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Not that I would give her the satisfaction of letting her know that I noticed. It can be difficult sometime however, as she does seem to wander about the house in her underwear. I can see why Dad married her Mum though, she is just an older version, but a lot nicer person. In fact we get on really well, which pleases Dad no end. Suzi is just four months older than me, we attend the same local college and we have just finished our first year; I am studying modern History, while she is doing English Lit.

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

On one track of each tape, I recorded some relaxing background music, then on the parallel Nude stepsister embarrassing story, I recorded my voice, saying softly:. She got up and did her victory dance as I lifted myself dejectedly off the floor. I could have broken her hold and thrown her off me, but I was suddenly distracted by the unfamiliar feeling of so much of her skin against my skin, and her bare breasts crushed against my back August 2, May 5, No embarrassment on her part was equal to that. She had just retired from playing for a WNBA team, but she wasn't the stereotypical female pro-basketball Nude stepsister embarrassing story. Unless of course you want your brother to hear you. Sister cought me with panties on. Before I knew it, she had pinned me.

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The thought of Nude stepsister embarrassing story Butt rockets, or boys really in embarraseing teenage social circles, staring at her and desiring her as Embarrassin did, feeling the same urges as I had for years, drove Skin tight jeans brunette busty to insanity. He laughed at me and said he had made copies! Keeping the Secret Sexy girlfriend has sex to keep a secret. I established sister as top escort of the city She smiled brightly. She was beyond noticing anything but her Nude stepsister embarrassing story at this point, not even breathing from what I could tell in my intense state. Stepsisetr couldn't help but notice, however, that she had not yet attempted to conceal herself. Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. My eyes did not dart up and down, but rather I seemed to stare at her entirely in one single unflinching gaze. Hotshot young engineer brings new ideas to the bed Amy usually wore sweatpants and a t-shirt or halter top around the house, but she typically didn't wear underwear underneath, so when I yanked her sweats around her ankles she'd find embarrassinf abruptly bare-butt. She met me in Karachi Mall and take me inside the trial room and

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Were it not for the start-of-summer BBQ at my place of work, this beautiful ending to an emotional story would never have come to pass. My wife has persuaded me to take her year-old mother on holiday with us in our caravan.

Four weeks before I was due to go on holiday with my girlfriend, she dumped me. So not wanting to miss two weeks of sun, I asked my s???? No surprise, she said yes. So of we jetted to sunny Spain.

Hafsah could not stop thinking about her sexual experience with Patrick. Hafsah felt completely dominated by her new master and she craved for another encounter with his big black cock. Hafsah and Patrick had begun messaging each other. This is a print version of story Holiday with stepsister chapter 2 by iamsuperman from xHamster. Holiday with stepsister chapter 2 Carol made her way to the tiny bathroom, and I finally had some time to allow myself to dress without making a fool of myself.

I was always on a hair-trigger edge, and it needed little to push me to an orgasm. So many times I had managed to embarrass myself on a bus.

What was it with me and buses? It was probably the vibration of the engine, in sync with my body. I once talked to a psychologist friend of mine over drinks and he laughed about it. Just as I buckled my belt, Carol came out of the bathroom, all dressed and with a smile on her face. There was no need for her to tell me that she was enjoying out little break.

I wondered whether we would return home in eight days' time in the same mood. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't.

We tidied up the bed and by that I mean just pulled the covers taut , and picked up the towels and deposited them in the ''to clean'' basket. Checking to see that we left nothing behind, we exited the bedroom and made our way to the main area on the coach. I laughed as we snuck up behind Karla and Andrew who were dozing and whooped behind them, startling the couple out of their dreams. Andrew took it well with a smile, but Karla.

Jesus, could that woman swear. She coloured the air with some choice words that had a lot of effing in them. It was hard to stay annoyed though, and we soon were horsing around once again. Our hotel was guarded by high white walls and the bus barely made it through the gates. I wondered why it was thus and asked Diandra. Of course, having high walls also means that nobody can snoop in. I had this strange feeling about Europe. There was no middle ground. It was normal to have people who were deeply religious and were so straight-laced, but also quite common to have open nudity on television, and that included prime time.

Topless beaches were very common all round France and Italy, where it was legally permitted. And as for the Czech Republic? It was absolutely insane.

Open 'swinging' parties were quite the norm and couples would just book an inn, or a small venue, and partake in free sex with strangers. We thought we were advanced in the US when we came to these things, but actually, had no clue.

