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Cheekbone augmentation is designed to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones and midface. Undergoing cheekbone augmentation can revolumize sunken or flat facial areas and provide a needed lift, restoring an elegant and youthful-looking appearance by increasing volume in the targeted area. Board-certified top plastic surgeon Dr. Facial attractiveness is prone to the effects of aging, gravity and sun exposure. Over time, elegant contours can give way to flatness and volume loss in the midface.

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Is that too pragmatic of a way to look at sex, which — insert look of shock here — is supposed to be fun? I decided to find out by trying a bunch of flavored lubes with my husband. We tested five options ranging from doughnut to gelato over the course of two weeks. It was suspicion. But when I explained he probably shouldn't act too put-upon because it meant sex with me, he changed his tune.

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Goliath, Wednesdays on CBS. I was a cheerleader in the NFL. Click here to view the gallery. This past game was my final Chargers game for the season and as I wrote last year, there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty surround this franchise. A rumor was spread on social media during the middle of the Raiders game that Dean Spanos has planned to re-brand the team for the eventual and inevitable move to Los Angeles.

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