Us patent on male sex aids-8 sex toy patents you won’t believe actually Exist

You can find patents for practically anything if you look hard enough. Chief among them are sex toy patents. Believe it or not, there are untold numbers of sex toy related patents for some of the craziest looking contraptions you've ever seen. This particular patent is an invention in which the sex toy in question can be controlled on a computer network. The receiver built into the toy allows it to be controlled from far away distances as long as the transmitter is on the same network as the receiver.

Us patent on male sex aids

Not Enough? Keep in mind that sometimes the mwle product is hidden behind your intimidation of it. Sex in Video Games: Landmark Moments. Prostate massagers are generally suitable for condom usage, but male masturbation machines Us patent on male sex aids not especially the automatic kind. USDS1 en. It features SenseMotion Technology which responds instantly to the flick of your wrist while holding the wireless remote.

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While it's small, it'll be able to fit guys with a lot of girth, so bigger guys needn't worry about that. Wong, and ppatent decided to do something about it. Party Chat. Teledildonics enables humans to experience Us patent on male sex aids type of intimacy with one another not imagined possible decades ago. Sexual aid. Second, we wish that was all it was. Penis Extenders. Biography portal. Connect to your existing Cracked account if Word rubber stamps have one or create a new Cracked aies. There's never been a better time to own a sex toy than right now. They can answer technical questions and address the specifics of your situation. This sentiment was common in patent applications for sex devices of the s and s, oatent Us patent on male sex aids even still seen sometimes today. This is something a nine-year-old boy would invent before working out he was gay, and even then it wouldn't matter because he was going to stay a virgin anyway.

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  • His case was later found to have been only one of many that began in the s, according to a September study published in Nature.
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Effective date : Kind code of ref document : A1. Kind code of ref document : B1. Ref country code : GB. Ref legal event code : FG4D. Ref country code : CH. Ref legal event code : EP. Ref country code : AT.

Ref legal event code : REF. Ref document number : Country of ref document : AT. Kind code of ref document : T. Ref country code : IE. Ref country code : DE. Ref legal event code : R Country of ref document : DE. Ref country code : NL. Ref legal event code : MP. Ref country code : LT. Ref legal event code : MG4D. Ref legal event code : MK Ref country code : FR. Ref legal event code : PLFP. Year of fee payment : 8.

Ref country code : HR. Ref country code : NO. Ref country code : FI. Ref country code : SE. Ref country code : LV. Ref country code : IS. Ref country code : BG. Ref country code : ES. Ref country code : PL. Ref country code : GR. Ref country code : RS. Ref country code : DK. Ref country code : CZ. Ref country code : RO. Ref country code : IT. Ref country code : EE.

Ref country code : SK. Ref country code : SM. Ref legal event code : PL. Ref country code : SI. Ref country code : LU.

Ref legal event code : MM4A. Ref country code : BE. Ref legal event code : MM. Ref country code : LI. Payment date : Year of fee payment : 9. Ref country code : MC. TECHNICAL DETAILS The purpose of this invention, as described in the title of this document, refers to a male masturbator device, this being a sex toy with a long body fitted with an orifice in which the penis is introduced, and including a group of assembled elements in different positions, that gives it its long shape.

The object of the invention is to improve the feeling of pleasure through the adaptation and personal alteration of the device to the tastes and preferences of the user, making this adaptation by the user. Female and male masturbation, are explained as the stimulation of the genital organs with the goal of obtaining pleasure, and the possibility of reaching climax.

Generally it is understood as self sexual intercourse, although it could be performed towards someone else's genitals with the same purpose. Male masturbation is often done with the hands or by using a suitable object that causes friction, these know as sex toys that help reaching the excitement. In particular, these types of sex toys consist in a shape or form fitted with an orifice where the penis is introduced and that have inside a design that stimulates and simulates different sexual techniques.

This helps the introduction and intensifies the friction with the internal shape, being the climax and the ejaculation the final goal. After the use, this sex toy must be thoroughly cleaned in order to eliminate any residue. These are described as masturbator devices formed by a body or shape fitted with an orifice where the penis is introduced and that after each use can be cleaned, thus making them re-usable. Alternatively, one time use masturbator devices have been developed with the aim of improving the hygienic features of the product avoiding the later cleaning process.

The means of coupling are formed as screw threads. Hence the rings are non rotatably connected. It is therefore the object of the present invention to provide a masturbating device comprising several rings joined by coupling means, wherein the coupling means enable the free rotation of these rings.

According to the present invention, each internal section of the rings is formed by an added part inserted in the external ring and fixed with means of retention, and each means of coupling comprises a perimeter ribbing formed on one ring and a perimeter groove on another ring.

