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Ground clearance pontiac vibe

Ground clearance pontiac vibe

Ground clearance pontiac vibe

Have you considered a Ground clearance pontiac vibe car, or are you strictly shopping new? Lighting, interior illuminated entry with delay. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Instrumentation analog, includes speedometer, tachometer, trip odometer, Cum doggie temperature, fuel gauge, outside temperature display, chrome accented and warning system for front passenger safety belts, Ground clearance pontiac vibe key, headlamps on and door ajar. Maximum cargo Groynd How are we descending this hill safely? The same company that owns the Pontiac delaership probably owns others GM dealships as well. Clearance is another clearnce that gets extremely obfuscated by marketing. Glass, Solar-Ray light-tinted. Segment: Crossover.

Naked lotion. Specifications

The tire Grounr effect wheel gap or Ground clearance pontiac vibe clearance. Used Car Value excellent condition. Told you stupid question. Dealers will replace the front passenger air bag. I think I'm going to go with new rims and tires. Keep in mind the weight of the rims though Front Brake Type. The best option I can see is getting a Toyota Matrix with a 1. Congrats to the Winners! I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. Pick brand. Dealers will replace the passenger side front air bag, free of charge. Motortrend - IntelliChoice writers August 25, X Ground clearance pontiac vibe Sign Up.

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And thanks for reading Autoblog. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or whitelisted our site. It only takes a few seconds. Pricing Specs Equipment. Interior Front head room 41 " Rear head room 39 " Front shoulder room 53 " Rear shoulder room 53 " Front hip room 52 " Rear hip room 44 " Front leg room Maximum cargo capacity Standard seating 5 Exterior Length Fuel Fuel tank capacity Torque rpm 4, Maximum towing capacity 1, lbs.

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He works for carmax. Course I can get him to install lowering springs if I decide to. Any suggestions? You should be good. Installed by Dealer. Maximum Towing. First Name.

Ground clearance pontiac vibe

Ground clearance pontiac vibe. a high ground clearance vehicle with low gas consumption...

Proceed to the Full. Remember me. I forgot My Password. Login to my account. Log in with. Standard Towing. Maximum Towing.

Model Year. Fuel Economy-city. Fuel Economy-highway. But i wanted to lower mine but still have some clearance, and the Hotchkis springs were the best bet. They are supposed to drop the front 1. I will be installing mine this weekend i hope. I think I'm going to go with new rims and tires. Keep the stock rims and tires for winter. I'm going to check with my stepson and see if he can get me a discount on parts.

He works for carmax. Course I can get him to install lowering springs if I decide to. Personally no issues as far as that goes. I run stock size tires in the winter and my 17" tires in the summer.

The tire won't effect wheel gap or ground clearance. You should be good.

Pontiac Vibe | Features and Specs | Car and Driver

I spend a decent amount of time commuting and going on road trips, so I want something that gets good gas mileage. One of the cars I? After reading into it seems to be the same thing as the Pontiac Vibe, but the Vibe is several thousand dollars cheaper. Does anyone have any opinions about the Matrix vs.

Is there a totally different car in that price range I should be considering? The Matrix and the Vibe are mechanically identical. This makes the Vibe a great deal, financially. They will be available for a LONG time, probably longer than you will own the car, and you can get the car serviced just about anywhere. Another nice 5-door hatchback is the new Hyundai Elantra Touring, which comes with a long list of standard equipment and a fantastic warranty at an attractive price.

You can get the car repaired, including warranty repairs, at any GM dealer after the Pontiac dealer closes. The same company that owns the Pontiac delaership probably owns others GM dealships as well. That is the case with our Olds Silhouette. We bought it knowing that Olds was phasing out, and have had no problems obtaining parts. Note, too, that you can get it repaired at any Toyota dealership or independent shop after the warranty phases out.

Thanks for bringing that up. As far as ground clearance, I need to be able to pull off a paved road with out scrapping bottom not something that can off-road. I have an older Subaru, which has meet all of my needs except getting good gas milage. Any thoughts? Please let me know if there are any must-sees in those categories. I suggest you reconsider another car. But there is not much of a money justification from what I read. BTW, I assume that the Subaru is not the clunker.

If you older Subaru is a standard sedan or wagon, with normal ground clearance as opposed the the Outback vehicles, which are raised , any of the vehicles discussed so far will go where you need to go.

You can drive on dirt roads, or things like that, with just about any car. Have you considered a used car, or are you strictly shopping new?

The Ford Focus station wagon and 5-door hatchback. Ford actually made both versions for several years. Your kayak will fit and either car should get decent mileage.

Another good choice from the used market is the Mazda Protege5, a nice little wagon with good reliability. No matter what you buy, you should know that carrying the kayak around on the roof all the time will reduce your gas mileage. The aerodynamic drag from the carrier and the kayak is the culprit. Even an empty roof rack will knock a few mpg off a vehicle. I bought Chevy Novas and Prisms for years 4 of them instead of paying the higher price for a Corolla.

Toyotas are generally easier to sell than Pontiacs, regardless who made them. Consider too when you get ready to buy, you may not be saving much, if the Toyota comes with better features that account for the price difference. Just a comment about Subaru ground clearance. Though it may in some models exceed that of many cars, it is over rated. They just provide an extra margin of safety on the same terrain. Matrix vs.

M July 4, , pm 1. Have fun shopping. There are some nice deals out there right now. M July 5, , pm 3. What kinda hobbies do you have that require good ground clearance? M July 5, , pm 6. The Vibe is the better deal.

Ground clearance pontiac vibe

Ground clearance pontiac vibe