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Alright, I obviously don't own any of these people… nor mean them any disrespect… just for fun. But yes, I originally had this up on … as I felt it was rather fan fiction-y… but I guess not. They deleted it. SO, I figured I might as well try it out on here. Even though they're not original characters… where else am I supposed to put this if won't accept it.

Rachael ray fanfiction

Rachael ray fanfiction

When community members submit a link, they also write Rachael ray fanfiction custom headline for the story. With someone sent to help and the love of his mate Jasper will finally make peace with himself and find his place in the world. It was perfection and happiness, and nothing could take it away. Will Bella be able to pull through or will she take matters into her own hands? Yoda's Pen Is : raerae My personal experience working with her was not a good one. Private Thoughts by PurplePixie Rachael ray fanfiction Bella has it bad for her boss, but she thinks that it would be inappropriate for her to become involved with him so she joins an online dating site. Close Working She was on Newbury street and did her ask a local Rachael ray fanfiction, to a person they all suggest a place on the north shore and hour away. Thanks to my Beta Axia. A month after the Cullens left a certain blond beauty returns to tell Bella some shocking news.

Egyptian fantasy erotic art. Send us a scoop!

Rachael ray fanfiction happens when Bella is kidnapped by vampires, and the Cullens need his help to get her back? Literotica is a trademark. How will a human like her survive getting home while in the midst of a vampire war? June 3, The Bond by dreamerx3 reviews Edward pushes Bella away when the fear of hurting her becomes too much, the Denali's are in Sexs manaoudou and Edward jumps at the chance to leave, and it pushes Bella straight into the arms of Jasper, who was left behind to protect her. Never Knew by caseylynn04 reviews 5 years after the Cullens leave Bella Rachael ray fanfiction she's moved on and is happy living her life. After years of abuse, Bella finally gets a chance at freedom. What happens when a series of decisions set you on the path to become a completely different person? Who does she work for? I climbed up on the table, and began licking it off her body, again starting at her neck. It's compulsory so if your not there, your not a cheerio now go take a shower and keep Rachael ray fanfiction breath level or I will cut you off the team. Retrieved September 27, He went to talk Wmv porn videos the band and the stood in front of everyone, he looked to me and I gave him an encouraging smile and a little nod.

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But did they expect to be lovers? Timmy just didn't know how to handle it all. Zombie chefs and celebrity judges, what could go wrong? Probably a lot of things. But yeah picture those. In clean aprons and gloves but otherwise all nasty. Cooking for you. Disclaimer: I do not own them, and all that stuff. Or whatever the fuck else ends up in here. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Namespaces Article Talk. These are the repercussions of his actions. I throw them all hard and landed each with ease, sweat poured out of me but I kept my breath even and kept my stance strong never shaking or twitching. Rated M because I never know where my stories go until they get there. Try it!

Rachael ray fanfiction

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Can she fulfill her promise to Zack to help him kill the guy who burned him? What is Black Hat's plan for the hacker? Can Zack rescue her in time or will his lack of literacy and common sense get her killed?

When Rachel was in the mental hospital, her therapist used the seasons as a reminder of her progress. After Zack breaks out of prison and comes to retrieve her, their relationship really does change and blossom with the seasons as they figure out their feelings and their new life together. Rachel Gardner moves to town, guarding a secret.

Then she is sent to do the impossible — bring Isaac Foster back to class. The school's first and only killer, who only left a bloody shadow imprinted on the gym wall. Having turned eighteen, Ray is finally able to visit Zack in prison. She has a big surprise for him. I had this random idea in the shower. So, what if.. Also, there will be some video games.

And Japanese animated movies. Zack drinks for the first time and Ray has to encourage him to go to bed. It gets sweet and wholesome. It's a Ray and Zack friendship, not a romantic ship. Zack makes a mistake of breaking into the wrong house to hide from the cops. However the person of the house is a single small girl that seems to be interested in him. Age is changed to avoid getting bashed. Isaac Foster has been Rachel Gardner's hero ever since she was a little girl.

He incidentally removed the two obstacles in her life that she always saw as immovable, and now she owes him big time. When Isaac Foster becomes Prisoner , Rachel goes undercover as a prison medical officer so she can keep watch over him and break him out. It's a monumental task fit for only someone as single-minded as Rachel Gardner. Being a stay at home dad, Zack spends plenty of time with his eleven month old daughter, but he still can't get her to say "dadda.

Now if only he can figure out what it means. Luckily Ray shows up to translate. She has a college education, a house, a career, and even her own business. He sets out to punish her for moving on without him, but the welcome he receives is not at all what he expected. Rachel Gardner has seen ghosts her whole life, so it's just her luck when she finds out that her new apartment building is haunted by a very persistent spirit.