Two minutes later, and we had arrived. It was a relief to hear the engine die out, even if the sound was pretty insulated from us. I hated engines and machinery. I loved the peace and quiet of the countryside. As soon as we five couples alighted, two stewards brought out our luggage, and the bus reversed and left. It was pleasant to hear that the surroundings were very quiet. Dotted around the lush landscape, decked with tables and trees, a good amount of people were eating and drinking, quite oblivious to the fact that they were all nude.

I looked down at Carol, who shrugged, smiled and pulled me into the reception area, away from the sun. Granted, it was not so hot at that time in the evening, but the low elevation had us squinting badly. I raised my eyebrows at the news "Should we need to? Does that mean people do not lock doors here? It isn't unheard of for men to go looking for passion at night, while the woman waits on her bed for a visitor from her side. We try to encourage our patrons to leave jealousy and privacy behind them when they are here.

As you can imagine while this is a clothing optional resort, nobody wears any clothes at all, unless it is some kind of wrap against the sun. You DO have a small closet which can be locked via a personal code, for guarding valuables" I could take that.

I could night-walk to Karla's. It was a scant fifty yards away. Andrew permitting, of course. After that it is the bbq buffet" said Diandra. The itinerary said that the next activity would begin in a few minutes. Hell, I already had a chubby. She slowly took her top off, her back to me, folding it neatly on a chair back, and slowly took her shorts and underwear off.

She had a lovely backside. Finally she was nude, but still neglected to turn and face me. That happened only after she grabbed the white towel from the chair and looked up shyly towards me. Her eyes were open wide as she looked at me.

I was naked in front of her, and I was loving it. We made our way down to the recreation centre, and were pleasantly surprised to see that only a small number of people were in fact still holding their towels just above their groins, in a show of embarrassment.

Carol was beautiful in just a small white towel hiding her lower front, her breasts jiggling merrily with every step. I was surprised by the sense of freedom that was washing over me. The centre was pleasantly large, and we were greeted by Joe, a hulk of a man, very black and with an absolutely huge dick. I could see that Carol was fascinated by his large member and remarked upon it.

It was then that she realized I was totally comfortable with my nudity and raised her eyebrow at me in question. I grinned at her, confident in the knowledge that I had one up on her, and frankly, was enjoying the attention I was getting.

Finally Joe, clapped his hands and motioned for us to gather. We will be doing Nude Zumba. We certainly had not expected this.

Why the hell are we taking Nude Zumba lessons at this time of evening. Well, let me tell you something. After I finish off with you, your bodies will be glistening with sweat, muscles screaming in protest, and above all, after this exhilarating hour, there will only be one thing you will feel like doing. And that would pretty much spoil any other schedule you might all be having. Joe looked at all thirty of us, and started separating couples. His eyes fell on Carol. Step in front of your husband.

Carol stepped in front of me and obediently ditched the towel on the rack provided. I could see her ass in front of me, and I wondered, not for the first time, what the front would look like close up.

Andrew and Karla were right beside us, and there was no doubt that Karla would be following Carol along the same line. After a few minutes, everyone was naked, lined-up and ready to go. Joe started us with a few limbering moves, warming up our muscles.

My dick slapped against my stomach, and Andrew's penis was doing the same. For one of the first times in my life, I was jealous. But the real feast started within ten minutes as we started stretching. Joe instructed us to part our feet about twenty four inches apart, and urged us to grab our ankles and pull. The effect was this wonderful stretching in my glutes and calf muscles. Her pussy, beautifully pink, was spread open like a red rose, labia a shocking red, with the nubbin of her clit fully erect.

At that moment I watched a drop of moisture slip from between those petals and roll smoothly down her leg. It was oh so erotic and hot. Needless to say, I had a boner that could choke a dinosaur. Perhaps a little too late, I realized that the girl behind me could see right into my ass. I grinned at the thought, but honestly, it did not bother me.

As Joe instructed us to stand up and stretch, Carol glanced back and was delightfully smiling as she looked at my huge erect cock.

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Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story. Change picture

He had no underwear on and his dick was already half hard and huge! We were all shocked and laughing. He was so embarrassed trying to cover up but my mom would not let him. She made him keep his hands behind his head and not move them or else. She spanked him with his big dick swinging and jiggling all around and it kept getting harder and harder till he was standing there with a full erection!

Then she said sin…. Caught Jerkin It. January 29, We were left with our mean aunt one summer while our parents went on vacation. She was all nice and smiles when around Mom and Dad but once they left she became a real tyrannical bitch.