This novelty masturbator device is made with several rings, fitted with an interlinked system, forming a tubular body, mainly circular, although it could also be polygonal according to the needs of the external design. Each ring presents an internal designed section that through the association of the different rings forms the orifice or space where the penis is introduced in order to perform the sexual intercourse. The different ring layaut allows the multiple different settings of the orifice.

At the same time, the quantity of selected rings as well as the internal diameter give the user the choice to adapt the device to their needs and suitable size. The possibility of modifying the internal structure of the masturbating device according to the user's preferences opens up new opportunities for marketing this type of product, that has now became an updatable kit, able to incorporate new elements that contribute the final purpose.

At the same time, the possibility of modifying its thickness and internal diameter, makes the total adaptation to the end user even easier. In a preferential realization, the internal section of each ring is made by an added part adapted to the external ring with fixed or removable ways of retention. This preferential setting allows the texture and hardness of the interior ring to be completely different to the one inside the external ring.

This way, the device external side can be hard and tough while the interior can be soft and elastic. The external rings, as an structure element will be rigid or semi-rigid and alternatively they can be soft with the purpose of putting pressure on with the hand thus feeling same pressure in the penis.

At the same time the flexibility of the external ring allows the device to be curved or bended achieving free movements in different ways, for example swiveling or twisting movements. The tubular body formed by the association of rings, is closed in one of the extremes by a dome piece adaptable to the same means of coupling that fix the rings.

In another preferential realization, the device incorporates a close lid for their preservation. This is possible as the rings can come apart for easy access to the internal structure.

At the same time, this perfect access to the interior allows to user to inspect the status of the material, noticing in advanced if any there are little tears that might cause any injury. The rings means of fixing are of mechanical type. In a preferential realization, these means are fixed by a dovetail joint, with a ribbing on one side and a groove on the other. In another realization, not part of the invention, the means of fixing are set in a threaded system, existing a male nut on one side of the ring, and a female nut on the opposite side.

In the same way of the previous preferential realization, the join between the rings is performed via the association of the male element of the first ring system with the female element of the second ring.

In the figure drawings enclosed to this document, we develop a sample study of making the device object of this document. This novelty male masturbator device is made as explained in the drawing, by a diversity of tough rigid or semi-rigid rings 1 , fitted with a perimeter ribbing 2 performed on the side of the ring and a perimeter groove 3 performed on the opposite side.

The grooved and ribbed sections meet in a way that the ribbing of one ring can be inserted in the groove of the other, ending in a solid joint, but maintaining the rotary ability.

In particular, each perimeter ribbing 2 presents a straight section at the beginning 17 with a circular end 18 while the perimeter groove presents a straight section at the beginning 19 with a circular end This setting allows the coupling and retention of the ribbings and grooves between the different rings.

This ribbing 2 and groove 3 form an association between rings 1 in order to make a tubular body with a circular section. Each ring 1 presents a section formed by an added part 5 which is soft and elastic, and that gets inserted in the external ring 1 with removable means of retention. These means are formed by a group of two perimeter ribbings 6 situated in the external side of the added part 5 and two perimeter grooves 7 situated in the internal side of the external ring 1.

The section and position of the grooves 7 and the ribbings 6 are coincident, in a way that when the added part gets inserted 5 in an external ring 1 , this one stays fixed in an stable position.

The internal section of each added part 5 presents an specific design. In particular, in the illustrated example it shows 4 different models 5a 5b 5c 5d , from which one of them can be situated in two positions 5d and 5d's. Through the association of the external different rings 1 with their corresponding added parts 5 inserted, the orifice 8 gets formed, and it is where the penis is introduced in order to perform the masturbating act. The tubular body with circular section 4 is closed on one of the extremes by a dome shape piece 9 , and this is fitted with a groove in its lower side 10 in which an initial straight section can be distinguished 11 and it is ended in a circular area This setting of the groove allows the coupling with the perimeter ribbings 2 of the rings.

AskMen on Flipboard. Live Cam Models - Online Now. Use only "I" statements, for example: "I want to use a condom when we have sex. Among these solutions are mechanical devices applied around a flaccid penis to simulate an erection. Namespaces Article Talk. Description of the Related Art Male impotence is a common problem for which many solutions have been proposed.

Us patent on male sex aids

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Commonly, splints or other rigid members are used to support the penis. Examples of such splint type devices are shown in U. The devices shown in each of these references are preformed into a generally cylindrical shape and are hereby incorporated by reference. It would be desirable to have an improved male sexual aid for supporting a penis to be used for sexual intercourse. The support must be easy to apply while ensuring that it does not slip off or become disassembled during use.