Zack is a very bored, very lonely ghost who just wants someone to scare the pants off. The two are truly a match made in Hell when they meet. The unlikely pair must learn everything they can about each other if they're going to figure out how to leave peacefully, or keep living at all. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. He pulled back slightly so he could see my face, he leaned down to me I moved my head so he kissed my check instead of my lips as was his aim. He seemed put off by this but the remembered where we were and let go of me and cleared his throat.

I ran straight into the principles' office and collapsed on the seat in front of the shocked principle. I looked up to find a shocked Principle and a just as shocked Noah Puckerman, although it didn't faze me in the slightest. Never in my right mind would I have ever done that if it wasn't for you. But no, he thinks, hey she's pretty out of it this should be a great time to confess my love for her and get her to be with me for the rest of your lives by a shotgun wedding.

I missed you I haven't heard from you since you sent those forms. Do you know what its like to wear animal sweaters with knee high's, and I never wear jeans only skirts, not even in winter, and there short see. You made me quit cheerleading because you thought I was great at it, I became the opposite of me the only thing I kept about the old me was my singing. So they had me emancipated on my sixteenth birthday, they still provide for me, they just don't have guardianship of me. I stood straighter held my head higher, my chin pointed upwards and walked out slowly careful not to touch Jake in any way as he was slightly in front of the door.

Just then the bell rang and the halls swarmed with students going to lunch when they saw me they started whispering. I was near my locker when David Karofsky came around the corner with a big gulp slushie, he spotted me and stared at me with a grin on his face. You feel like as much as an outsider as the people you pick on, which makes me conclude that you have an ulterior reason why you feel like an outsider, so since you are rich, that's not it, and it can't be physical as you are a good enough player so it must be some other reason.

He stared at me and I returned his gaze he dropped the slushie in his hand and the red cherry liquid covered the floor. I turned my back to him and opened my locker put by bag in and turned back towards him, he had slid down to the floor when I had my back turned and he was now in the fettle position rocking back and forth.

There are endless and infinite possibilities, but on a different subject, are you okay? I walked to the teachers lounge and straight in the door the teachers gave me questioning looks as no student ever comes in here, not that it was against the rules but they just … didn't come in here. I can make that happen. Not only were they better with their routine but their tricks were better by far.

I got my stereo from my car and changed in to some short shorts and soon I was at the gym stretching I already had the cd I wanted in. I didn't answer, I just started the music counting the five seconds before the music startes to get ready. I did the routine that got me not only in to the cheer squad at my old school but got me captain as a freshman.

Hand spring, round off, ballerina back flip which is a really slow and graceful back filp, triple front flip, and some moves I came up with myself, spinning dragon, revolving twist, upside down herky flip, handstand flip and others. I throw them all hard and landed each with ease, sweat poured out of me but I kept my breath even and kept my stance strong never shaking or twitching.

No matter how the pain started to get to me, or my sweat started to drip into my eyes I didn't stop. I closed my eyes and carried on. I finished in a perfect side splits, I was breathing heavily but not huffing and puffing, I did breathing excursus so I didn't huff and puff after shows that had both singing and dancing and now I never was totally out of breath. I stood and looked at the lady in the track suit, she seemed totally and completely shocked.

She was standing still as a statue and looking at me with a mixture of shock and greed with an under tone of awe. If I'm not captain, your captain might have a little accident doing some of the dangerous cheerleading stunts that you made up, it might be so bad that the board suspends you and your budget gets revoked all together.

Then your cheerios will have to be sponsored by a garage or super market, I can see it, the Mickenly Wal-Mart cheerio's. She shuttered slightly but didn't react, "Are you trying to blackmail me into making you captain? Captain B. I followed her to her office which was fairly close to the gym, when we go there se went behind her desk and pulled out a track suit, two of the original cheerio's cheerleading uniform, and the one for home games.

She took out another track suit it was the same as the other only it had the words, Cheerio Captain , on the left breast. Thanks, bye. It's like, someone is not wanting us to be together, and I'm not talking about Hudson.

It's that person in me, the star, she needs it, I never meant to hurt you in anyway I just wanted to change my image. It was crossing the line, do you know what it was like for me to see you up there with them, they were your ex's Rachel, everyone knows Hudson still carries feeling for you, and Puckerman. Did you every stop to think when you were changing your image about how I would feel? I left my school, glee team and transferred in my senior year to be with you, so you didn't have to hide it from your glee club.

