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Model newstar teen

Model newstar teen

Model newstar teen

Model newstar teen

Manufacturers picked it up and it spread to the U. Access to this content requires a subscription to the Maclean's Archives. How are teenagers handling their new buying power? White bucks Model newstar teen shoes have been popular for school and informal wear by both boys and girls for some years. Oskar the Berliner loves that newstat house music. What Protestants are already doing about union September

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For years teenagers have been regarded with loving perplexity and occasional alarm by nervous outsiders. Statisticians have run them through computing machines; sociologists, amateur and professional, have run them down and some observers, who seem to think of a pair of blue jeans as being roughly the equivalent of an SS uniform, show an inclination to run for the nearest exit.

To put it simply these new friends think teenagers are joe lovely. For the word has got out that young people are loaded and while they are not throwing their money around like junior Jim Bradys they aren't stuffing it into any abandoned tea cosies either. Once they were regarded as a modest but steady market for such commodities as soda pop and bikes. Some stores set up junior councils to act as advisors and work as clerks with the idea that they and their friends would keep coming to the shop when they grew up to be serious shoppers.

That time has come ahead of schedule on the crest of a boom and a wave of war babies who will hit the teens and the market place with rising authority over the next ten years. Teenage spending in Canada has already reached a hundred million dollars a year, according to a survey conducted among a hundred and fifty thousand high-school students in Toronto.

Montreal and Edmonton. The survey was sponsored by Canadian High News, a weekly newspaper for students with a circulation of about thirty thousand. To many observers of the growing teenage market this spending figure is low even though it is confined, as is the scope of this article, to high-school students and excludes those young people who have left school at the legal age and gone to work.

Merchants who sell in this market feel that the Canadian figure could be doubled or tripled and still legitimately represent the teenage contribution to the economy as consumers.

As in the U. Canada in had 1. The rise, fall, and rise again in the rate follows the family pattern of the war years, with many marriages in the early years, the departure of thousands of men overseas in the middle years, and their return home by to add to their families. The slow flowering of the love affair between business and the teenagers has some of the classic lineaments of the theatrical situation in which a storekeeper discovers the pest he was about to throw out on the street is really an eccentric millionaire.

For all their strange talk and outlandish clothes teenagers are as welcome as a couple of Grey Cup tickets these days.

But businessmen are constantly being nudged by communiques such as the one issued by J. Thus, with the parents rendered helpless, it becomes evident that youth is the market! In addition to sounding like a general planning to soften up an invasion beachhead. Jim McEwen, a Toronto car dealer, provided a glimpse of this new power wielded by the young when he told of a man and his wife who came to his showroom to pick out a car. The selection of the model was made and the deal appeared to be completed.

But wait. Part of this influence may stem from the changing pattern of family life which permits the discussion of family purchases.

But, for the man who glumly accepts the estimate that women control up to eighty-five percent of all family buying in North America, these signs of the growing economic strength of their children must be chilling news. The day may come when he will have to keep his hatband size in code so there will be at least one item he can buy all by himself. What kind of money have teenagers got, as individuals, to spend? These figures also taken from the High News survey, indicate that their income is made up of allowances from their parents 34 percent , and money earned after school and during the holidays 66 percent.

If this figure sounds high remember it is an average. One youngster working on the DEW line earned two hundred dollars a week in his last summer at high school. What kind of merchandise do they buy with their own money? Clothes are the biggest single item in their budgets, but when it comes to a major purchase like a winter coat their parents will put up the money.

A quarter of all teenagers have a typewriter, and it may be significant that their favorite is a make that beams a special appeal to high-school students, suggesting they will get better marks if they work on a keyboard.

Sixty percent of all teenage boys and girls own bicycles, but the bike rack has been pushed to the corner of the parking lot at many Canadian high schools. Unless they have been able to save the money from their summer jobs they still need an adult co-signer if they buy the car on terms.

Sixty percent have cameras. They drink three bottles of pop a week, eat two candy bars boys prefer Oh Henry; girls Sweet Marie , buy one record at about ninety cents for a 45rpm disc and up to ninety-eight cents for a The girls own four to ten sweaters each one girl whose father was in the business had twenty-seven cashmere sweaters while boys own an average of two to four.

Teenagers are big users of cosmetics such as lipsticks. One shampoo company reported a jump in sales when they changed their advertising theme to one they hoped would appeal to teenagers. How are teenagers handling their new buying power?

What kind of shoppers are they? Are they prey to every passing fad or have they learned to shop for values? What kind of pitches are being made to woo the dollars from their billfolds into a particular cash register? But teenagers have usually pre-shopped their purchases. They know — from observing what the gang is wearing, from reading their favorite fashion magazine for girls Seventeen is an authority on clothes , or from watching the clothes being shown on television or the movies—exactly what they want.

All the clerk has to do is provide the right size. They usually know the color they must have. After all they have everything found—a place to stay, meals, schooling—and the money they bring here to spend is their own.

