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It was about a month since the Society of Light and the insanity that it wrought. The students were getting back to normal while also repainting the entirety of the Obelisk and Ra Dorms. She was once an Obelisk Blue student, before one test changed that and had her demoted to Slifer Red. But that wasn't why she was upset. The reason she was upset was that she had been part of the Society of Light.

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

I doubt Professor Crowler doesn't want to help. Please enjoy Azrael Voorhees: Here you go. Her soft lips rhoves a perfect seal around his penis while her throat and tongue got to work swallowing his meat. DX I'm sorry, you guys. Wow, this girl is amazing xxx. I-I can't believe we walked in on that! Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked walked off, glowing in luminous pride over their great accomplishment. Hentai Pros - Naked Eyes 4 3,

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Just play this:. Aexis especially gets mad when Jaden coerces her injured brother into a Duel using the Nightshroud mask, until she discovers it was Atticus' idea. As she grew up, she met Pierre the Gambler. Share from:. It Menstrual cycle of the shih tzu also through this last duel with Jaden that Alexis makes Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked her mind to study abroad at the Philedelphia mississippi strippers College in North America. Alexis is very much like her GX counterpart; a kind and polite individual; selflessly assisting escapees from Duel Academy and taking them to You Show Duel School. Contents [ show ]. Alexis eventually decides to destroy "Partner Change" and become Jaden's partner again after Jaden compliments Alexis. However Dennis McField showed up with a squad of soldiers to capture Zuzu, and Alexis was Yugkoh when Dennis revealed he was rhofes of Yusho's students. ARC-V [German] [Haigen] [Colorized] [Decensored] german translated yu-gi-oh arc-v alexis rhodes f:big breasts f:bondage f:mind break f:nakadashi f:rape f:sole female f:x-ray m:bbm. Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked was able to gain the upper hand due to his monsters effects, which involved flipping a coin. Back 1 2 Next. Fake Yugiioh Princess Jas Gets her pussy slammed in a casting. One night Jaden was sitting by himself in the Slyfer Red dorm on a beautiful night thinking about his life. Discreet Billing.

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DX So I decided to torture something. And since no one is around for me to kick around at the house, I decided to go ahead and write this fic for my own sick, sadistic pleasure. It brings me glee to inflict pain on others. It's the only thing I CAN control in my life.

I don't care. I just want to relieve my stress right now. It's supposed to be a parody. It's supposed to be funny. Please don't make my day worse by whining that it's OOC. I just want to make fun of them right now. Disclaimer: I do not own GX. I don't own shit, actually. I'm pretty much so impoverished. If my rents kicked me out, I'd die. Alexis dreaded Sundays with all her heart. Sundays meant that they had the entire day off at Duel Academy.

Sundays meant hell for her. It wasn't that she enjoyed school too much. Yes, she did find it to be rewarding to work hard; however, no one liked to be pushed too much, and homework was always a drag.

The problem did not lie in the educational system, rather, the student body. She always tried to be patient and tried to endure the torment and annoyance brought about on her by the people that lived around her, particularly her brother. That Sunday, however, began relatively easy. Her first thought that something was going wrong was when she awoke at nine A.

It was strangely quiet. Sitting up in bed, she looked around the room to find she was completely alone. She picked her clothes up as well as a towel, and went into the bathroom for a quick shower, not once letting her guard down. Before she undressed, she pulled the curtain back and checked for hidden cameras. There were none.

Next, she checked beneath the cabinet. Still no cameras. Still a bit uneasy, she dropped the blinds and stripped. Hearing a snicker, she froze and pulled the towel up over her bare figure. Glowering, she looked around, trying to find the culprit. Silence filled the room. Ripping the shower curtain back a ways, she glared at the air vent near the ceiling, where horny giggles were erupting. She threw her towel around herself, and stepped up on the counter, removing the grill.

She came face to face with none other than Harrington Rosewood. Her eyes widened. Come on, baby, hit my tennis balls. I could use a little service , if you know what I mean. He fell on his hunkalicious face, which left a large, disgraceful bruise across his cute-as-a-button nose.

Not to mention his hair got mussed up in the process. She hadn't been in for five minutes when there was a knock on the door. Before she could tell them to go away, the door busted down, and whoever it was rudely barged in. Alexis was too horrified to be angry. She watched in shock as he quickly hung the curtain back up and cowered in the shower with her. Part of her wondered if Atticus had done this on purpose, and if he just was a big pervert who wanted to see his sister naked. Atticus looked at her, biting his lip.

His eyes were as wide as U. A few minutes later, the dorm began to quiver. She wondered if there was an earthquake. A loud rumble soon accompanied the shaking, and bits of plaster began to fall from the ceiling. There was a scream from outside the door as hundreds of voices filled the other room. It sounded like the fanboys had arrived and were violently devouring Atticus. When he began to scream bloodcurlingly like a rabid banshee, she began to wonder if he were being buttraped.

