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These products will help you achieve that summertime glow effortlessly and safely. Get Detail On Amazon. This DHA-free bronzer offers streak-free and stain-free glow that is reminiscent of the summer sun. Along with bronzing the skin, it helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its Matrixyl Synthe 6 formula. It can be used on indoor tanning beds as well as outside and the hydrating coconut and walnut oils help to moisturize skin throughout the tanning process.

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

Remove body hair to prevent the accumulation of the tanning lotion around your hair follicles. Before you purchase an Wnat tanning lotion with accelerator, make sure to know your budget and how often you plan on using the product. Goggles are another essential indoor tanning product. At a glance, here are some top picks that will help you imdoor a beautiful golden tan: Preview. Use the loofah before What type indoor tanning lotion tan and you will be amazed at the smoothness of the color on your skin. It works fast, looks awesome but there is an initial price to pay. Are they safe for What type indoor tanning lotion skin type? The texture of this lotion is non-greasy and with no insoor. Bacteria on the skin is as natural as the skin on your body.

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Caffeine and Green Tea. Tanning Nidoor. Should you check out other brands before buying the popular one? It means the lotion is 50 times quicker What type indoor tanning lotion extract color than 5x. One of the choices reduces the appearance of cellulite too! It has an ultra-advanced silicone bronzer which makes a big difference. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tanning beds tsnning invented back in the s and they have gained popularity due to the great effects they have on the skin What type indoor tanning lotion those looking for ways they can enhance their beauty. The Millenium Tanning Lotion is a practical buy for many reasons. They got a great selection Upskirt tease women in poodle skirts tingle lotions at the www. The reason for this is that young skin is still very sensitive to UV rays. The ingredients include Kona coffee extract with plenty of caffeine to stimulate blood flow. Tingle tanning lotions are not as universal a choice as bronzers.

The best indoor tanning lotion will help you achieve that golden, sun-kissed look you have always wanted.

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For many people, spending time at the beach, doing watersports, or simply chilling with friends at a picnic gives you the opportunity to show off a healthy tan! To help you get that sun-kissed glow for extra confidence in your beach and watersports clothes, the best self tanning lotion can give you the result you desire!

There are many kinds of tanning lotions currently available, but not all of them do the same thing. Some tanning lotions are specifically formulated for outdoor use and some are for indoor use on tanning beds. Sounds pretty complicated, right? This is what our ultimate guide on the best tanning lotions of the year is for.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about each kind of tanning lotion and what to pay attention to when buying one, so you can find the best indoor tanning lotion, the best fake tan, or the best sun protection, so no matter what your tanning preferences are, we have the perfect lotion for you! Our top pick for the best tanning lotion of is definitely the best indoor tanning lotion on the market! Specifically formulated to help accelerate the indoor tanning process, this lotion from Millennium Tanning is designed for heavy-duty tanning!

The color obtained as early as the first use is pretty dark, so this is the perfect product for those who want a deep and intense tan all summer long! This dark suntan lotion has a dual action. The coloring ingredients are pretty concentrated, resulting in the appearance of an immediate tan. With plenty of raving reviews from serious self-tanners, this product is not only perfect for achieving the skin-tone of your dreams and getting a healthy base to product your pale skin from the harsh summer sun, but it also smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky!

This lotion is the ideal casual protection for whenever you hit the beach at any offseason moment. Finally, this lotion also doubles as moisturizing lotion, an added bonus since some sunscreens tend to be drying. Maui Babe Browning Lotion is made from a secret natural Hawaiian formula that helps speed-up the tanning process when bathing outdoors in the natural sun to yield a natural, glowing tan.

Because Maui Babe accelerates the sun triggered tanning process, using it without SPF underneath can seriously damage your skin. It also smells delicious and helps to moisturize your skin to ensure it stays silky smooth, making Maui Babe Browning Lotions one of the best outdoor tanning lotions of the year and the perfect addition to your summer beach kit! Somewhere on a Beach is one of the best tanning lotions for multi-purpose use as it is both an indoor and outdoor lotion, a moisturizer, and a bronzer!