I didn't want to him to go but I feared if he didn't, I would lose him, and I really didn't want that to happen so I nodded mutely and smiled at him with a sad understanding.

I pulled him down to me and kissed him heavily, pouring everything I had into that one kiss, I kissed him like it would be the last time my lips would touch his. I closed my eyes but that still didn't stop the tears that escaped and rolled down my check and over his too.

I let go of his shirt only now realising that I grabbed it to pull him closer to her. After and hour and a half doing my normal routine of exercise and breakfast I jumped in the shower and then put on my new uniform with a few Berry good touches.

At the end I had pigtails tied in two red bow with my hair straight, a pair of white long knee high socks with captain in red letters at the top and dark red and white sneakers. A long sleeved half top under my cheerio's top and to top it off I had a glittered cheery on my left check. I smirked at my reflection, I couldn't wait to see the look on Coach Suzy's face when she saw how I berry-ed up her uniform, then I put on my Captain track suit and got a grape lollie-pop before going down stairs.

I got into my car and drove to school, by the time I got there it was two minute's to six and were other car was in the lot that must have belonged to the cheerleaders. I got my cd player and my work out back and went onto the field, the other cheerleaders were sitting on the benches in their uniforms looking sleep.

Coach Sue stood in front of them with two cups of starbucks coffee looking like hell on a bad day. I came into view and stood next to her and took the other coffee in her and sipped it, everyone was shocked when they saw this, even the coach. She was shocked that I shot a comment back at her. You complain. You get cut.

You can't keep up. Because from now on, you keep up or give up, and if you give up, you know what happens? Now enough of all this talk, we have to get you into shape. I think three times around the field should be enough. Britany up the front I'll be at the back, if I pass anyone, that person is off the team instantly and will have to take off there uniform and give it back before school starts, I will not me in a team with losers. They started running only Terrian and two girls stayed behind.

At the end of the day you are still you, anyone who can't except that, should so fuck themselves, take no shit for being you. In through the nose, out through the mouth, and repeat, in through the nose, out the through the mouth.

After a few minutes they had their breath in control too and no longer sounded like they were dying from lack of air. It's compulsory so if your not there, your not a cheerio now go take a shower and keep you breath level or I will cut you off the team.

But I think you a cool teacher. It is a little weird. I couldn't help it, I laughed loudly before controlling myself, "That wasn't that much of a work out for me, I run an easy two miles just to get the Mail on every second day of the week but Sunday, not to mention my daily exercise on my bike.

The jungle like halls of William Mickenly High school were shocked into stillness as people did double takes while gasping and gaping as Rachel Berry, as the came to know her, walked down the hall in a cheerio's uniform.

It was very comical and if it had not been her they were gaping at like fishes, she was sure she would be snapping pictures while laughing at everyone, no matter whom else it was. But as it was me I settled for merely smirking and laughing inwardly as I past the people that resembled a fish.

I was at my locker finally I opened it and put my bag in and pulled my books out for my next class, I felt the eyes on me but ignored it as I rifled through my locker for my Spanish books. Hate to tell you this but that won't get you popular, it'll get you killed. But Yesterday Santana was captain.

The day seemed to be much the same, walk to class, be stared at, whispered about, gaped at, and drooled over, sit in the front of class like always give the teacher heart attacks, learnt little then repeat. I can't believe that bitch took my captain spot, the freak made us run four miles just to work on your breathing. I can't even believe his shit. I would have called her out properly in practice but I'm not stupid to do that with coach Sylvester there, not like Trinn god that girl is so annoying.

I had to be sneaky with my plan thought I can't go up and slushie her when she's got the uniform on that would call this to Mrs Sylvester's notice. I made a plan that was sure to work, Coach Sylvester wouldn't stand for any of the people she hand picked to be kicked off the team, especially two of the best, not the best though. Classes were boring, the one's I went to that is, soon it was time to go to the gym as the freak said.

We got there just as everyone else did, RuPaul was already there and there was some gymnastics' equipment. There was four giant trampolines, four beans and a giant space left over with padding lain out. She came over to us first, she got on one of the trampolines and started to bounce she was going really high, the suddenly she throw her body backwards and hugged her legs making a ball and flipped once, twice, thrice, four times before her feet hit the trampoline again.

She then shot into the air again and did the same except in a front flip, I couldn't help that my jaw dropped a little. When she was done she got off the trampoline and looked at the group she didn't have a hair out of place and breathed normally. She next went over to the beans and I watch her, she got on to the bean and did a hand stand on it, which was pretty cool, I'd never admit it but, I could never do that, hold a handstand on a bean. But then she took one hand off and was only holding herself up with one hand her legs were straight in the air, she held it for ten seconds then lowered herself off of the bean and instructed the girls do the same.