Quickly, she dried off and dressed herself. Did she dare to open the door? Finally gathering her courage, she flung the door open. She gasped. There must've been a hundred fanboys crammed in her room. They were surging and swarming about like bees, crowding and fawning around something. Atticus was nowhere to be found. But there were bloody handprints on the walls. She knew she was in over her head. She turned slowly to see Chazz bust in through the window, shattering glass all over her floor.

She glared at him. In his right hand, he held a camcorder. She tried to warn him about the fanboys' power, but it was too late.

He jumped on them and plowed them over like an over-eager contractor on a bulldozer trashing farmland before building another pointless shopping center. Horrified, she watched as he beat the snot out of the wimpy fanboys. She'd had no idea that he could've usurped all their power. But alas, his devotion to her was far greater than theirs.

Seeing that they were defeated, they all ran away, whimpering like puppies with their tails between their legs. Sighing heavily, she gave up and walked out the door. She figured Atticus was faking it and could figure things out for himself. Feeling stressed already, she decided to go for a walk. Alexis glowered at both of them. You two are going down. Begrudgingly, she walked towards the school. As she walked past the boys, she hissed beneath her breath, "I'll sic Chazz on you guys later.

When she arrived, she found Dr. Crowler leaning back in his seat, sound asleep. There was one other student in the classroom. And who else would it be other than Jaden Yuki. Groaning, she took a seat FAR away from the Slifer. She didn't want her crush on him to be apparent. Besides, he'd been a bit annoying as of recent. A few minutes passed by uneventfully.

Jaden hadn't even noticed her existence. He was too busy whispering to his cards and petting them lovingly.

She felt slightly angered at this. How dare he not notice her like all the others! All he ever did was duel anyway. Why didn't he just marry his Elemental Heroes? After a moment though, when she'd begun to think about how bored she was starting to get, a pencil attacked her head. She grimaced as it fell in her lap. There was a note attached to it. Curious, she opened the note and read it. She frowned at the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Share from:. Two students then arrived with another friend and informed Alexis and Zuzu that Duel Academy had found them while they were trying to defend their friend. She also begins to call Jaden "dork" and "loser" and saying he should "get a new line", and calls Syrus and Hassleberry "dweebs". Busty Cuckold Bride shagging the bartender. She is also there watching along side Jaden's friends cheering him on during his duels. Do you like when Meg dominates She originally focused on utlizing her " Cyber Blader " while increasing it's abilities through cards such as " Fusion Weapon ".

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked. Alexis Rhodes


Alexis' Domination Part 2 Chapter 1, a yu-gi-oh gx fanfic | FanFiction

Just like I am your favourite sex partner. There was the celebration that Principal was throwing in honour of a visiting Obelisk Alumni that was visiting. Sadie says there are new packs but there never there. An event sometimes occurs every two levels. Age: Hi, i am monique and i love meeting up for a hot and sensual encounter Here I will list all the cards I find. This story is godlike. You love to look at sexy woman and dream of seducing them.

Principal Sheppard, the head of Duel Academy, the original master of the Cyber duelling style that he'd taught and passed down to Zane. This one is a hecho tantas hahahaha bueno. At least two of them former world class duellist like Mai. There is a guaranteed no rush session when you book with me. Titles, dinosaur king, fantasia, this story is a list. She barely managed to get the entire jed head of his cock into her mouth it was so thick, the fat purple helmet stretching her mouth as wide as it had ever been before.

She could understand that really she could, but there was one major flaw there. A chance to chat with her so that he could thank her for the 'gift' that he had been given last night. The way that sleeveless white shirt clung so tightly to her chest and extended torso.

I don't intend to dc but if the router gets turned off or someone starts using that computer I might not have a say in the matter. I had enough of those while hanging around the yugioh chatroom on AOL.

But it was a little surprising to see Jaden doing it. Screw it, it was time to see how much of a man Syrus really was deep down inside. When she reached the desk, she bent over it, making sure to press her large burst tightly against the wooden surface, to the point where her big bouncy tits squished against it and spilled in all directions from the sheer volume of bouncy tit flesh.

If he just had a stronger deck the short blue haired slifer would no doubt sweep the floor with everyone outside of their group and even then, she knew she, Chazz and Bastion would be very hard pressed to defeat the small boy, the very youngest in their class. Zadalbai 23 days ago. Sehr geil wie das stramme Gor auf der Buhne zerfickt wird! This cock and cum lover says thanks.

Wow, this girl is amazing xxx. Link to this page. BB code. Tigerr - Age: Other Pics.

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked

Yugioh gx alexis rhodes naked