If it is not comfortable, the purpose of the invention is defeated. The present invention provides a male sexual aid which includes a generally a flexible, generally planar support adapted to be wrapped around a generally cylindrical human body member, such as a penis.

A pressure sensitive adhesive is applied on an inner face of the support so as to adhere the support to the member when the support is wrapped around the member. A semi-rigid splint can be adhered the inner face to provide additional support.

A condom is placed over the support. The adhesive ensures that the aid remains in place without slipping. The sexual aid is applied by removing a backing from the support, stretching the penis, wrapping the support around the member, and a condom is applied over the member and support. The adhesive adheres the support to the member, so as to leave an end of the member uncovered by the support. The support can be cut to desired dimensions prior to removing the backing.

The sexual aid of the present invention is simple to manufacture and is easily stored and shipped in a compact package. It can easily be adapted to a desired size. In addition, inexpensive materials are used for its manufacture so that it is disposable. Referring to FIGS. The support 11 is made of a soft, but elastic or resilient material, such as cellular polyurethane or foam rubber.

The material of the support 11 should be flexible enough to allow the support to be formed into a generally cylindrical shape. In such a cylindrical shape, the support should provide some resistance against bending on a longitudinal axis of the cylinder. A pressure sensitive adhesive 13, such as an acrylic adhesive, is applied on a face of the support A stiffener 15 is adhered to the support 11 by the adhesive The stiffener 15 is preferably an elongated bar of a semi-rigid material, such as Buna N, with a durometer hardness of about The stiffener should be elastic and should resist bending so as to provide additional stiffness to the support The length of the stiffener 15 should substantially correspond to the height of the support 11, but the stiffener may be slightly shorter.

A removable backing not shown in FIG. In addition, a second support 17 substantially identical with the first support 11 is adhered to the first support 11 by an adhesive The adhesive 19 may be of the same type as the pressure sensitive adhesive 13 or of another suitable type. The stiffener 15 is sandwiched between the two supports 11, A removable backing 21, such as a waxed paper, is applied over the pressure sensitive adhesive 13 for protection.

As shown in FIG. This facilitates manufacture because long sheets of support material can be fed from opposing rolls having a line of stiffener material fed therebetween. Adhesive is applied to the supports and backing can be rolled onto one face.

The entire assembly is then pressed together. The supports can be cut to size or provided on rolls. Individual supports can be provided in compact, relatively flat packages. Referring to FIG. If necessary, the support 11 can be cut to desired dimensions with scissors, for example. Then, the backing is peeled from the support and the penis is slightly stretched to a comfortable length. The sexual aid is wrapped around the penis with the stiffener 15 and the adhesive 13 facing toward the penis.

The long dimension of stiffener is generally parallel with a longitudinal axis of the member. The support is pressed firmly onto the penis so that the pressure sensitive adhesive adheres the support thereto so as to prevent slipping. Subsequent steps are well known in the art and need not be further described here.

The sexual aid described herein acts as a splint and accordingly may be used as such for members other than a penis. For example, the sexual aid may be used to partially immobilize a finger.

In such a case, the supports can be cut to correspond to a desired circumference as well as a desired length.

The support may also be cut as necessary to provide access to a wound while providing support for the wounded member. Actually it's twice as bad as that since the tempo is wrong twice. First, they're called bong rips for a reason. If anyone manages to have sex after using this thing, it's going to be the sexual equivalent of the Flash arguing with a giant redwood.

Which we're fairly sure happened in a comic once and are absolutely sure didn't involve crotches. For anyone who's ever longed for a jerking-activated PowerPoint presentation of porn, we have your patent. It works like this: You put the jerking glove on, then sensors register your, umm, jerkingness, and respond to your arousal by putting appropriate images on your computer screen.

And by the way, in order to get that whole "sensing how stimulated you are" bit just right, he's got rubber and metal rings on the jerking hand.

And apparently has no problem with that. It's like he doesn't even understand how masturbation works. The rest of the patent reads like Lieutenant Commander Data just discovered his own crotch and spent the rest of his life wiring it to things. High technology and gratuitous self-manipulation haven't been so blatantly combined since Evangelion.

Every person involved in this show did his job one-handed. This is exactly what it looks like: a product that converts a woman's toothbrush into a vibrator. Stuart Harkness' electric toothbrush conversion kit has a target market of less than zero. It's like releasing a Pokemon-brand condom: Nobody wants to use it, or if they do, they certainly shouldn't be allowed to. Anyone OK with combining crotch and dental care is probably growing enough cultures in both regions that this will act as a shuttle bus between the two civilizations.