She was in her 30s and liked to dress all provocatively and like to go out with a lot of men. In the evening she'd have a few drinks and then she'd turn into a real witch snapping orders at us left and right and calling us names.

One Friday she let me have some friends over for a sleep over and went out for the night. She said she would be out late. It was me and 4 girl friends from school. We were in the living room watching a movie and Paul kept coming in interrupting and being a jerk like he likes to when I have friends over. I think he gets all horny when girls are over and acts all hyper. Finally I yelled at him and told him to leave us alone or I would tell…. Blackmailed into Twerking Naked.

My evil step brother hacked my computer and found videos on there of me twerking in panties and even naked in some. I made them one night when I was horny but thought I deleted them. I was so mad when he told me he saw them that I ran and permanently deleted them all.

He laughed at me and said he had made copies! I was horrified at what he would do with them knowing he could ruin me for life. He blackmailed me with them saying he would send them out to everyone at school and make sure my parents saw them too. My parents are very religious and strict so I would get whooped and grounded for life for sure if they found out. He said he would keep it a secret only if gave him a private little twerk show every day after school when no one else was home!

I was so fuming mad but he had me and there was nothing I could do. Not having much else of choice I gave in. It was so humiliating but still better than being ruined for life by the videos getting out. At first he wanted me to do it in tigh…. Jimmy Gets Punished. Mother should have taken her little pervert step son Jimmy to task the first time she found his sister's crusted used panties hidden in his room. With his father on long term assignment in the military she had been given full authority over him and intended to keep the misbehaving boy in line.

The next time she caught him she already had a plan to teach him a good embarrassing lesson that he would soon not forget. The 3 teens girls squealed with shock and disgust hearing his confession. Such behavior would not be tolerated. Marched to the basement for punishment all 3 of his step sisters relished in his mother's decree that a good bare bottom spanking in front of them all would help put an end to such deviant behavior.

Shamed by Teacher at School. In my country teachers like to use shame and embarrassment to punish bad kids in school. Any second she would stand up and see me, and my obvious arousal, and it would be hell. She would think me sick and perverted, and she would be right. In seemingly slow motion, it happened. She straightened, shook the hair from her face, and turned while still holding the towel in her hand.

She pivoted around to face the mirror, but saw someone in the doorway. Without covering herself, she glanced up to see me frozen in both terror and lust. I expected her to scream. Or to begin yelling loudly while frantically attempting to conceal her nakedness from her sibling. I could tell by her eyes that she was shocked, perhaps a bit scared. But neither of us did anything.

She was frozen as I was, watching me stare at her body. My eyes did not dart up and down, but rather I seemed to stare at her entirely in one single unflinching gaze. God, she was beautiful Her hips were cocked up on one side just a bit, giving her that wonderful feminine pose that drove men crazy. I noticed how tight and firm her body was, though I already knew she was very active.

When I dared take special notice of her breasts, I remember observing how they were not especially large, certainly not like the women on my computer. Finally, she dared to move. I felt defensive suddenly, ready to defend my actions and run like hell before she said anything. But my body would not move until I heard her speak at least one word.

I couldn't help but notice, however, that she had not yet attempted to conceal herself. She chanced a glance down at my shorts. It was much too late to try to hide my erection from her. She had seen plenty of it by now. Maybe I could show my own dignity as she was doing. Calm, quiet, unmoving.

No movement at all. If I dared adjust my composure, I would surely lose my dignity and run far away to hide. I didn't She began to wrap the towel around herself. She tried to keep it around her chest, but it was too small to wrap around her upper body. It was no use at this point to pretend she needed to cover what I had already seen. So she lowered the towel and did her best to fasten it around her waist.

Of course the towel was still too small to do this properly, so it hung lower above her hip and her right thigh was still in my plain sight. I tried not to stare, but she wouldn't have noticed anyway. Her eyes were fixed on my crotch. I laughed nervously, trying to play it off I guess. I really didn't know what to do at this point. Before I could make a move, we both heard the front door. The faint sounds of voices told us our parents were home.

To my surprise, my sister ran towards me and grabbed my shirt with one hand and the doorknob with the other. Pulling me sharply into the bathroom, she quickly shut the door. To be honest, I was surprised she didn't just slam it closed with me still on the other side of it. Why had she wanted me in here with her?

A voice called from downstairs, our parents alerting us that they were home. But the chatter of conversation trailed off as they went into another room, not bothering to wait for a response. My past infatuated self would have kicked me. I can tell what you were thinking with. She smiled. Maybe I was thinking with my dick. My sister did not seem bothered by my presence, and began combing her hair. I sat on the edge of the bathtub in silence, pretending to wait but really admiring her.

