Capitol city gold nude charleston Strip Clubs in Charleston, WV

Charleston police tell 13 News that they are investigating a teacher at Capital High School for allegedly sending naked photos to a student. Skip to content. The name of the teacher has not been released. Police say that no charges have been filed at this time. The investigation in ongoing.

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

The bottom of a cracker jack box? Thanks - can't wait to Capitol city gold nude charleston wv you there. Avacado, Koala in a cup but with the dead koala on its head like its baby!!! Gals, we do have to work the next morning. Stand up anonymously and be rewarded! As it is the only club in downtown Charleston and it is on Capitol street, you should have one sweet club. HeHeHe And before you attempt to call charkeston stupid, refer back my previous comments in which I posted my grad day photos. Happy Thanksgiving LadiesHope everyone's doing well!

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Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv. Strip Clubs By City


Elite Gentlemen's Club - Charleston, WV Comments

Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know? Tired of being bullied? Stand up anonymously and be rewarded! Hey I'm asking the girls at this place or others which club should be best for me to start I'm new in the area just moved to West Virginia and I would like to know the best clubs to start working at as I read a comment I noticed one girl say there was no class at one place I would like to know which places would be great to go to that would have class please let me know thank you so much.

Its been a few years, does somebody know if or where Dakota is working these days? A fav. I truley miss working with u and the oringinal cap city girls. I would like to leave town and work in a classy place agian. I worked at this club while i was in charleston last year I'm new to the area so I will need to know what this club offers aside from the Lap Dances.

Look for ward to coming soon. Hey New OwnersCall Kim--she will come back and run your new club for you! Ask around town--she and her husband John are the original "Class Acts" of Charleston strip clubs! She will bring the words Capitol City Gold back to Charleston. Take a look a prison population statistics. Blacks greatly outnumber any other race. Take a look at CEOs at fortune companies And, yes, blacks do statistically make less money than whites Census data.

Actually, I'm from Michigan and am in Charleston occasionally for business. I've been to clubs all over the U. Blacks typically are degrading, rude, and broke.

If you and the dancers there don't understand economics , that is your problem. SO what you are saying is the only people that have money are white people? WOW, the ignorence runs rampant in WV. I leave this club with money every night, and the black patrons tip me well and arent tryin to take me home or make me do degrading things for a dollar. At least they pull oout big bills. Also, the dancers pic their music here so if all you hear is hip hop, it is because that is what we like to dance to, and we move better to it than rock or some old group that makes u older obviously racist white men feel comfortable.

The club can use improvement, but people who think like you are definately NOT what we need. Exactly what I've been trying to say. This club has potential Unless Pacman Jones returns to WV and starts throwing money around, the hip-hop, urban crowd ain't gonna get it done. I was there last night.

Mix up the music man Rap has it's place but not all the time. I was in here and it is running like a top its got its problems but where don't but the quality of the place is rising hope good things for the place. There was a hot blonde that used to work there about 2 or 3 years ago when Kim ran the club. She had fake tits and a smokin body. She was a waitress up at Jills and then she started dancing down there.

Her real name was Shelly. She was about 18 or 19 back then. I heard that she had a kid or two. Let me guess you got the words nigs and wigs at a self-respecting college. Next as for everything else plenty of buisness men come into the club that is why there is a dress code. I personally like the club and last time I checked I was a lawyer but I guess that means I am not a "money" man. So anyways if you really have no time to do anything other then criticize stripclubs maybe you should go to all of your selfrespecting clubs.

Get a life. As for the girls? Very hit and miss. I think the point he was trying to make was that for the ONLY club in downtown Charleston, this club should be much, much better. If you have been in this club, then you know that it is just awful looking. That is why only nigs and wigs go here. No self respecting business man read: money would walk into this ghetto place.

Personally, I'd recommend the new Spearmint Rhino in Lexington if we are talking about high class, regional clubs. To whoever told cocoa to go to VIP in parkersburg you must not be in too many gentlemen's clubs. I am a dancer at SX and yes our clubs are nice in all three areas however if I was to ever loose my job or just make a change it would definitly be at the old capital city or whatever it is called not Golddust.

Forget that guy you keep doing what you do. As I wrote I am the manager not the owner my job consists of hiring good, attractive girls not trash which is what I have done and am still doing. I am to make an atmosphere for the customers to relax and enjoy themselves which is what I am in the process of creating. To be such a critic I am glad all you had to suggest is remodeling. So back to what I said previously please feel free ladies to come to a club where you can have fun, feel safe and make lots of money.

Here's some advice for you I was in the place for the first time and it totally was a dump. As it is the only club in downtown Charleston and it is on Capitol street, you should have one sweet club. Instead, it looks like a total dive. Yeah I went into the club last Wednesday and it was definitly different then when I was in there three months ago. The girls in there are new and cleaned up alot. I'm a little upset they lost their best dancer to bartending but congradulations to her anyway for moving forward.

CoCo you are always gonna be hot with or without your clothes. The club has really cleaned up though I don't know if it is a new owner or new manager but props to you keep up the good work. Every club has a few"skanks" but overall it is looking up and I will definitly be back when I am in on buisness. Had a good time not like the clubs in the city but real close.

I came into the club on a Thursday and there was a good crowd. It is apparently a late club but the women were good looking and a pleasure to be around. The bartender was hot which was a change from the last time I was in town. The club has really cleaned up and I will definitly be back when I come back in town for buisness. It is now a gentlemen's club nothing against the last owner but to the new one or manager you finally got it right because the club was trash the time I was in before this one.

What a dive. Charleston should be able to do better than this. I took a cab over from the Embassy Suites, which was a complete waste of time and money. I used to come in the club all the time. Does anyone know where Jennica is now? And How Old She Is? Is She From Michigan? Thank You Tony. To all my customers, staff, dancers of capital city gold. I am now affiliated with Godfathers Gentlemens club on wheeling Island.

We are located next to the Wheeling Downs and the stadium. So come down and see me. Don't worry your tiny snaggletoothed brain about who they are.

Try to mind your business, if you even have any. Crawl back in to the roach infested hole you call your life, and don't come out till you have some worth. To whom it may concern: I am not now, nor ever will be "back". Do not use my name in your war. I am very happy in my life. I hold no ill will toward any manager I have worked for. The best to you and your families. Sincerely, Dakota. Calling all 'Tards: make a note of this The club is and will be open for buiseness.

Capitol city gold nude charleston wv