This amazing product can be used as an intensifier to accelerate the tanning process, both outside in the natural sunshine and indoors on tanning beds. It also works as fake tan. The initial application on your skin will only produce a barely visible effect, but the Somewhere on a Beach tanning lotion is buildable, meaning that with continued use your fake tan will intensify into a beautiful bronzed look.

In addition, the bronzer action will help build-up your tan if you have fairer skin, while being subtle enough to ensure a radiant, even, and streak-free result. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator intensifies your tanning experience both in the salon and outside in the sun! Simply rub it in, expose your skin, and let this amazing tanning lotion working its magic!

You will see a notable difference within two weeks of regular tanning, making it the perfect tanning lotion if you want to get that perfect, deep golden tan fast. Just remember, this lotion does not contain SPF so you will need to apply some on top to avoid damaging your skin. This lotion contains native oils, vitamins and is beautifully scented with a caramel Popsicle perfume, so it will leave your skin looking, feeling, and smelling incredible! The Australian Gold accelerator a top-rated tanning lotion among those who are fans of outdoor tanning, however, if you prefer to speed things up with the occasional tanning bed session, this is the best tanning bed lotion that can double up for some indoor color too!

A perfect tanning lotion for darker skin tones, this tanning accelerator is specially designed for indoor tanning. Its powerful melanin-stimulating ingredients are blended with the patented Oxygen Regenerating System formula, a complex of ingredients that helps the skin to maintain its youthful appearance and even minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

This amazing indoor tanning lotion also doubles as a self-acting bronzer, allowing you to build up a natural-looking, glowing tan without risking skin damage! Perfect for people living away from the sun or who are sensitive to sunlight, you can use this lotion as fake tan to give you beautiful skin without the rays! Another popular lotion from the cult brand Australian Gold, this incredible indoor tanning lotion works as a tanning accelerator for indoor tanning beds.

The tanning accelerator lotion is also enriched with vitamins and hemp seed extract to leave your skin perfectly hydrated and soft. This moisturizing quality is a luxury feature for tanning lotions and helps combat the drying effects of sunbeds.

By the time you leave the tanning bed, you will have a fascinating bronze and radiant skin, perfect for turning heads and making an impression this summer! This SunGodz indoor tanning lotion is meant for indoor tanning bed use and works to help accelerate your tanning process, activating the melanin potential in your skin as it gets exposed to UV rays to achieve a deep and beautiful tan.

Its patented shower-proof technology will prevent the bronzing particles from coming off in the shower, ensuring that your tan remains even and streak-free.

As a bonus, your skin will feel silky smooth due to the luxurious moisturizing ingredients in this indoor tanning lotion, such as agave extract, argan oil, and coconut oil! Another crowd favorite, this golden tanning lotion from Ed Hardy also works as a two-in-one tanning accelerator and self-bronzer. What makes this indoor tanning lotion special is the lighter color particles designed to provide you with a golden shimmer instead of a deep tan, making this self-tanner perfect for those with a fairer complexion.

Many tanning bed enthusiasts report achieving darker tans from using this accelerator lotion. Another great feature of this formula is that it contains the BodyFit patented ingredients that deal with cellulite in addition to coloring the skin. A high-end bronzer lotion that makes you look amazing, with sun-kissed skin as deeply tanned as you want it to be. You can use it casually all summer to have an out of this world beautiful golden skin, or simply before important events, as a tan refresher.

The formula in the bronzer is luxurious and infused with actual liquid gold, as well as omega 3 acids and hyaluronic acid, which are great moisturizers with an anti-ageing effect. As for the bronzing ingredients, besides the gold which helps give you those unique highlights, the formula is enriched with DHA and erythrulose, which help build up on the tan that already exists in your skin.

As an added bonus, this top-rated tanning lotion smells like gilded citrus, making each application a luxurious experience. As you were able to tell from our top of the best tanning lotions, there are many kinds of them to speak of.

The top was of course based on our own preferences and on the product popularity from other tanning lotion reviews but deciding on the best one is ultimately up to each person. It all depends on what you are actually looking for. Do you want to use it on the beach or for indoor tanning?

Do you want it to also offer your skin UV protection or are you planning to use a separate product for that? Are you a habitual tanning bed user and your skin feels rough, so the ideal product should also be intensely moisturizing? Do you also want your tanning lotion to contain actual color and act as a bronzer? Choosing the best self tanning lotion can be difficult. The first question you need to ask yourself is where you want to get tanned.

