suspended until after the baby is born.

If the lot already has 8 controllable Sims on it, the "Try for Baby" option will not appear. A male between the ages of young adult and elder can impregnate a female. Without cheats, male Sims can only be impregnated by aliens. However, if FreeTime or later is installed, any Sim who has Knowledge as their primary aspiration, and who has enough lifetime aspiration points, can choose Summon aliens as an aspiration benefit.

A Sim with this benefit can use any telescope to attempt to summon aliens, and will have a higher chance of being abducted. In The Sims Medieval , Woohoo between two Sims of the opposite gender always carries a chance of pregnancy. As WooHoo is considered to be a romantic interaction, Sims who witness their loved ones engaging in WooHoo with another Sim will always get jealous , resulting in a significant drop in relationship with both Sims.

In The Sims 2 , WooHoo will trigger jealousy if the witnessing Sim is on the same lot where the WooHoo is taking place, even if they are not in the same room. Note: when referring to trying for a baby, the table only states the possibilities for the interaction.

As with all other romantic interactions, blood relatives and teens and younger are automatically prevented from WooHooing although there are hacks that allow both groups to do this, with the exception of Sims younger than teen. In The Sims 4 , teens are able to "mess around" with other teens, an implication of WooHoo. The differences are that teens will not get a WooHoo-specific moodlet and they will not change to sleepwear when they mess around on a bed, though on the stats section of the Simology menu, messing around counts towards the statistic for times Woohooed.

Because of its wide-ranging implications, WooHoo is generally not an autonomous interaction. This allows Sims to WooHoo and even try for a baby on their own, though the player can still forbid the latter if they want. Another mod on Simbology allows same-sex couples to try for a baby; the Sim that initiates the action will be considered the "mother. Pets can WooHoo in order to breed producing a litter of up to four puppies or kittens , but they require a Sim that has a good relationship with at least one of the pets to direct them, and the pets obviously must have a good relationship.

The gestation period is approximately 72 game hours, just like Sims. If a pet has a poor relationship with the other pet, they will reject the interaction. In The Sims 4 , WooHoo between elders that does not go very well has a chance to give the "Dangerously Tired" moodlet. When the Sims WooHoo again with the moodlet, they will die from overexertion. What WooHoo looks like when the bed is removed in The Sims 3.

WooHoo in The Sims 4. Add an image to this gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article, while not grossly sexually explicit, does deal with adult themes involving sexual activity.

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What a list. The sequel to the hit! Sites we like Orgasm Girl by Deja-Vu. Patricia Hernandez. Sex Kitten Sim-Date 2 by Madhavi.

Sex for the sims

Sex for the sims

Sex for the sims

Sex for the sims. Latest Additions

Ability to disable gender restrictions and use any animation for any gender. Ability to change sex initiation and make sims instantly teleport to the sex location requires Always Accept setting to be enabled. Apply custom height and facing angle offset to location of sex position. Modification of privacy system to avoid uncomfortable situations when naked with high exhibitionism level. Higher levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude.

Improve your skill using additional special interactions admire yourself in mirrors. What a list. Even the specifics of how to use the features are fantastic:.

WickedWoohoo has fully implemented exhibitionism skill that decides what your can do. The A. Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody by sunsetriders7. Transylvania Girls by sdhawk. Love Dating Sim for Girls by Bomee. A romantic dating sim for girls, with a lesbian feature for the guys. Sex Kitten Sim-Date 5 by Klacid.

After rescuing Slutty McSlut you are stranded on an island due to the air port being taken over. Pokkaloh final by pokkaloh. Alien-Snatchattack by MindChamber. EVA4 sim date rpg V1. Orgasm Girl by Deja-Vu. You are the hottest lesbian angel around, and your objective is to give young girls orgasms as they sleep!

In Taffy Tales you will see the story of a regular guy with a split personality. A Day With Paige 1. Sex Kitten Sim-Date 6 by Klacid. School Girl Sim 1 by Klacid. A new series based in the Sex Kitten world, where you have to go back to school! One of the greatest pervert RPGs ever! Roam around and look for naked chicks! Sex Kitten Sim-Date 2 by Madhavi. Work your way down the hall while working your magic on individual girls in each room! Quickie: Toshiko Public by OppaiGames. A trip to the park makes for an odd encounter with a strange girl and her cat It is your mission to rescue Slutty McSlut from your evil ex-bitch.

So much misbehavior in your school! MeetnFuck Robot 2:Selexia by crimson-caesar. Your wife is crazy for sex. But might the grass be greener on the other side of the fence?

Popstar Dating Sim, Girls by Bomee. Cute popstar dating sim, guys, music, and a rival! Pop pop! Date and sing away! The sequel to the hit! Can you still work with these elf chicks?

21 Bizarre & Naughty Mods in The Sims You Can Actually Download

There was a huge sale on Origin, so I bought about 75 percent of the expansions and various other DLC, and though I started fairly tamely I made myself! And then my housemate! Now, The Sims technically has sex. But I am no child, Electronic Arts, and neither are the numerous animators and modders that work on Wicked Whims, adding new sex locations and deeds each month. You want to have sex on a piano? Or give your boyfriend a blowjob on the toilet? Maybe you just want to go at it on the floor, like the animals you are?

My latest Sims file is an experiment. I created a sim and let the game spit out a randomly-generated name: Riley Perrin. Her goal in life was to be a famous actress, but she had another, undocumented goal: she was a swinger.

In one of the official expansion packs, Get Together, your sims can start clubs. Running a club allows you to summon all the club members to your house, and give them certain conditions and activities that make the club what it is. And then, I watched.

I watched as Riley and friends banged on every available surface. I watched as they double-teamed her on the bed, the sofa, the floor. I watched as Riley shoved dick after dick into her animation-deformed mouth, going from anal to vaginal without any aftercare or cleaning, flicking through positions like the Kama Sutra on shuffle.

All three women in Sex Club went home from the first meeting fertilized, all by the same man: pink-haired, teal-bespectacled, unwitting sperm donor Izzy Fabulous. From there on, it was a bit of a clusterfuck, both literally and figuratively. Riley ended up with three children, thanks to Sex Club, all from different fathers. Occasionally, the kids get phone calls from their estranged dads, wishing them happy birthday, or asking to hang out.

I always say no. Riley stopped having Sex Club hangouts after her first child walked in on a gangbang, and now she works as an actress with no side-gigs except for raising three kids. During her workday, she has often been unable to get into costume or makeup because the person responsible is bent over a coffee table.

Everyone is always pregnant. Now her eldest, Jake, is a teenager. I think? Sadly, Riley Perrin is dead now. Kate Gray is a British games writer based in Montreal. The A. Kate Gray. Filed to: The sims 4. Share This Story. Sex In The Sim City. About the author Kate Gray. Twitter Posts.

Sex for the sims

Sex for the sims