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Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossp be in church err Sunday! Warm apple juice gets some people going but I can drink it hot with no issues. One person said "he's taking them all to hell with him". That's crazy. NOW IF he has several side babies, he'll be broke soon. It was. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Telephone in pussy stories. What are your thoughts about Jamal Bryant’s MESSAGE to Kanye West?

I admire that you used the church fanga Girl bye. Look at what I just saw on IG. Call Andy Cohen and gone and get you some exec prod credits for this one! Around here with beginner turkey arms True Brian. After the Gossip about pastor jamal indiscretion. Amazing mini models do him like that. I agree. He said hoes won't loyal. They're worrying about math and physics and weapons building.

Gizelle Bryant is just full of surprises these days.

  • As previously reported, Kanye visited New Birth Sept.
  • Welcome to Newbirth Bishop Stephen A.
  • And all of a sudden, those temptations meet you head on.

Today the veil you use to hide is being ripped to shreds, and snatched off while your pseudo efforts to protect the church or the Body Of Christ while others are becoming casualties in the process. Odom says she also provided discrete services to one Bishop Greg Davis. Davis reportedly hired her to be an on-site masseuse at one of his events. They allegedly exchanged numbers after Odom gave him a complimentary massage and, shall we say, aroused his intellect.

McCray has all the sordid details on his blog, Obnoxioustelevision. She really does. Some folks seem like they get a kick out of publicly ruining people's lives. I'm not saying he's innocent because I don't think he is. It takes 2 to procreate. I'm a bit confused. Is this man married or something? And if this is his kid, why announce it? Meaning, why not go to court and figure it out and all that before telling the world? It's clear that the research wasn't done. Her name isn't spelled like that, and she doesn't live with him.

Robyn lives with her ex. Where exactly is his moral compass? Why are people so consumed with letting everybody know who their childs parent is?

If they are doing their job as a parent, the people who need to know who the mammy or pappy is will know. If they aren't take that azz to court at least for the financial piece and keep it moving. Why label it "church tea"? Christians don't go around and label the things non-Christians do as "heathen tea".

Nope he's not married. So I don't get the big deal either. Oh, a fornicating Pastor. But what's new?!??? And I guess he is, she posted the papers. Preachers nowadays man Actually its not the preachers they have been doing this for like ever When a preacher couldn't be accused of sleeping with little boys and his whole congregation rally behind him. Everyone knew he was sleeping around A baby was bound to come out the woodwork.. And he had to have submitted his Deena for this test, so why not get a lawyer and keep this info private???

I packed a salad. This MAN is no different; no matter what his title is. I am sick of people hiding behind a title like that somehow cleans their sins a little quicker.

And the followers are no better for helping them with their excuses. Is that man paying child support? Gizelle said he was a cheater. He said hoes won't loyal.

This aint even Lemonade. We had a 3 day hiatus. We need a trans post, a FOB post and the Bey post come in The one who had the son with Monica. He is disgusting as well. AND she wish this was her Love Child!!! IF it was she'd be with this cat, and not blogging into whomever fake cares anyway. I have soup and salad but I thank I need to get out for a little while. I have the gym as an option but maybe I'll take a walk since it's a pretty day instead of going to the Chinese restaurant.

I was just fonting here yesterday that people in church not all get the dck outta ya ass makes my ass itch. Pastor fcking the lady in the back pew while the wife fcking the choir director if he's not gay and have the nerve to tell you that you're not Christian like.

Girl bye. You mean the singer? The same one that took a stool to his wife's the mother of the child he burned head like last year? I can't think of his name. Brown skin dude with a bald head Real HOES get paid, on the quiet. She Loud Hoing. He was probably paying her and missed a couple of payments. OR she is trying to be on somebody's show. He's a cute lil oh chocolate drop!