Is it outdoors, by the beach, or do you prefer the fast track of indoor tanning beds? If you prefer outdoors tanning, then you will obviously need an outdoors tanning lotion, plus an SPF solar protection lotion also known as sunblock.

The correct order of applying it is tanning lotion first if the kind of tanning lotion you have works as an accelerator. Follow up with sunblock on top, with a minute break between both applications, in order to give the tan accelerator enough time to get absorbed. If you prefer indoor tanning, then you need an indoor tanning lotion plus the sunblock. The order is similar: first the self tanner and then a little sunblock on top, to protect your skin from the ravaging effects of the tanning bed.

The basics of making indoor tanning work together with sunblock will be explained below. The second question that you should think of is whether you prefer a bronzer instead of a tanning accelerator. Self-bronzer lotions are also marketed as tanning lotions, so the matter can understandably be a bit confusing. This might, in fact, be the healthier option, considering that getting a deep tan can also come with some health risks.

One last thing to take into account is that many of the best tanning lotions contain both an accelerating formula and self-bronzer particles, so they will help you achieve a double tanned look. For indoor tanning, the lotions you can find are meant to accelerate the tanning process.

This way you can control the exact ingredients and desired bonuses anti-aging, slimming and so on , depending on your needs. Some indoor tanning lotions also double up as bronzers, meant to accentuate or highlight the natural tan you will achieve. Finally, some of the indoor tanning lotions differ by the level of color. Some are labeled as dark and some are labeled as light or fair.

Our advice, in this case, is to not aim for any drastic changes, especially if you are very light-toned and would like to become deeply tanned. If you start using a dark self tanner right away, the contrast between your natural skin color and the lotion might become obvious is some spots. Start with light tanning lotion and move on to a darker one as your skin tone darkens up, gradually. What about best tingle tanning lotions? Let us help clarify that. A tingle self tanner is a special type of formula that makes you feel a tingle on your skin when you apply it.

This microcirculation boost will also help when you actually start tanning because the melanin production is also boosted in the process. There are several brands of indoor tanning lotions that offer tingle lotions, and all of them enjoy relatively positive customer reviews. First of all, you can expect the tingling sensation to be significant. It will pass without any lasting irritation; the effect is only temporary. Some anti-cellulitis lotions on the market actually have a similar effect so you might be familiar with it from them.

Last, but not least, remember to wash your hands really well after putting the tingle self tanner on your body. The active substances in the formula can sting quite a bit if you accidentally rub sensitive areas like your eyes or your nose.

Bronzer lotions are the ones which contain tiny colored particles meant to give a tan-like color to your skin without needing to go through the organic tanning process without forcing your skin to produce melanin. You can think of them as make-up for your skin, but they can go much deeper than make-up, achieving a gradual and permanent effect, much like a real tan.

These are the main bronzing tanning lotions you can expect to find:. Such ingredients are beta-carotene and cane sugar compounds, for example. The third type of bronzer is a hybrid formula that mixes a tanning accelerator with some bronzer particles to give you a taste of instant color, beyond the natural tan color that you will achieve in time.

When planning to tan, you should also consider your skin type. So, the fairer you are, the higher the amount of sun protection that you will need. Limit exposure time if choosing outdoor tanning, and also be careful to avoid the times of the day when the sun is stronger. If opting for indoor tanning, it might be even easier to adjust the level of UV rays that gets in your skin. The personnel of the tanning salon should be able to assist you to choose the ideal settings for your skin type. Science has classified the main skin phenotypes types of skin in relation to light according to the Fitzpatrick scale.

This comprises the following 6 main skin groups or categories:.

The information in the guide will help you sort through all of the many choices on the market and choose one that is perfect for your skin, your tanning goals and your budget. Plus, it must be able to give you the dark tan that you wish to get or the tingle that you want to experience. People at different levels can apply the lotion. You should read the label and use the product accordingly. The process of tanning outdoors is similar to indoor tanning but outdoors you apply the natural UV rays from the sun. Given the fact that natural ingredients are used, the effect only lasts for about four days. Add to Cart.