The Lion King is playing in Taint tonight. The crazy thing doesn't even fit over regular electric toothbrushes -- it requires users to buy his special Swiss Army Orifice toothbrush, which can be connected not only to a brush but also to various terrifying drills.

Apparently, Harkness thinks the birth canal is part of a Constructo set. He'll probably include a bidet hose and colonoscopy probe as soon as he finds out girls have that hole, too. This is something a nine-year-old boy would invent before working out he was gay, and even then it wouldn't matter because he was going to stay a virgin anyway.

Patent USA. This guy proposed a Saw -style contraption to tell when people are sexually excited by sensing genital swelling. Because the penis is normally so subtle about that. The device involves copper wiring, hinges, electricity and harnesses -- he only needs hissing spiders to complete our "things we don't want on our dick" list. Because apparently, it works on boobs, too. Anything claiming to fit both penis and breast is either a human mouth or lying and not nearly as much fun.

He also suggests it could be used by federal agencies to detect "deviant sexual tendencies," which is pretty ballsy for someone who built an electrical cock-collar and then told the government, "THIS IS MINE.

The very first line of this patent is "A volumetric device for measuring a body part," which is a bit shy for a man who invented a way to stick his dick in a water hole that wasn't his wife.

Was that offensive to women? This inventor might be the worst of all because he's not just insecure enough to care about penis size, he's pedantic enough to say " Actually we should measure it like this. In what must be the least likely or useful diagnostic argument in history, Jason Turner claims it's not length or girth but cubic volume that really matters when it comes to dicks. And to find out how much penis the penis is capable of penising, this invention uses water displacement to do the job.

In other words, you stick your junk in a water-filled box, and however much water is kicked out by your dick tells you how big said dick is. There's absolutely no thought given to removing it without a mess, presumably because as far as Turner is concerned, once you've got your dick in something AND you know how big it is, there's nothing else you could possibly care about.

Enjoy cleaning out a sink of penis water, Mrs. No d'enregistrement national French : This is the ultimate in safe sex, and that's "ultimate" as in "last," because anything you need this to screw is going to just kill you anyway. It's like someone was commanded to have a threesome with Tila Tequila and Charlie Sheen and had five minutes to design some way to survive. The result looks like Tony Stark was stuck in a cave full of Wellington boots instead of weapons.

Sorry You Can't Have Any More Sex Toys Because of This Patent

Intimate accessory system and method. Patent number: Abstract: An interchangeable intimate accessory system including a first phallic device having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of the first phallic device being shaped for sexual application to a human orifice and the proximal end of the first phallic device being formed as a first connector; a second phallic device having a distal end and a proximal end, the distal end of the second phallic device being shaped and configured for sexual application to a human orifice and the proximal end of the second phallic device being formed as a second connector.

The first and second phallic devices are removeably couplable to one another, via the first and second connectors, to provide a dual-ended configuration when coupled together and an individual-use configuration when not coupled together. Type: Grant. Filed: February 2, Date of Patent: September 24, Inventors: Maya Green, Lindsay Lewis. Sexual stimulation device using light therapy, vibration and physiological feedback. Abstract: A sexual stimulation apparatus and method which may comprise a plurality of light sources for photostimulation of the vagina, clitoris, or both; a plurality of vibrators for mechanical stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, or both; a handle for ease of operation; a controller and programmable memory for containing modes of operation and driving the light sources and vibrators of the invention; a vaginal finger; a clitoral finger; a handle for ease of use; a keypad for user entry of commands; and a charging and programming port.

The invention comprises sensors that sense physiologic parameters of a user and adjust sexual stimulation parameters to achieve a desired sexual stimulation effect. Blood oxygen level, temperature, pulse rate and muscle electrical activity may be sensed by the invention. The invention also comprises a flexible covering that provides smooth sliding engagement with the vagina and clitoris of a user.

Filed: April 8, Date of Patent: September 17, Inventor: Ralph Zipper. Massage device with remote control. Abstract: A massage device with remote control adapted to massage body parts. The massage device includes a vibration-producing part which has a housing, inside the housing is an oscillation-producing device, an energy storage unit, a control unit, and a wireless data communications device.

The vibration-producing part is connected to a cable and a plug element is provided. The plug element is equipped with two charging electrodes and with a PCB antenna for receiving and sending signals, and a vibration-receiving part which has an opening to hold the vibration-producing part such that the vibration-producing part is at least partially surrounded by the vibration-receiving part.

The vibration-producing part is configured as a modular element which is adapted to be connected to the vibration-receiving part to form the device. Filed: September 25, Date of Patent: September 3, Inventor: Michael Dills.