Jamal sure knows how to pick'em She probably got quiet pay and then now wants that loud payment too. People like being paid attention. James Fortune. Lord, I went to Kempner High school in Sugarland with him. He was a "jock" preacher's son and every Tina and Shequanda thought he was so pretty. He was just a preppy pretty boy to me. He was nice enough but it seemed like he had pressure from being a preacher's son. They did a sleepover at his dad's church one time.. It just seemed like his road to being something big in the religion was already laid out for him.

I wondered if he really wanted to do all that. Child, they called the little boy money hungry and all kinds of things. I just couldn't believe it. I shouldn't have been shocked but I was. And go work out your arms yo! Around here with beginner turkey arms Why aren't her arms better from picking her baby up and playing with him?!

Maybe her getting to know her ex secret bm could be a storyline for that dry-ash RHOP.. If he did not do anything they never would of charged him. He had to plead no contest in court. And the wife crazy too.

Miss he burnt your baby. That's a deal breaker. I wish Mr would. I'd be under the jail for trying to kill him. Dumb IMB because he can easily hide earnings. It was. She divorced him and got a restraining order. He and his momma were on tv, from the court room, after he pled guilty to kicking her asss with every excuse in the world why he was innocent.

I just shook my head. Jesus, Buddah, Mohammad, Rah and every body else knows that man has anger issues and was violent. I had a married coworker who had a weakness for preachers. I will never understand that type of attraction. I don't put anybody above anything especially some of these pulpit pimps.

Uhhhh she didn't think this all the way out is what I'm thinking. Who I say who could be proud of having a cheating married preacher's baby? Me too!!!! She was a hot in the pants chick who was married; the preacher was married too.

If his followers want to continue to follow him, and say the usual, don't judge! A big thanks to dr Ogbefun for helping me to cast death spell on my uncle who killed my parents because of his company, and the matter was taking to court and was not giving justice because i was not having any prove not until i came across this great spell caster online and i explain everything that happened to him and he promise to help me cast the spell within 48hours that i should send my uncle full name and his picture that is going to confess before he die which i did as he commanded. The pastor of my home church, though not a perfect man, urges people to start their own business. Once again thank you Dr Landy. I agree. Is this man married or something? It is the devil who is the accuser of the brethren.

Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal. Simply aMAZEing: A Conversation With Frankie Beverly Audio Podcast

The Church Lady Exclusive: Did. Romel, I also have had medical conditions tha Nov I had found out I had a two inch bra Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. It is illegal to make a false copyright claim and such actions may lead to our party seeking compensation for losses. Last Monday, T. Expeditiously podcastone applepodcasts. As he promised, T. I will not be extorted. We have echoed the same sentiments on many issues down through the years and was energized by the partnership.

I was awakened to your clip this morning and felt compelled to lend context. To have both of you in church was meaningful for many reasons. To not give redress would be an assault to the body of Christ when I believe I am an ambassador as the two of you are for your field. For none of these projects were you solicited for a donation.

The reality is when I came to newbirthmbc 9 months ago I was met with a 30 million dollar debt that must be paid so that we can be free to do real community development like affordable housing ,entrepreneur work space and medical clinics.

Phaedra Parks' Mr. Chocolate Is Jamal Bryant Rumors: Gizelle Bryant Reacts | The Daily Dish

Gizelle has confirmed the news that she is dating her ex-hubby, who is the father of her three daughters. She spoke about it during the first part of the RHOP reunion. Jamal and Phaedra allegedly dated after Gizelle and Jamal were already divorced. Gizelle had divorced Jamal after she found out that he had cheated on her during their marriage.

Did they date? He says no, she says yes. Well, she said yes [they dated] to her friends. I care nothing about Phaedra. Source: Watch What Happens Live. Katie loves Coney Island, Coca-Cola and cheap thrills. Beyond blogging; Katie enjoys music, film, fashion and photography. Email: katie allabouttrh. Commerce Twp. Katie Gray. Add Comment. You may also like.

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Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal

Gossip about pastor jamal