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion. 10 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

Some of the benefits of the lotion include fighting aging signs, impurities on the skin and free radical making you look younger. The lotion also plays part in reducing the damage which can be caused by tanning. Your skin will stay luminous and noticeable upon application of the lotion. Sandalwood scent will make you enjoy the tanning session.

You can even wear the scent throughout the day after the tanning session. Oils from native Australian plants deliver instant tan upon application. The cocoa smell may make you prefer a shower after the tanning process. Minimal alcohol makes it not suitable for dry skin. It is widely available in shops near you.

Buy on Amazon It is a tingle tanning lotion which is gentle during the introduction. The heat of the tingle will not burn but it is highly effective in speeding up your tanning process.

Cherry vanilla smell makes the lotion fun. It produces redness which can last for about an hour. If you will prefer a less tingle effect, you can as well mix the lotion with another one which is non-tingle and achieve great tanning effects. After you know your skin type, it is necessary to locate the best professionals who will guide you on the right tanning session. You should stick to a schedule so that you can gradually improve your tan and avoid safety issues.

Even after achieving your desired color, you should visit the salon every 48 hours so that you can be cleared by the staff and get a recommendation from your doctor. When you are tanning, you should pay attention to the feeling of your skin. If there is a tingling effect due to the lotion and a prickling effects as you tan, then you need to leave the tanning bed and check on your skin. You may require skin burn treatments immediately. Avoid wearing jewelry in the tanning booth.

The jewelry can make you have uneven tan lines which are unpleasant. The jewelry may as well become too hot and burn you depending on the material used.

Wear protective eyewear while on the tanning beds. Avoid makeup and perfumes before tanning sessions. Exfoliate the skin prior to tanning. It helps in removing dead skin cells hence allowing the UV rays to darken the healthy skin. Avoid the chin touching the chest because it can create a white spot on your neck. Arms and legs should be apart during each session. Too much exposure to the sun can pose a risk of skin cancer. There is no proof of tanning beds and boots causing cancer.

It should be done correctly to avoid the risks. You should follow the guidelines to avoid cases where you can develop complications. Too much exposure to the UV rays can lead to the development of wrinkles, dark spots, rashes among other blemishes. The tanning salon you choose should have highly qualified professionals to reduce the risks. If you have type one and two skin, you may not be able to tan. Those with type two skin can tan under strict adherence to set guidelines.

If it is impossible to tan due to your skin type, then you can consider fake bakes which can improve your skin condition. If you have type two skin then you need to tan while applying a tanning lotion with low-grade SPF which prevents burning. You can buy it elsewhere and bring to the salon. Fair skin falls under type one and two.

They are very sensitive and require lotions which target sensitive skin. After you have located the best indoor tanning lotion, you should as well consider indoor tanning accessories. There are several factors you need to consider but the experts are in a better position to guide you. Some of the factors you need to take into consideration include the following:.

The process of tanning outdoors is similar to indoor tanning but outdoors you apply the natural UV rays from the sun. Remember Me. Lost your password? Eyes Face Lips Nails Tools. Rays on the tanning bed tend to dry the skin.

An indoor lotion plays a great role in locking moisture. The locking of moisture in your skin makes the skin look healthy and at the same time improving your tan. Indoor lotions are designed to increase the rate of your tan.

You tend to spend less time on the tanning beds upon applying the indoor tanning lotions. A moisturized skin tends to hold the tan deeper. Remember a deep tan will hold longer. Indoor tanning lotions provide nutrients to the skin which have softening effects. Careful selection of vitamins in the tanning lotion leads to enhancing your tan. Bacterial dwells on the sin. An indoor tan will make it heat up leading to strange odors. Antibacterial properties in many lotions will eliminate it making you stay in a pleasant environment as you tan.

The skin type is hard to tan and it tends to burn. It is highly sensitive to UV rays. Many tanning salons will not accept you to access their services due to safety reasons. It burns easily but you can have a light tan. Due to its high sensitivity, indoor tanning is the best option for the skin.

The process should be done gradually to achieve a light tan. It is an average skin and can tan well under the right conditions. With the right approach, it can achieve a moderate tan. It is tolerant to UV rays and it does not burn easily hence it can be tanned both indoors as well as outdoors. The skin is highly tolerant to UV rays. It is available on people with dark features and dark skins. Dark tan can be achieved and the skin burns only under extreme conditions. It is highly tolerant to UV rays and it is naturally dark.