They will bring friends along if they are picking up a pair of nylons but rarely do they want them around if they are buying a dress or some larger item. Boys seem to like no one around except the clerk when they are making a purchase. They thought it would appeal to boys who rode bikes because of the freedom of action it gave their legs, but the boys showed no interest.

They drew another blank. Merchants with goods to sell to teenagers have made other discoveries about their customers. They're the gee-whizziest, by actual test. One Canadian soft-drink company, under the mistaken impression that teenagers talk that way all the time, mounted a series of advertisements in which the message was in jive talk.

What makes an item a fad or a flop with teenagers? Merchants and promoters wish they knew, and often when they think they have the answer this discriminating and sometimes fickle teenage market just refuses to react. A star gets a name with the youngsters and then, under agile and shrewd management, proceeds to cash in on it by selling not only such obvious items as records but unlikely merchandise like lipsticks or pictures of Elvis that glow in the dark for an hour after the fans have climbed into bed.

These will sell for two dollars. This one started in a Long Island high school at the end of last term when a girl who was one of the acknowledged leaders tried the woven initials as a stylish touch. The idea spread to other schools in the area. Manufacturers picked it up and it spread to the U. Often these new styles are launched with a flurry of magazine and TV promotion. Fads imported from the U.

Not all the fads take. For instance, white jeans for girls were big in the U. A Canadian manufacturer who made hats in school colors, copying a U. White bucks buckskin shoes have been popular for school and informal wear by both boys and girls for some years.

They had their birth as a fad in the eastern universities of the U. When the high-school students adopted them for their own, one manufacturer assumed they would insist on them being dirty, so he sold them ready-soiled. The Ivy League tradition of elegance had called for soiled bucks. But high-school crowds insist that their white bucks be white, so he had to tidy them up before he could sell them.

Pat Boone, incidentally, who wears them himself, has probably done as much for white bucks as Prince Philip did for cigars when he broke with tradition and lit one at the state dinner at the Louvre during the royal visit last spring. It didn't take Pepsi-Cola long to counter with a plug of their own in Gary Cooper's current picture Love in the Afternoon, in which he plays an executive of the soft-drink company. The soda-pop firms are not the only ones who maintain a lobby for the purpose of getting their product mentioned in movies and on radio and television.

Even Canada itself, through a semi-official public-relations apparatus known as the Canadian Co-operation Project, waits diligently on Hollywood to try to get the next picture made here, or at least to get Canada mentioned in it. But sometimes a manufacturer or designer will get his ideas from television or the movies rather than plant his creation with them. Calypso blouses were inspired by the West Indian musical invasion and the popularity of such singers as Harry Belafonte.

The frilly blouses were never highly popular with Canadian teenagers but a variation on the same elaborate theme, with fewer frills and smaller sleeves, known as a sissy blouse, did score with our young set and promises to become a standard item like blue jeans or sloppy joes.

From then on the fad is as secure as any fad can be, and that is pretty secure when you are dealing with teenagers because they buy for distance. They haven't got the money to switch their styles as frequently as adults and they change, as a group, slowly. Al Capp, the cartoonist of L'il Abner, probably had a great deal to do with spreading the popularity of zoot suits by dressing some of his comic-strip characters in strides and wide-brimmed hats and decking them out with hawser-like watch chains.

Strides, however, are in bad repute at the moment because of the company they have been keeping. Mad pants, patterned after toreador pants but decorated with drawing much after the manner of a John Held Jr. The picture magazines which make teenage fashions a matter of continuing concern in their pages gave a fine sendoff to T-shirts decorated with reek-rack braid. They didn't get past the rack in Canada. So far the national or broad appeal to Canadian teenagers has not been so noticeable as in the U.

Some auto companies have recognized the influence of teenagers in choosing the family car, and have made a message to teenagers part of their appeal. Another company makes a special razor for young men starting to shave and a cheese firm offers a year's free telephone service as a prize in a jingle contest for the high-school age group.

Through advertisements and various promotional devices, notably by the record companies, a strong bid is made for their attention and their money. Of the , to , records sold each week in Canada, sixty percent are bought by teenagers. One radio station, CHUM in Toronto, has changed its policy to transmit the fifty top popular records over and over again twenty-four hours a day, with a lacing of commercials and news reports and anecdotes in between.

Since songs of this type are believed to be favored by a certain kind of listener, one gloomy analyst recently came to the conclusion that the folk-songs of the nation were being chosen for us by a young woman probably sixteen to nineteen, marking up her form chart while she babysits.

Phil Stone, vice-president and disc jockey on the station, is one of those with something to sell who thinks that teenagers are wonderful. The visit of a movie star who sings can be the occasion for a promotional bazaar. The record business has been so lively lately that such an unlikely vocalist as Robert Mitchum has been singing calypso and Jerry Lewis who, as a comic, always seems to have difficulty making human noises, has turned up on turntables.

When Pat Boone was in Toronto recently he dutifully made the rounds of the disc-jockey shows and met them all at a party thrown by the record company.

At the same time Famous Players were lining up thirty teenagers to picket the Hollywood theater, where his picture Bernadine was playing.

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Model newstar teen

Model newstar teen

Model newstar teen