I could see her naked front quite easily in the mirror. She knew I was staring, but pretended not to notice. She blow-dried her hair, brushed her teeth, and spread lotion on her skin all while I watched in secret arousal. Why was she letting me do this? Had she always known about my fantasies about her? Perhaps I had been careless, too obvious with my stares, or maybe she knew about the times I used to look through her underwear drawer.

I caught sight of the treasure between her legs, and immediately knew what she was referring to. Her patch of dark blond pubic hair was suddenly very evident to me, as I had not taken much notice of it before. There was an obvious design that had been carefully trimmed just above her vagina, which I could not see especially well this far away.

But I saw small hairs beginning to surface all around the small strip of denser hair that was like a jagged flame seated just above her clit. I was surprised to learn that she kept herself so neatly groomed. I thought that was only something porn stars did. She grabbed the shaving cream from under the sink and sprayed a glob onto her palm.

Carefully, slowly, she began spreading the shaving cream between her thighs, all around her pubic area. When she was done, she took her razor from the edge of the sink and began to use it on herself.

I was so turned on watching her, my hard on was aching with lust. She carefully slid it across her skin, removing all of the hair except for just above her clit. She had obviously done this many times before. It hadn't been but a minute of two, but I felt like I had been watching for hours.

When she was finished, she used the towel she was sitting on to wipe herself clean, and I saw that her pussy was now fresh and smooth once again. I wondered what was next in my sister's routine, but she seemed to hesitate. My heart stopped, and my face turned pale. I miss that. Was this for real?

All of secret desires were now out in the open, and combined with the peep show I had just received, I felt ready to faint. I don't know what to say. How did you know? Her back had been facing me up to then, but she turned and face me, still fully nude and not hiding anything. But after I learned how boys are, always ogling girls for their bodies, I thought maybe it wasn't me you were looking at.

Just my body. Maybe because it was partly true, but certainly right now it wasn't about that at all. She knew?! I loved the attention. She playfully rolled her eyes around the room, as if pondering what to do. My butt had also gotten wet from the little bit of draining water left from the shower. Perhaps wiser individuals would have gone their separate ways at this point, but our young and stupid lust was the dominating force controlling us now.

When she licked her lips, I felt all apprehension leave me. She knew, as well as I did, that this was wrong. But the thing about sex is that doing something wrong can feel really, really good.

We desire to partake of what is forbidden, it's part of our nature. I was trembling with excitement, at the possibility that I would get to sexually interact with this goddess before me. I stood and pulled my shorts off, not bothering to tease her.

I was naked in seconds, eager for her to see my lust for her. When he dick came into view, she bit her lip and stared at it. Touching her stomach lightly, she motioned for me to come closer.

I complied instantly. She leaned back against the sink and spread her legs a bit, planting herself firmly in preparation.

Holiday with stepsister chapter 2 - Free First Time Story on

Wednesday morning. I woke up to see the summer sun shining in through my bedroom window. Bright and early. Well, not exactly. It was 10 a. I was back at home living with my mother and stepfather for the summer, sleeping in as they were off at work. The only noise in the house was the hum of the central air conditioner. Seemed I had the house to myself.

I got up and showered to ready myself for another day of relaxation. As I got out of the shower and toweled myself dry, I glanced out the bathroom window overlooking the back deck and saw that I was not alone. My stepsister, Christine, was walking through the back yard, onto the deck. She was staying with us for a couple of weeks until she could move into her new apartment. She was wearing running shorts, a white t-shirt, sunglasses, and a baseball-style cap. Seemed she was coming back from a jog.

At twenty seven, she was seven years older than me. She had just retired from playing for a WNBA team, but she wasn't the stereotypical female pro-basketball player. Christine was tall for a woman, a shade taller than me. She was very attractive with long black hair and beautiful green eyes.

Her body was fit from years of playing sports, but still very feminine at the same time. I watched as she walked across the deck to the door leading into the house. The sounds of the door opening and Christine's footsteps across the rooms downstairs carried up to my perch by the window in the bathroom.

Soon she reappeared on the deck with a bottle of suntan lotion, a beach towel, and a book. She was now barefoot, but still wore her running shorts and t-shirt.

Her hair was tied back in a pony tail. I watched intently as she evenly spread the towel out on the chaise lounge chair. To my surprise, she slid her thumbs under the elastic waistband and pulled her shorts down her fit thighs. She bent down to slide the shorts down past her knees and step out of them, tossing them aside. She wore no panties underneath the shorts, only the liner of the running shorts and I could see the well-trimmed triangle of her black pubic hair.