Tanning offers minimal change to the color of the skin. People with the skin type tan for other reasons apart from changing their color. Buy on Amazon. Lotions for Type Two Skin. It is necessary for preparing your skin. Some of the things you can apply include brushes, loofas, scrubs and black sugar among others. You need a separate towel to avoid staining your regular towel during the tanning process.

It helps in protecting your eyes as you tan. The UV rays may be harmful to the naked eyes. They help you in applying the lotion in hard to reach areas such as the back. The UV light can end up drying your hair hence you need to protect it. You need to protect the skin on your lips because it is thin and highly sensitive. A chapstick can help in protecting it. Nails are prone to damage from UV rays. You need to protect them during the session.

You may not prefer your nipples darkening, to prevent the darkening you need nipple covers. You need UVA for a light tan. If you suffer from claustrophobia but you are determined to tan, then considering an open bed is the right idea.

Closed beds tend to feel confining. Skin complexion is a big factor in your choice of tanning lotions, fair complexed people will have a harder time getting a really dark color versus a dark complexed person. Dark complected people will be able to use Dark bronzers, tingles, and tingle bronzers. Some other considerations to consider when choosing a lotion are if you are on any medications, because they to can affect your tanning expierence. Below is a list of types of lotions to help you choose what best fits you for the perfect tan!

Accelerators : Accelerators, Maximizers, or Intensifiers are all tanning lotions that have ingredients to help hydrate the skin. They are all suitable for any level of sunless tanner and many include age defying additives that help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

A great beginning step in building a base tan or to prolong a well established tan. Bronzers : Bronzers, or self-tanner,tanning lotions contain ingredients that give the skin an instant natural glow with or without the use of UV lights. Bronzers will enhance the appearance of a good base tan, expedite the development of a base tan and will help prolong the perfect tan. If you want an immediate, natural glow, then lotions containing bronzer are the way to go.

Tingles : Tanning lotion tingles use ingredients that increase circulation to the top layers of skin. There are different levels of tingle intensity, and with the wide variety of indoor tanning lotions available you can find one that is right for you. Tanning lotions with tingles should be used by people with a good base tan or advanced tanners.

Top 8 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions With Bronzer Reviews • DaysReview

Depending on how you view it, indoor tanning is either a blessing or the devil in disguise. We prefer to think of it as the fastest way to get bronzed with the least amount of effort.

As long as you get the best indoor tanning lotion, you can look great without suffering from sunburn! The problem is that there is a lot of different tanning lotions to choose from and not all are good quality… So what is the best indoor tanning lotions? To help you achieve that sun-kissed look, just apply one of the best indoor tanning lotions listed below.

Some that are good for fair skin are also good for sensitive skin because they are hypoallergenic. Others are made for tattoos to keep them from fading. And of course, you can choose lotions with and without bronzer. Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula. Shop now at Amazon. Have you heard the story of Maui Babe Browning Lotion? It all started when a fellow named Joe sought out inspiration to save his family from homelessness. He invented this popular formula that instantly bronzes your skin then helps your tan darken naturally.

The ingredients include Kona coffee extract with plenty of caffeine to stimulate blood flow. Plus, it has Vitamins A, C, and E which are antioxidants to protect against signs of aging. Oils can create a damaging film on the acrylic in tanning beds. And it features tyrosine and melanin to speed up your tanning. Fans of this lotion love its tasty fragrance from coconut oil and cocoa butter.

They nourish and soften your skin to prolong your tan. Also, the formula contains a proprietary blend called Body Fit that hides the appearance of cellulite. Salons often recommend this lotion for pale skin because it has tanning intensifiers but no tingling effect. It evens skin tone and fills in the texture to make your skin look perfect. On the other hand, if you want a little feeling when you tan, try the Australian Gold Cheeky Brown.

It contains tea tree oil for a mild tingling effect. But the best features of this indoor tanning lotion are its instant bronzers and tanning intensifiers. For example, the formula has henna and caramel that instantly grants you a sun-kissed appearance from the moment you apply it.