Mutual stimulation device. Filed: October 10, Date of Patent: August 20, Assignee: Cocksure Toys Inc. Inventor: J. Charles Depow. Personal massager with undulating arm. Abstract: A personal massage device includes a front end and a back end, and may also include a third end. A curved shaft is enclosed in both the front end and the back end. A sliding component is placed on one end of the curved shaft.

The design of the curved shaft and sliding component enables the front end to bend toward and away from the back end. If included, the third end can be attached to the back end. The device further includes a motor enclosed in each end. The motors in the front and third ends are adapted for creating vibration at various frequencies and amplitudes, while the motor in the back end rotates the curved shaft to generate the bending motion.

To enhance the massaging effect of the device, the device is capable of simultaneously bending and vibrating, and simultaneously stimulating different areas of the body. Filed: November 3, Date of Patent: July 16, Inventor: Filip Sedic. Lubrication device and system for increased pleasure. Abstract: A masturbation assembly is disclosed in the present application that provides an improved lubrication mechanism that allows a user to apply and reapply lubricant with minimal time and effort.

In one embodiment, the masturbation assembly includes a heating element to heat the lubricant. In another embodiment, the masturbation assembly is motorized. Filed: July 27, Date of Patent: July 9, Inventor: Vivien Johan Cambridge.

Female sexual stimulation device. Abstract: A sexual stimulation device includes a main body having a generally blunt first end, a top surface, a bottom surface, and a dildo that extends outward from the bottom surface of the main body. The dildo including a curved shaft that forms an obtuse angle.

A flap is positioned along the bottom surface adjacent to the second dildo. Filed: June 6, Synchronized sound effects for sexual activity. Abstract: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system, method, and apparatus for enhancing a sexual intercourse experience.

A first sensor is worn on a first person engaging in sexual intercourse with a second person. A second sensor is worn on the second person. Filed: January 10, Date of Patent: June 4, Inventor: Maxine Lynn Barasch. Systems and methods for therapeutic treatments of various conditions of a female person. Abstract: Systems and methods for interactive treatments of female sexual disorders are presented. A programmable sexual stimulation device is provided, which transmits and receives data relating to the use and function of the device.

The sexual stimulation device may be programmed to implement a particular combination of mechanical actions which have been customized by a user or a health care professional involved in the treatment or preference of the user. The device may also collect data on the type of mechanical actions input by the user and transmit the data to a remote location for viewing by the user or the healthcare professional.

The device may also communicate with external devices which aid in the treatment programs, such as audio or image display devices which can coordinate the function of the sexual stimulation device with the presentation of audio or visual information to provide additional sources of sexual arousal to the user.

Filed: March 26, Date of Patent: May 28, Inventors: Jane Mertens, Dean P. Bauer, Yuval Shenkal, Harvey W. Systems and methods for providing adaptive biofeedback measurement and stimulation. Abstract: The present invention is a physiological measurement and stimulation device that can autonomously adapt its actuation output behavior based on acquired data in the form of biofeedback sensory measurements.

When operating the invention, the user can place the device on the body at the intended area of operation, at which time the physiological measurements sensors can initiate data collection. The operation of the present invention can be continued until the invention detects that a predetermined threshold has been reached. Filed: April 27, Date of Patent: May 21, Linear motion male sexual stimulation device.

Abstract: An electromechanical device for male sexual stimulation that uses a reciprocal linear motion similar to sexual intercourse, and wherein the penis remains fully inserted during use. The reciprocal linear motion is generated by a small motor which drives a screw and nut mechanism, to which a bracket and gripper is attached.

Inserted into the gripper is a flexible sleeve. A penis may be inserted into the device inside the flexible sleeve. The movement of the gripper and sleeve against the penis provides pressure and motion against the penis inside the sleeve in a manner similar to sexual intercourse.

The speed, pattern, and location of the motion can be controlled by the user through controls on the outside of the device. Filed: July 25, Date of Patent: April 30, Inventor: Brian Sloan.

Device, apparatus and method for simulation of the presence of a penis. Abstract: A prosthetic penis provides the wearer with somatosensory feedback on another part of the wearer in response to external influences or stimuli on the prosthetic penis. The output device may be applied to the wearer's skin or inserted anally or vaginally.

Filed: March 7, Date of Patent: April 23, Inventor: Franklin William Veaux. Transverse-mode-resonant stimulation device. Abstract: Various embodiments described herein provide a mechanism for transducing transverse vibrational energy into an elastic body of a sexual stimulation device by directly driving the transverse modes of vibration of the elastic body.

Filed: January 5, Date of Patent: March 26, Inventor: Bryan Joseph Norton.

Us patent on male sex aids

Us patent on male sex aids