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She can kiss my ass, I will never buy her products or watch her shows. And, she's a smoker or was , with yellow nicotine stained fingers. Remember that the next time she's touching food. Yoda's Pen Is : raerae My personal experience working with her was not a good one.

Cheron : Rachel took a few editorial liberties with her shows. She always seemed to get two hours of work in durning the commercial breaks. She was on Newbury street and did her ask a local bit, to a person they all suggest a place on the north shore and hour away. EyeballKid : raerae My personal experience working with her was not a good one.

Atomic Jonb : Cheron: Rachel took a few editorial liberties with her shows. She always seems like she was completely sloshed at the 10 minute mark on those shows. I always wondered how she packed in the booze on her budget. But no, she was a biatch. That KY Girl : raerae mojojoeo: raerae My personal experience working with her was not a good one. YMMV I really hate to hear this. Used to watch her shows on Food Network and thought she seemed like a real sweetheart.

She's a fake. You know how she got her cooking show? She used to teach a very basic cooking class like how to use a microwave basic to a community college, where it was picked up by the local PBS station. It went national from there. And yet, here she is 20 years later, a huge success. She's a hell of an actor, I guess. Especially when you've met that person, twice, and have had the same experience? Or does it just bother you that I don't like her? I've met other celebs who weren't nearly as awful as her, like Jamie Lee Curtis.

Now SHE was a sweetheart. But every time there is a Rachel Ray thread to post the same story? Bslim : Yoda's Pen Is: raerae My personal experience working with her was not a good one. Really, white-knighting a documented coked up lunatic? Welcome to Fark I guess. Soulcatcher : and Giada has some decent ones. Trik : and those legs [img. Jeebus Saves : Trik: and those legs [img. Evil Mackerel : Jeebus Saves: Trik: and those legs [img. Ten years ago, it was remarked on several occasions that, in the right light, I bore a striking resemblance to Brad Pitt.

Try Ads-Free Fark. Forgot password? Turn on javascript or enable it for Fark for a better user experience. If you can read this, either the style sheet didn't load or you have an older browser that doesn't support style sheets.

Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. Rachel Ray is back. Share this link: URL:. Article Comments close. My personal experience working with her was not a good one. Rachel took a few editorial liberties with her shows.

Yoda's Pen Is. Atomic Jonb. It's really the whole package with her. She could be eating crackers and I'd still find fault with how she chews. She's from the Lake George region. She makes her own hooch. SomethingAwful once posted an amazing fanfic about interviewing Rachel Ray back in Bon appetit! That KY Girl.

Gimme Nigella Lawson instead. She got fat er. Mr Tarantula. Not so fun fact I learned the other day at the vet: Her brand of grain-free dog food can cause canine cardiomyopathy which can kill your dog. Only found out when I took my pup to the vet to get a cough checked out turned out to just be a canine respiratory infection and he was worried that the food we had him on messed up his heart.

If you have your dog on her dog food or other "grain-free" food, be careful. They smoke to get a break Maybe Everytime? Are you sure? Ive had to miss a few Fake is an odd word. She's not professing to be Anthony Bourdain. She's serving a specific niche, and that niche was what the public wanted. Never knew she was gone. Never trust a skinny cook.

Look she isn't, nor claims to be a professional chef or classically trained in France. She taught at a local community college a few basic recipes and then taught some flexible options, all within 30 minutes. She is absolutely a niche gimmick, and it works, and its popular. Other cooking shows have a team of people who premeasured their shiat and then they tell you how their 15 ingredient 4 pot recipe is so easy.

She may be bubbly and annoying and maybe in person at her book signings she is rude. I'm not wanting to get into a relationship with her I just want to learn to cook different things quickly.

I don't have strong feelings about her either way, but I will say that her recipes are not great. I've tried a few of them over the years and have always had to tweak the hell out of them to turn out something good. Ina Garten's recipes are pretty good, and Giada has some decent ones, but Ray is a hack. Englebert Slaptyback. Soulcatcher : and Giada has some decent ones Phrasing! Who knew FarK had secret cabal of Rachel Ray cultists.

Jeebus Saves. Dude, this place has everything. We cater to all types here. Evil Mackerel. In pitch black, shouldn't you have resembled Vin Diesel instead? Have you checked the Pol tab? This thread is archived, and closed to new comments.

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Besides dressing all up to play in fairyland and going all Medieval on each other with weapons citylab. Real funny. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.

Rachael ray fanfiction

Rachael ray fanfiction