Then it has a Biosine Complex that stimulates pigment production to help you achieve a natural tan as quickly as possible. The Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer lotion is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

These powerful ingredients soothe and protect your skin from drying out under the light. The first is that it melts into their skin without making it greasy.

And the second is that it helps them achieve a base tan without streaking their skin or changing their natural color with bronzers. Devoted Creations also points out that this lotion protects tattoos from fading and also contains skin-firming and anti-aging benefits.

It contains ingredients like green tea extract and wheat protein that rejuvenate skin. But it also has MelanoBronze dark tanning activators to deepen your tan right from the start. The Sinfully Black Deep Dark lotion has black currant oil, caramel, and Walnut shell extract which are all instant bronzers. The tasty Temptuous Berry fragrance enchants users while natural oils and aloe to soften the skin.

Dedicated tanners often prefer tingle tanning lotions. The powerful ingredients will cause their skin to burn, too. But the redness will fade into a healthy bronze after only one session at the salon. The extreme hot formula speeds up melanin production while DHA and other bronzers instantly darken your skin. If it sounds like fun to try a different type of lotion, you might want to start with the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond.

They like the fresh citrus fragrance that blocks the typical burned odor. And they say that the lotion makes the skin blush just enough to speed up tanning. Tanning lotions come in good use if you frequently use tanning beds. Millenium black chai bronzer lotion keeps your skin hydrated and moist during the tanning process.

It is suitable for all skin types. This lotion speeds the darkening process. It uses auto-darkening technology. So apply the lotion carefully as per your requirement only. It has a mild orchid fragrance to it. Since it contains instant bronzers, it makes users look good right from the first session. But experienced tanners enjoy this lotion, too. The creamy texture goes on smoothly and smells attractive. Plus, it has skin-soothing ingredients like willow bark and chamomile.

Paint it Black improves upon the Solid Black lotion with a 50x formula that contains tyrosine, erythrulose, and caramel instant bronzer. The fresh clean cotton blossom fragrance appeals to both women and men. Of course, it has green tea and other natural extracts to fight signs of aging. You should notice a difference after only one session. It also contains vitamins to prevent tattoos from fading. And the combination of raspberry, beeswax, yogurt and shea butter soften the skin to make it look and feel younger.

Instead, its primary ingredients are aloe, glycerin, and sunflower oil that hydrate and soften your skin. And it adds a little shimmer, too. Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion. Plus, it protects against sun damage with botanical extracts. Why is that anyway? It combines three superpowers into one lotion. Second, it contains hair growth inhibitors. And third, the skin-firming and softening ingredients make your legs look great. Beauty by earth has released an amazing chemical and paraben-free tanner that makes it look like you have gone on a beach vacation.

This tanner is vegan-friendly and has not been tested on animals. Instead of getting toasted in the sun, this is one amazing skin tanner which you can give a shot. High-quality ingredients like organic green tea extracts, organic shea butter, and organic coconut oil give your skin a beautiful glow. Initially, you should apply just one layer application. If you wish for a darker shade, repeat it the next day. Before applying the skin tanner, exfoliate your skin to remove all the oil and dirt and make your skin clear.

New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer. New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer is a lotion with extracts of argan and coconut juice. This leaves your skin looking great. The allantoin and caffeine tones the appearance of your skin and improves your tissue growth. This natural moisture is required to stabilize oily or dry skin. New Sunshine Swedish Bronzer is suitable for all skin types. This also keeps your skin feeling great.

Begin by exfoliating the day before you visit the salon. Getting rid of the dead skin on top makes it easier for you to tan and will help your bronze last longer. Next, begin tanning at least a couple of weeks before you want to look your best. Bring an old towel because lotions with bronzers will rub off and stain it. If beds make you claustrophobic, there are salons with booths where you stand instead.

To prevent losing your color, apply lotion or tan extender creams every day. It affects how well you tan. The staff at the salon should be able to help you with this information. Conclusion A tan can make you look healthy and feel confident. And one of the best indoor tanning lotions will help you get dark fast.

We hope you discovered plenty of enticing possibilities to try. See also:. So thanks for the Helpful hints. You must be logged in to post a comment. Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula 2. Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion Log in to Reply.

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion

What type indoor tanning lotion