She removed her sunglasses and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it up over her head and dropped it onto her empty running shorts. She did the same with her sports bra, revealing her perky breasts and pink nipples. I felt like Judge Reinhold from that famous scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High when he fantasized that Phoebe Cates took off her top as she got out of the swimming pool. But, instead of it being a fantasy, Christine was really nude.

I gasped audibly when she stretched and arched her back to pull the bra over her head and bare her beautiful breasts. I could feel myself becoming aroused watching my stepsister from the bathroom window. Christine picked up the bottle of suntan lotion and began spreading it over her fit body. She started at her ankles and spread the lotion up her shapely legs, working her way up her tone belly to her round breasts.

I was starting to breathe hard as she spread the oily lotion over her breasts. They bounced up and down as she rubbed them with the palms of her hands.

Her entire body glistened in the morning sun from the lotion. My penis was completely hard from watching her. I reached down and wrapped my hand around my hard cock, gently squeezing it. The gentle pressure felt good. I let go to lick my palm, then returned my saliva slickened hand to my throbbing penis. I rubbed up and down my hard shaft, circling around my swollen mushroom head as I stood at the window, staring at my naked stepsister.

Gently, I squeezed the hard shaft, causing a clear droplet of precum to ooze from the tip. Christine had no idea of the pleasure she was giving, let alone that she was being watched. As I continued to stare at her, I rubbed up and down. My weeping hole was making my swollen cock very slippery.

My breathing was ragged and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I could feel myself tingling and my orgasm was building. I stroked faster with twisting strokes up and down my slick shaft. Clear fluid was flowing from the eye of my cock. My hips were rocking back and forth with frenzied lust as I stroked. I placed one hand on the sink to steady myself as my body shuddered when the first white stream leapt from my spasming cock. My hips pushed forward as I shot stream after stream of cum onto the tiled bathroom floor.

I sat down, looking at the small white puddles my lust had left on the multi-colored floor tiles. Looking down, I watched as my cock slowly shrank back to flaccidity.

I quickly cleaned up all evidence of my moment of gratification and went to my bedroom. I put on a pair of lined jogging shorts and my longest t-shirt to cover my bulge it I got hard again. Even though I had just cum, I wasn't totally satisfied. I wanted to see Christine on the deck. I was nervous walking down the stairs.

Butterflies were whirling around my insides. I could feel my pulse picking up as I reached the door to the deck. I put my hand on the doorknob and paused. Silently I thought, "Here goes nothing. Christine had rolled over and was laying flat on her stomach. My naked stepsister jumped and had a look of utter surprise when she realized she was not alone. He face was becoming pinker as the blood rushed to her cheeks from embarrassment. Mind if I join you out here for a little bit?

Aren't you supposed to be at work? I didn't have a full-time job to come back to this summer. All of the houses were built on four and five acre lots. Though it wasn't completely private, the distance between houses and the fact that it was mid-morning on a weekday provided ample privacy. The sound of an occasional car passing by reminded you that you were not completely private.

I grabbed another chaise lounge chair and pulled it next to Christine. My eyes played over every inch of her naked back, defined legs, and shapely ass. And she knew I was looking as she tried to hide her embarrassment. Don't worry; I'm not bothered that you wanted to catch a little sun without the tan lines. Nothing major, just some minor sprucing up. Though, I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about the job. It's a change, but I was ready to retire from basketball.

It was fun, but you can't get rich at it like the men's game. I was enjoying the conversation, but I couldn't help but think that she was so pretty, and laying in front of me without a thread of clothing.

I decided to get a little daring. Do you want me to spread some on your back so you don't get burned? I picked up the bottle and poured a generous amount of lotion into the palm of my hand. Sitting on the side of the chaise lounge next to Christine, I began to spread the lotion over her smooth skin with the palms of my hands. Rubbing up and down her bare back. Relax, Chris.

Using my thumbs, I firmly kneaded the muscles in her neck and shoulders. It felt good to touch her smooth, warm body. Judging from her breathing, Christine was enjoying this too. I think I'm glad you showed up.

I slowly brought my lips to the back of her bare neck and gently kissed her. Christine twisted her body so she was looking at me. Slowly, nervously, I pressed my lips to hers. She hesitantly pecked my lips with a small kiss. But I continued to gently peck her lips.

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story

Nude stepsister embarrassing story